Friday, June 10, 2011

FBFF - Summer Trends

I feel like we just did this not so long ago but that must have been spring trends... So today's topic for the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF) hosted by Katy from Modly Chic is on

1. Eclectic/Tribal Patterns - these are popping up everywhere from 'Ikat' designs to 'ethnic' jewelry.
You can follow the trend with tops or harem pants, mini or maxi skirts in these patters. Or go small with scarves or bags. Adding beaded jewelry (braceles, necklaces, earings) also work.

2. Neon Colors -
Total 80's neons but mixed with current neutrals. The trend is adding a 'pop' of neon to an ordinary colored outfit. You can go a bit bolder and have a main clothing item in a neon color, like a top or a skirt or shoes. Or go smaller with accessories like purses or even make-up and nail polish.

3. Feathers -
These are seen mainly in accessories, necklaces and earings primarily. Also clips with long strings ending with feathers for clipping inside your hair is very in. So are headbands with feathers.

4. Hats -
From straw to patterned fedora's to 70's style big floppy sun hats they are totally in this summer. Over sundresses or to the beach with swim suit and cover up they add instant style to any outfit.

5. Safari Style -
This includes animal patterns (think leopard, zebra, cheetah), khaki and army green colored jackets, pants, shorts and shirt dresses...

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Announcements and Gems from Mom's Closet

Again, sorry no outfit post again today. Couple Fashion Announcements though:

1. Two Birds have posted the photo for next Monday, June 13th Inspiration Monday.


 2. EBEW (Every Body Every Wear) is hosting a 'Lace' Event for next Tuesday, June 14th. 

And check out these gems my mom brought yesterday! 
My mom and I are usually the same size. But our weight fluctuates occasionally and not at the same time so we constantly land each other 'skinny' or 'baggy' clothes that do not currently fit us all that great. It is a great system.

These lace pants are just amazing aren't they? They are super long so would need heels but that is OK cause I won't be wearing this with the kids anyway...

Then she also gave me these shiny stretch satin pants that have zippers on both sides (interesting!)...

And also this super cool linen shirt. Don't you love the orange, coral, pink and yellow colors. Not sure why she is not wearing this cause it is really trendy...

These are my recent purchases. I was too lazy to photo them on so I know you can't tell but they are super cool and slim fitting and very pastel blue capri pants from J  Crew. I have been lusting over these and my darker blue Ann Taylor pants mysteriously disappearing plus a 20% coupon with free shipping convinced me to order them. And I got that chevron pattern tie belt in rust and cream color. They are going to be very cool outfits.

Since it is a random post here are the photos from the photo shoot we did with my Dad couple weeks ago. I took photos of the photos so the quality is not perfect...

Dad with all his Grand kids. Isn't my nephew just so cute?

My Brother and I join the photo

My kids looking down to their baby cousin. So cute right?

My Daughter - almost 2.5 yrs old

My Son - 4 yrs old

Both Together...

Well, we are on Day 2 of our 'happy potty day' event.
My daughter is hilarious. She starts to make the funniest faces and says the darnest things as she sits on the toilet. We had one success after breakfast where she pooped and peed in the toilet but it is half a success cause she didn't really tell me she had to go I just knew she would need to and we sat. So does not quite count but at least it was good enough for me to reward her with 2 m&m's and a sticker.
Then she was at this panic stage where she kept thinking she had to go but nothing would happen. Did this like 7 times and I was exhausted.
Our bucket of soapy water in the utility sink is already filled with 5 wet underwear and it is only noon!
I am still positive though. I do not quit quite easily and I am the most stubborn person I know especially when it comes doing something I set my mind to.
Going a bit stir crazy though sitting inside the house whole day. So went from room to room picking up.

In my room she got into our bed and put on my eye mask and said 'I am sleeping like mommy'. 
And yes that is how I sleep!
And no she did not have an accident at this point. Thank Goodness!

Then as I was trying on those clothes my mom gave above she went into my closet and pulled out these shoes and asked my help to put them on!
Having a child in each gender I can honestly tell you that some of this is emboddied in their brain. I know when my son is around me when I try on clothes he likes to create a throwing game out of my necklaces or use the shoes as boats or vessels for his plastic animal toys. But my daughter loves to try them on. Especially if she sees me put on lipstick or blush or nail polish. She wants it too. It is just so different!

