Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brown and White

Today's combo consists of items that are pretty simple and plain. But the idea of combining dark brown with white is very crisp and summer. Adding a white frilly scarf with a gold and cream long necklace immediately makes it dressy. To finish it off faded gold thongs with brown bottoms. I added a gold watch and ring afterwards.

We were walking around and as usual my son said 'lets see if I can find a lion' and sure enough shortly after we saw these lion statues in front of the sheraton hotel. Of course had to stop and allow him to climb and take his photos.

Brown linen tank top camisole - La Readoute Catalog
White rolled up shorts - Target
White Scarf - boutique in San Diego
Cream and gold necklace - Forever 21
Gold thongs - Chinese Laundry (about 5 years old)

Today's Activities: The weather was perfect today. Warm and not a wind in sight. After breakfast we went to the beach. It was beautiful but the water was a little cooler so my daughter didn't last long. After lunch kids napped while my mom and I went to the farmer's market to buy a ton of fresh produce. When we came home my hubby was napping so we played with the kids and missed beach time. Instead went for a late afternoon walk (photos above and below). After dinner at home put the kids down and left them with the new housekeeper and went out. This time taking my mom with us. Posting this early as it will be too late when we come back.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Seaside Casual

It was too cold this morning for beach so actually wore normal clothes during the first part of the day. I saw this color combo (teal blue tee with khaki shorts) on Jennifer Aniston in a people magazine. Since I had both items thought it was a perfect combo. I added the thick brown leather belt and the beaded long necklace. Was going to use this neclace cause it has brown in it but when I put it on I realized the mint green stones were perfect compliment to the teal tee.

Teal Tee - Target
Khaki Shorts - JCrew
Leather Belt - Limited
Ankle cuff suede sandals - Victoria's Secret
Brown/mint bead necklace - from Turkey very long time ago

Today's Activities: Went to downtown Cesme to walk and eat lunch. Found a mini ride park for kids and an attached cafe which was perfect for the kids. Also gave our current nanny the weekend off so we can try out another lady. She seemed to have warmed up to the kids right away and this lady will also do housework, cleannign and cooking while we have the kids. After lunch we all napped. It was sunny in the afternoon but still windy. Tried out the beach anyway. Kids had a good time playing in the sand and the water was warm but we were all cold when we came out so came straight home. After dinner my husband and I went out while my mom babysat. Posting this before our outing. I had to change my outfit since it got a lot chillier at night. Wore cargo pants instead of shorts. Converses (my only closed toe shoes) a black scarf instead of the necklace and black cardigan.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silky Shorts

It got a bit cooler in the afternoon so right away wore a combo that might be too many layers for warmer weather. Plus I am going to be sending a lot of jackets and vests and any heavy weighing items back with my husband and this denim vest is one of those items so wearing my last combo during my visit. I got inspired by Chloe's silk shorts that were hot for this season but since I can't afford them bought this pair from F21. They are not exactly silk but have that silky feel and more practical with kids. Decided to ditch the diaper bag this afternoon and fit necessary items in this purse so I can actually have an outfit with a matching purse for the first time in a while. Wasn't sure about the denim sandals but did not have anything better that went with the combo. That double stone ring is actually one ring, it looks great with certain outfits.

Denim Vest - Forever 21
White Tank Top - Closet
Silky Shorts - Forever 21
Fringe Necklace - H&M
Double stone ring - from Turkey gift from Mom
Leather purse with bead and bird detail - Thread Show
Denim ankle cuff sandals with chains - Steve Madden

Today's Activities: It was great to wake up with my husband and of course our son jumping in the middle of us at the break of dawn. They walked together to buy fresh bread while we got breakfast ready. After breakfast walked to the beach. Kids had a blast swimming with daddy. After lunch at home and good naps, including my husband we woke up to a not so sunny weather. But since we had promised my son we did open up the new slip and slide my husband brought and had the kids give it a try on the lawn. Then took them out for a stroll on boardwalk and ice cream. Barely made it to dinner outside but rain is about to come.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Rain

Posting early today cause as I write this my husband's plane should be landing. After not seeing him for almost 2 months I want to spend lots of time with him and won't have time to log-in tonight.  I thought I wouldn't get to wear this combo during my stay since it is usually too warm but with rain today it was perfect to wear a long sleeve top and jeans. I have always loved pairing black and white or navy and white with a splash of red. Usually use a red scarf but this time went with my comfy red heels instead. And this combo gave me a chance to use the new hand made crochet necklace I bought the other week at a street fair vendor. Kept it long so you can even see the cute bows she put on both sides. I usually wear none to minimum make-up but thought bright red lipstick would be good for the photo shoot. I don't plan to refresh it later though. I kiss my kids way too much throughout the day and would hate to leave lipstick marks on them.

