Saturday, September 22, 2012

Young Dancers

This was today's outfit. 

Something is happening with my i-photo cause two days in a row now and entire 'event' disappears from my photos. Thank Goodness it keeps a list of uploaded photos and I was able to recover these but not my inspiration photo... Oh well...

I like the simplicity of these thin understated bracelets. The tiger eye stone has an add-on clover charm. The cross has rhinestones over a stretch black.

Striped tank dress (worn as a skirt) - Marshall's
Blush Top - H&M
Coral Belt - Forever 21
Sandals - Asos
Aviator Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson (from Marshall's)
Bracelets - Cookie Lee

Did the usual pre-school with my daughter followed by lunch at home then some finger painting (!)
My parents paid us a surprise visit to take her to the beach for a little bit until I picked up my son.
Then my in-laws arrived and we all went to my son's school's welcome picnic!
It is a such a social stress for my son to be in these situations but thankfully by the end of the night he had hooked up with his friend and was playing and happy.  My daughter on the other hand is opposite of shy taking walks by herself and at the end dancing with all the big girls. Standing on sidelines and watching a huge group of elementary school kids dance (I mean really dance) I felt old and also melancholy that our kids are growing fast and this is just flash forward of how they will be begging to go to parties and dance for hours. When it was time to go and I kept telling my daughter she was tired her response to me was 'I am not tired, I love the music' and ran back to the floor and cont'd dancing.
Oh, we have our work cut out for us.

 This frock was a hand me down from either me, or my cousin or sister. It provides the perfect coverage. Love it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Peace, Love and Rock N Roll

 My outfit today, came together better than I thought it would.  

The inspiration was from an older issue of Elle Magazine:

I was not feeling like shorts today so switched to white skinny jeans instead. It could get hot so wore a graphic tee inside the denim shirt. I love how crisp the belt and shoes look against the white tee and top.
And this denim shirt from F21 is amazingly good quality and has the perfect dose os distress.

Denim Shirt, Tee, Jeans, Scarf - Forever 21
Belt - Ann Taylor Loft
Flats - Steve Madden

Our day started early with an 8:30 AM check-up appt for my son and flu shots for both kids, then dropping him off at school late, then meeting a friend for coffee who is moving away, then taking my daughter to ballet class followed by lunch and playtime at indoor play area. Then going the drug store to get my TB test results so I can volunteer at my son's school which took forever so had to ask my mom to make it to my son's school for pick-up. I tried to get all the bills paid before had to take my son to soccer practice. My husband brought him back and my friend came over with dinner thank goodness.
It was a crazy day...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Striped Days

 This was my outfit today. I will also post my outfit from yesterday down below... I don't have a brown tone animal print top so I decided to go with olive green stripes which matched the shorts pretty nicely.
Got lots of comments on the heels today as I usually wear straight flats to pre-school but these have a high platform so they were not bad at all and I had to park and walk quite far for both my daughter's school and my son's school. Lots of walking today.

Here is the inspiration which is from a 2011 issue of In Style Magazine:

The thing with these shorts is they get wrinkled very very easily!

The new vintage looking ring from my Cookie Lee collection. For sale at only $8!

Here is the set:

New necklace from cookie Lee again. Can you believe my son actually noticed that this was new! Given my collection of jewelry that is quite surprising! He has amazing attention to detail.

Here are how my photos come out sometimes...

Cardigan - Gap
Top, Shorts, Purse - Forever 21
Belt - Alloy
Sandals - Luxury Rebel 
Accessories - Cooke Lee
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

Here is my outfit from Yesterday:

The inspiration from a very old photo saved from the One Hundred Inspirations Blog:
and now for the life of me the entire album with that photo has disappeared from my iphoto. Oh well...

Top, Hat - Forever 21
Jeans - thrifted
Shoes - Converses
Necklace - Sepata

Yesterday & Today:
We have been having crazy busy days. I am having a real tough time adjusting to our new schedule which seems to have no down time. I never seem to have enough time for anything. Everyone kept saying it would be easier when one kid starts school but I have to strongly disagree cause it is actually harder. I still have my daughter 24/7 and now on top of our regular schedule we have two mandatory drop off and pick up two times a day and we haven't even started homework schedule yet.  I barely can keep up with housework and kids' activities. Always behind in emails and seem to be able create no time for my work yet. Trying to come up with a solution...

Here are two photos from both kids' first day of school:

My son's Kindergarten class. He is wearing a peach t-shirt

My Daughter in her pre-school class. She is in front with a top strawberry print and black leggings:

Playing puppet theater with her buddies: