Wardrobe Consulting

Is your closet a mess? 
Do you frequently feel you have nothing to wear? 
Do you end up wearing the same clothes over and over and the rest of your closet is foreign to you? 
Do you buy a whole new outfit when you have an event to go to or a trip coming up? 
Do you have items in your closet that have only been worn once or worse with still tags on? 
Has your life changed in the past therefore half the clothes in your closet are no longer suitable? 
Has your size fluctuated and you are not sure if half the clothes in your closet still fit right? 
Are you overwhelmed by your closet?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you will benefit greatly from  
Wardrobe Consulting.
As your wardrobe consultant I can help you solve all your fashion dilemmas. 
Let me help you shop your own closet and discover the gems and outfits you never thought you had.

Here are the Services I offer:
1.       Closet Sweep
2.       Outfit Plans
3.       Shop your Closet
4.       Get a whole new Image
5.       Shop for Me

Price Range $150-$250 for 3-5 hours depending on state and size of existing closet.
If your closet is jam packed with clothes and it is overwhelming to even go in and you are not sure what you have or where anything is let me help you create a serene closet space….
I will start with having you answer a questionnaire to understand your challenges and needs.
The consulting visit will consist of you and I emptying your entire closet and sorting out your pieces into piles of ‘keep’, ‘donate’ and ‘throw away or store/save’. Based on your needs I will assist you in making that determination and keep you on track in achieving this overwhelming task.
If needed I can shop for organizers for you or provide you with a closet designer bid to maximize your space. At the end your closet should only contain clothes that fit your body and your lifestyle and you plan to wear.
If you do not require or need a tax receipt, I would be happy to take away the ‘donate’ pile to goodwill when I am leaving.
2.       OUTFIT PLANS:
Price Range $150-$300 for 3-6 hours depending on needs and quantity of clothes being worked with.
Have you looked in your closet and thought, "I have all these clothes, and nothing to wear? Have you found yourself putting something on only to take it off again a few minutes later? Do you keep going back to the same outfits?
I know that your wardrobe is a reflection of your image and personality. With so many fashion trends and shopping options, navigating the right clothes for your individual look and lifestyle can be a difficult task. Often wardrobes have year’s worth of fashion trends that can make it hard to integrate new and old looks. It’s my focus to help you maximize your existing wardrobe by creating new outfits from the clothes you already own and to help you smart-shop for items that fit your wardrobe, personal look and image you want to project.

I will send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out to understand what type of outfits you are looking to create and what you want to incorporate more and what you currently own etc…
I will then have a short phone conversation with you to confirm my understanding of your responses and provide you with an estimate time and quote.(if it goes over and you want to continue my hourly rate can be prorated)
Based on the state of your closet I might suggest some prep work before my arrival.
I will bring my clothes wrack and camera to the visit.
The consulting visit will consist of you trying on the pieces you need help with in various different combinations. I will work with your comfort level and taste to create outfits that suit you. We’ll photograph each outfit so you have a record of everything that has been created. We’ll start a list of a few basic items you might want to add to your closet to further create outfits.
For some more basic outfits to save time we can also put combinations together without trying them on and take photos again for recording purposes.

This process tends to get messy. I will do my best helping you hang the clothes back and maintain order but most likely there will be clean-up required after I leave putting things back.
Within 2-3 days of my visit I will email you a summary of the visit, the list of suggested items you might want to add (and a quote if you like me to purchase them for you) and your outfit photos.
For $40 I can mail you a soft cover 5X7 flip photo book with all your outfit photos in color and descriptions. This will come in handy to keep in your closet for a quick reference and stress free dressing.

Price Range $50 - $150 for 1-3 hours depending on single event or duration of trip etc…
If you’re frustrated with standing in front of your closet wondering what to wear, you are not alone.  Whether you’re planning for a special event or a trip I’ll show you how to create outfits effortlessly with what you currently have. 
I will send you a questionnaire to understand your exact need and the type of event trip you need help with.
I will follow-up with a phone conversation to confirm my understanding and provide you with an estimate quote.
During the visit you can expect to try on the clothes we are picking. I will take photos of combinations you were happy with.
I will suggest anything that might need to be purchased and a quote on my personal shopping fee if desired.
I do my very best to keep the ‘might want to buy’ list to a minimum.
When I leave you should know exactly what you are going to wear or pack for the event/trip in question.
The process will be messy and although I will do my best to keep it clean there will most likely be need to clean-up and put things back after I leave.
Within 2-3 days of the visit (sooner if the event/trip date is approaching) I will email you the summary of the visit, photos of the outfits chosen and a packing list if planning for a trip.
If time permits you can order the soft cover 5X7 flip photo book with the outfit photos for $40 extra.

When you look good and are dressed in ways that flatter and enhance your appearance there are so many benefits:
• You look more attractive
• You feel more confident
• You command respect
• You project a pulled together and polished look
• You have a ‘presence’ that makes people take notice
• New doors and opportunities open to you
• You can more easily achieve you goals
My goal for you is to achieve these benefits and more.
Your appearance directly affects your credibility, capabilities, behavior, body language and the perception others might have of you.  When used properly, your clothing and grooming act as a resourceful tool that will help you achieve personal and professional success. Your image is what speaks the loudest volume before ever having the chance to say a word at all. 
Understanding what styles and colors work for you helps you avoid making costly mistakes in the future. I will help guide you in defining your personal style — from taking all kinds of measurements, to conducting a color analysis, to develop a look that makes you feel confident and put together.
Prior to our meeting, I will have you fill-out an assessment and do a bit of homework to prepare for our time together.
During the consultation, we’ll discuss your image goals and develop a plan tailored just for you. We’ll determine the appropriate clothing and styles that fit your lifestyle and personality.

5.       SHOP FOR ME
Coming soon…

Prep Work for a successful Wardrobe Consulting Visit:
·         Make sure all the items you need advise on are out and clean and ironed condition. These items should fit you. 

·         Please take out all the following accessories if you own them or make sure they are easily accessible or visual: Belts, Scarves, Jewelry, hair accessories

·         Please take out your shoes or make sure they are easily viewable or accessible in the room we’ll be conducting the visit.

·         Make sure most of your clothes are clean and present in your closet (not in laundry or dry cleaners)

·         It helps tremendously if you clean out your closet prior to the visit unless we are doing a closet sweep. I recommend you go through each segment and take out any clothes that no longer fits you or you simply do not want to wear. 

·         It helps if your clothes are organized by either type (cotton tops, blouses, skirts pants etc…) or by outfit which ever way you prefer. If they are not the visit takes longer and could cost more.

·         You should have the right undergarments on but be in comfortable clothes you can change in an out of like a tank top and leggings.

·         Make sure the room we’ll be working on is adequately heated or cooled since there will be a lot of changing. 

·         You will feel better if you have some make-up on and your hair looks decent. Have a hair clip near by for trying up dos as well.

Please email me at kuladaphne@yahoo.com to indicate which service you are interested in and I will email the questionnaire to provide an accurate quote.