Friday, November 18, 2011

I haven't earned my wings yet

Today's outfit was inspired by the October 2011 issue of People Style Watch Magazine:
I realize this is the second time I am wearing a striped top under a jacket this week but to mix things up a bit today I wore my short sleeved longer top instead of the long sleeve one.
I don't think I would have ever thought of mixing a tie dye blue scarf with a striped top and army green jacket which is why the photo caught my attention.

 Added the angel wing earrings...

Jacket, Top, Jeans, Scarf - Forever 21
Boots - Via Spaga
Earrings - Thread Show

Had a very nice Thanksgiving potluck at PreSchool today. I stayed true to my diet and ate my turkey/celery rolls. Kids made the cutest turkey hats:

Unfortunately my daughter took almost 2 hours to go down for her nap and only napped for 30 minutes. So we were quite late leaving the house for Sea World Member night. Picked up my step dad as my mom was working and went together. Got super lucky finding a parking spot of someone leaving, got into all the shows last minute and found good seats. Kids loved being out in the dark. Their favorite was the short 3D Polar Express movie. It is just amazing seeing everything from their eyes. Makes everything so much more special.

 Top of her 'panda' hat!

After getting the kids to bed half hour late. We started our 'Turkey' project. Re-arranged the shelves in the fridge to fit a big size cleaning bucket filled with a 20lb turkey and salt water brine! Tomorrow, I am hoping my husband can take the kids to their gym class and occupy them for a few hours while I get the turkey roasted with this herb paste I am going to make, bake my sweet potato casserole, set the table for 14 and take out appetizers! Somewhere between this will be getting ready myself!

Also participating in the 
Friend Friday, 
hosted by the lovely Katy of Modly Chic blog 
discussing what we are thankful for.

Needless to say and not caring how cliche it sounds I am truly thankful for my wonderful and dear friends and family. Without their love and support life would be so hard and dull. Which is why I constantly create get together's to invite our friends and family or do events with them. I love the memories we create!
And not a day goes by where I thank God over and over for my kids. Because they are the true joy in my life and I truly cherish every moment I spend with them and wish time can stop and they can stay this cute and innocent and loving. Although I also look forward to the changes each age is going to bring in the future.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Roses are red violets are blue

Today's inspiration was from the same page I wore an outfit from on Tuesday!

I liked the idea of wearing a light colored summer dress with brown tones. This jacket was in a bag of clothes my sister brought over for me to look at before giving away. I picked a few items but didn't love them enough to add to my closet so they have been sitting in a bag behind my bedroom door. Still though I know what is in the bag so when I see an outfit they can be used I pull them out like this time.

 It was by coincidence that the lining of her jacket was this dusty rose which went so well with the flowers on the dress. The tights are also very dark brown.

 This was such a cute necklace I bought in Turkey but rarely can figure out a way to wear it.

Layered all the bracelets my good friends have bought or made for me! The burgandy stone set was made by my good friend. The colored rhinestone one was a gift from my best friend and the wooden beaded one was a gift from one of her exotic travels of my other best friend!

Jacket - My sister's
Dress - Yes Style
Shoes - Forever 21
Purse and necklace - from Turkey
Bracelets - all gifts from friends

Went to Costco (AGAIN) so I can buy stuff for a very crazy 3 days ahead of us...
Friday - We have potluck thanksgiving at PreSchool in the morning. Then Sea World member night in the afternoon/night.
Saturday - Gym classes in the morning. Afternoon/Night hosting a full on pre-Thanksgiving meal to the whole family (total 14 people!).
Sunday - Hosting a clothing party that I am thinking about selling in near future in the morning. Then in the afternoon going to the grinch tree lighting in the famous Balboa Park of our city.
So, going to be a super busy weekend!
After my costco shopping I stopped at my friend's house who just had surgery.
Then after naps another friend came over for a playdate then left for her 'girl's night out' while her hsuband came to pick up the kids and we gave all the kids a bath first before my husband came from his game of tennis.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Bye Winnie

Today's outfit is another JCrew inspiration from their Fall 2011 Catalog:
I liked it cause I never think of wearing my longer shorts outside of summer with jackets and socks like this. Thought that was a cool idea...

Both of these necklaces are handmade by Aunt who is a jeweler. The chains are hand braided and her own patented design...You can check out her website HERE!

These socks with these very old coach loafers is not my favorite part but they looked cooler than my cream oxfords so went with them anyway...

Jacket, Shorts - Forever 21
Blouse - Victoria's Secret
Belt - Limited
Shoes - Coach
Eyeglasses - Chanel


At Preschool today we returned back 'Winnie' the stuffed animal puppet dog that was with us for a week. We took photos of the kids with the dog and made a scrapbook page and my son and daughter got to present this to the whole class. I video taped the whole thing and my friends snapped the photos...

In the evening I cooked like a mad woman again to keep us full on this crazy protein and veggie diet. My friend came over with (non-diet) food for herself and my kids. Once the kids went to sleep we watched pre-recorded shows and did our nails. She won OPI's puppet series box set and we painted our nails this bronzish glitter which looks really cool.