You crack me up kid!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Potty Day

 Well, as you guessed it no fashion post today. Not sure if I will be dressing tomorrow either. But I have some photos to post at least. Depending on how it goes I am hoping we can handle a small outing on Friday.
Well my daughter spent the day with this PJ top and ever changing underwear all day.
 She loved her big girl underwear. We had bought a pack of Ariel and pack of minnie and daisy ones. She was so excited to wear and sit on the potty. Day 1 is the toughest so I didn't have any high expectations. I did manage to catch each accident and rushed her to the toilet so by now she tells me as she is going and knows she needs to go in the bathroom. If only we can get her to hold and tell her before she goes that would be golden. We did have one tiny success after nap where she tinkled in the potty. My son and I did a total loud cheer and dance and she loved it. I love my son for helping me like that. He so wants her to learn and gives her a hug each time.
 I have a potty but I rather she just learns and uses the toilet directly since it sucks to clean the potty. Did have to get her a 'abby' seat cover though even though we already own 2 others but they were not 'girly' for her.
And yes we are trying to tell her she does not need to 'hold it' like her brother does!

 By lunch she went into a panic mode and told me she had to go every 5 minutes so I pulled up a stoll and sat in front of her. My mom had come to help (or entertain my son) so she took the photo. And yes this PJ bottom and sweatshirt combo was my outfit for the day.

Here are some less weird photos taken at the park yesterday from the outdoor class:
My daughter the ever fearless climber...

Took this from down below her...

My son said he was imitating the meerkats at the zoo last weekend laying under the sun:

Kids sat on both sides of our outdoor class teacher during the song time that I had to capture...

Doing the bean bag boogie dance... This teacher is so great and energetic... The class is actually a parenting class so after play time at the park, followed by this circle time she does a parenting topic lecture for us while the kids play/eat lunch right next to us. Great schedule and we meet at a different park every week. She brings all the supplies for an art project as well. All this is funded by the state and totally free!

Kids doing the monkey bars with my son's friend...It was so cold that I had to get the emergency jackets from the car, hence the mismatching. You know I had to explain!
The class is really his age group (3-5) but we all bring siblings. My daughter is so used to hanging with 3-5 year olds by now.  There are classes for her age as well but I just to my son's age group.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sleek Simplicity

 Wore this outfit this afternoon cause I was too late getting ready this morning. Picked a dressy outfit since I am going to go out with my bf tonight...

Here is the Inspiration photo from People Style Watch Magazine's May 2011 issue:
I could have also tried this with my pink slacks but that would require cuffing the wide legs and also it is a dry clean so figured the jeans which are just machine wash were a better choice for tonight.

I added a lizard print belt to hold the pants up.

Simple accessories of a white and rose gold watch with two thin burnished gold bangles...

Just like the inspiration photo added a rhinestone charm necklace...

Black purse is an unexpected color for the pasted hued outfit. Mine has that beaded bird charm with oranges and peach color so goes really nicely...

These shoes are super duper duper old. I bought them for work probably 13 years ago but they were not very comfy so wore them very little. They were too pretty to give away. 
 The cognac color was a better add than a brown pair...

Jacket - Thrifted Gap
Tee - Nordstrom Rack
Peach jeans - thrifted from Filomen's Closet
Shoes - Charles David
Belt - TJ Maxx
Bangles - Shop Ruche
Watch - Michael Kors
Necklace - Forever 21
Purse - Thread Show

Today's Activities: I have been working on my annual albums last night and this morning. After a very stressful and sleepless couple weeks in December last year trying to finish all my albums and order before year end I promised myself this year I would work on them every month and not wait till year end. But realized even that is easier said than done. Just adding the select monthly photos to our annual family album takes quite a long time. So last night I got in a zone was trying to catch up and did not go to bed until 1 AM. Then this morning continued and was totally late for our outdoor class hence just threw on capri jeans and a tee.
It was the last class of the semester and we had a potluck. There is no big good-bye since we start summer session just next week but it was fun to have a potluck. The park that was beach front was quite chilly so good thing I had extra jackets in the car.
Both kids took good naps. My SIL and their visiting family friend was going to come by in the afternoon but they never made it. Good thing is my Dad came over and the kids played hard with him. We baked cookies as a treat.
Tonight have plans to do dinner and a movie with  my friend. Tomorrow is a big day. I am creating a lot of excitement for my daughter to gear her up for it. It is POTTY TRAINING TIME! I do this 3 day boot camp style where you go cold turkey no diapers (well except for pull ups at night) and stay home for 3 days. It totally works but requires a lot of commitment and hell of a 3 days. Our chants are 'Happy Potty Time' and 'No More Diapers' and 'I am a Big Girl Now'. Hoping family members come to my aide by taking my son out of the house as unfortunately he is going to be stuck with us. Will keep you posted as to how it progresses. Probably won't be dressing much...