Navy and white striped tunic top (silver studs on shoulders) - Tally WeiJL in Turkey
Dark blue skinny jeans - Forever 21
Red canvas high heels with comfort soles - Cengiz in Turkey
Hand made crochet red and white necklace - street vendor in Turkey
White charm nicklet ring -Swatch

Today's Activities: We were greeted by thunderstorms and pouring rain this morning. So obviously no beach or playing outside. Thank goodness we have covered patios and it is not that cold out so we can sit and watch the rain which is quite peaceful.  Allowed my son to watch more TV than his usual  morning time and got a chance to get ready in peace while the nanny took my daughter on a stroller walk between rain showers. Rain had stopped briefly for us to have lunch outdoors. Of course with minimal activity my son did not nap but did stay in his room duration of his sister's nap time. While which I organized my mom's living room china cabinets and cooked dinner. After naps we had snacks and got ready for our daddy's arrival. Since my son has spoken hardly any English during the 2 months we have been here already not sure how he is going to communicate with Dad but I am sure he will pick it up very quickly. His Turkish needless to say is absolutely perfect.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lovin' Sun

Decided to do a post of what I usually wear most part of the day everyday. I have 3-5 different cover-up's so through the summer will do more postst with those. This cover-up is a gift from my cousin. It is shorter than my other ones and very comfy. It has ties on both sides so you can make it tighter around the hips and blousan the top. This is my mom's summer hat. I tightened the side buckle to fit my head. Love it but it is hard to see everything or greet people with it on. Great sun coverage though. This is a super cool beach bag. It is very large and the top shuts tight. I love it.

Cover-up Dress - T-Box
Hat - Mom's
Flip Flops - Twiggy
Beach Bag - Zara
Sun Glasses - Channel

Today's Activities: Was too late to go to the beach this morning so filled up the kiddie pool and had the kids play on the grass. After lunch and during kids' nap time went grocery shopping and organized the kitchen. Visited a relative when they woke up and went to the beach. They love swimming now and playing in the sand. After dinner at home put the kids down to bed and went to my mom's friend's house for a drink.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Denim on Denim

Short post today. Wearing two thin denim pieces together following the new fashion. Unfortunatley the photos did not come out good so you can't really tell. I did feel very comfy though cause they are super thin. Paired them with my brown belt and the new leather coin necklace. Would have been cooler with brown bottie type high heels but flats were more practical.

Thin Denim shirt - From Turkey - Tally WEiJL
Thin Denim shorts - From Turkey - Tally WEiJL
Brown leather belt - Limited
Brown leather and coin necklace - street vendor in Turkey
Ankle cuff suede sandals - Victoria's Secret
Watch - Ed Hardy
Ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Went to the beach in the am, it was super windy but the water was nice. After lunch and naps went to the other beach and met a relative with a new baby boy there. After showers had dinner at home than took a stroll to the nearest housing area to get ice cream. Once the kids went to bed mom and I left to run couple quick errands and came home.
Photo taking during our evening walk...

Sunday, June 20, 2010


So again wore an actual outfit today only by 6 PM! The first part of the day was spent in PJs cleanning and organizing the house. The second part was in swim suit and cover up. Finally got dressed after beach. Since it is not super hot yet, trying to wear all my combo's with jackets, vests and/or scarves now. I thought of this outfit way back. It started with the fact that this old 'lost' tee of mine would go perfect with this purple/orange/pink scarf my mom gave me. It could also go over jeans. Thought for summer over this navy skort it would be the perfect combo. Didn't have much time to think of accessories so just went with my white/nickel ring. Denim chain cuffed sandals were a good match.

The shots below were the first attempts of this photo shoot. First my son started going crazy running between my legs back and forth. See him coming on the left. Then my daughter joined. We had to have my uncle call them to take the rest of the shots. All taken by my cousin Sedef.

Lost Tee - Target
Purple/orange/pink scarf - gift from mom from Turkey
Navy skort - Charlotte Rousse
Denim sandals - Steve Madden
White/nickel ring - Swatch

Today's Activities: After couple skype calls to my hubby and dad to wish 'happy father's day', spent half the day helping mom and housekeeper clean and further organize the house. Must have washed 5 loads of laundry of sheets and comforters. Napped while the kids napped. Woke up in the afternoon to greet my aunt and uncle who came to the summer town on his motorcycle. Went to the beach all together. My cousin and her husband joined us there. Again kids swam for hours and ate corn on the cob. Came home and showered and had tea and dessert. Once the family left had a quiet dinner in the yard. It was a tough day as it was the first 'Father's Day' after my Grandpa passed away and the fact that my husband, my mom's husband and my dad were so far away. We were happy my uncle came.