Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wild Goose Chase

 Yesterday's outfit during the day of running some crazy errands...

The inspiration photo:
 I liked this all black very NYC style summer combination...
And gives me a chance to wear my super duper old Banana Republic maxi skirt...
This skirt is definitely more Fall/Winter fabric but it worked fine for this cloudy but muggy day.

 I layered the rhinestone necklace over the fringed one for the same effect in the inspiration photo...

Tank - who knows, this is even older than the skirt
Skirt - Banana Republic
Ankle Cuff Flats - TJ Maxx
Purse - 6951
Necklaces, Bracelet - H&M and Forever 21

The kids and I were torn deciding what to do today. Where we wanted to go did not get majority vote by the playgroup and they were heading to the zoo. My daughter was up for the zoo but my son and I not so much. I also knew I had a few errands to run and my son really wanted to go to a store to search for magic box/kit. He is very focused like that.
So first we went to the mall downtown (Horton Plaza) to do some b-day exchanges. This mall is definitely not stroller friendly but we managed and had lunch there.
Then it was off to the other mall to do an other exchange at H&M. Since the stores I had to go to only reside in two separate malls this was necessary. Quite a hassle but we did it. The kids and I talked the whole time how we were a team and checked off all the spots we had to go to. It was great bonding too.
We did find an age appropriate magic kit for him and he was so happy. He is so focused and mature as he didn't look at anything else in the store or asked for anything else. My daughter was happy with two finger sticking sticks from the toy store. We then did mommy's exchange and had dessert and headed home. Oh even picked up a halloween costume for my son from the disney store. I can't believe  not only are they already on the shelves but almost out and we are in August!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Squeeze the day

 Today's outfit was inspired by JCrew's past spring catalog:

I liked the unusual rose pink and orange combo and was able to re-create with the stuff I own:

Tied the scarf as a belt in the big bow shaped like my inspiration photo...

The satin peep toe's from H&M's conscious collection last year or was it 2 years ago?

Blouse and Cardigan - Gap
Shorts & Scarf & necklace - Forever 21
Purse - Target
Shoes - H&M

Did a major Costco shopping this morning. With two kids perched up on the increasingly getting heavy cart it was so hard to see in front of me but thank goodness everyone was so understanding. Actually they all looked at me with pity. The kids think we go to Costco to sample food. My son is constantly on the look out for the sample carts and won't let me miss a single one. And as our tradition we had lunch in their food court. Just getting drinks and ketchup on the hot dogs with the kids in a very crowded food court is a complete adventure. After the big hurdle of loading everything up in the car came the unloading when we got home. I created this 'muscle madness' game where we competed and raced as to who can carry the heaviest items back in the house. They were actually great help (for a change)!

In the afternoon took my daughter to a free demo ballet class then met up with my cousins and after a frustrating hassle of getting lost finally got my son to his first soccer practice where my friend is the coach and hubby is the assistant coach.  He loved it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the garden

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by the photo below:

I know this vintage tunic from my Grandmother is becoming quite raggedy but I still love it. ;)

Top - Vintage
Denim Leggings - Guess
Belt - Betsey Johnson
Flats - Enzo

Tuesday got to sleep in since the kids were at my mom's and did not have to go there until lunch. We had a family lunch in their backyard (where the photos were taken) then hung out for a while. My stepdad installed this bike behind his to take my son. Got a lot of attention at the park:

Today we hosted quite a big pool playdate at our house with potluck lunch. I am exhausted now and sipping tea from my new tea press, b-day present from my bf.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Growing Up is Getting Old

 Last night's outfit for a dinner with the girls for my b-day. 

Inspiration from my go to blog for going out outfits: Fashion Coolture:

The funny thing is I bought this t-shirt in size large to wear it as a night gown and it worked great until I washed it and it shrunk. So when I was looking for a long tunic top that was not tight I though this would work great!

Ah, I had done my hair totally straight but with humidity it did not last!

Vest, Tee, Shorts, clutch, hat - Forever 21
Accessories  - Thread Show, from Turkey, Cookie Lee
Boots - from Turkey

My mom and step-dad surprised me with wanting to take the kids and have them spend the night!
So I had the whole day to get caught up with work and household chores. Then got ready for the big outing with the girls. Thanks to my bf she picked one of the new and hip places in a very artsy neighborhood. The ambiance was very cool indeed and we had a great time.
Then half of them went back home while the rest of us hit our old favorite dive Karaoke bar!

 This wall by the bathroom was filled with barbie dolls dressed in LBDs! :)

This classic NYC paper cub is actually a ceramic replica!

 With my cousin who still has not had her baby as you can see. Any day now we are waiting!

We forgot to take a group photo before half of us left so 3 of my girlfriends are missing from the photo...