Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to Rock

Not super creative today as we didn't have any major plans this afternoon and it was too chilly to wear shorts. So here I just paired this new sequined tank with dark grey jeans and converses. Added the multi chain chunky necklace for that 'rock' look. Although this CZ ring is dressy looking thought it went good with this outfit. I do have cooler combo's for this tank that will be portrayed soon.

Back to Rock Tank Top - from Turkey - LC Waikiki
Dark Grey skinny jeans - CLOSET
Converses -
Multi chain chunky necklace - Forever 21
CZ ring - from Turkey - Evita

Today's Activities: Was determined to make it to the beach this AM so woke up early changed all the sheets did two loads of laundry and got ready for the beach. Was able to make it out by 10:15 AM! :) It was nice and warm so the kids swam twice and played on the sand. Came home for lunch and amazingly long naps for both. After snacks went to a friends community pool. She has a daughter close to my son's age and they had a great time swimming in the pool. My daughter the fearless one loves to throw herself into the pool from the edge. Came home for dinner and quiet play time before going down. Mom and I left after the kids went down to her cousin's house to play cards with her cousin and aunt.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is another combo I put together for this layered skirt. I truly love this skirt cause of its layred look and the fact that it came with this great looking belt. Since it is a bit loose on my waist I pushed it down just a bit s the belt would sit tight. It would have been a bit better if I could cynch at my true waist though. I love pairing cute mini skirts with a simple white ribbed tank. I have a few of these tnaks. This one has a thin strip of silver sequins on the neckline and the arm opennings which is a nice added touch. And to roughen up the look added my peep toe and open heel summer boots. (see side pose for the open heel shot). Decided to go with the simple mother of pearl shell necklace on a satin cord. Added silver watch and the white/nickel ring to complete the look.

 White ribbed tank with sequin trim - Deliah's Catalog
Layered skirt with detachable belt - boutique in Turkey
Summer Boots - Juicy Couture
White/Nickel ring - Swatch
Shell necklace - Mom's

Today's Activities: Two beach day today. Went in the morning and met my friend again. Since they were staying for lunch ran home to drop off my daughter and kept my son longer had lunch on the beach from the beach bar's cafe. My daughter can barelly go past 12:30 PM so she wouldn't have lasted. After naps and snacks we went to the beach again this time to meet another friend and her baby who is a bit younger than my daughter. The afternoons are windier though and don't have the peacefullness of the morning time so not my favorite. Came home with the guests and had tea and cake. Therefore the kids ate very late. After they went down for the night went out with my mom and aunt to their friend's bar/restaurant called 'Roseto' for a drink. Since it was only 1 AM I guess you can count that as an early night!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy in Navy

This is a simple combo I put together as another way to wear this navy skort. I than decided to add the bright yellow belt as a punch of color. The skort does not really have belt loops so it just sets  there. The belt also picks up the hints of yellow that is on the t-shirt. Added a yellow watch with rhinestones then went with that rhinestone theme on my ankle cuff denim sandals and fringe silver earings.

Flowery Tee - Anthropologie
Navy rayon skort - Forever 21
Yellow thin belt - Forever 21
Ankle cuff denim sandals - Steve Madden
Silver Fringe Earings - Forever 21
Yellow watch - Vernier

Today's Activities: Went to the beach in the morning and met a friend there. Beach and the water is much calmer and cleaner and more peaceful in the mornings. Kids also seem to be less needy and tend to entertain themselves. After lunch and naps we went to a friend's house for a pool playdate. They have a son my son's age. Kids loved the non salty pool water. My son kept jumping in throwing in a ball then swimming to retrieve it and do it all over again. All with arm floaties of course. My daughter was happy to be floating on her own for a bit with our help in her floaties as well. As it is Turkish tradition we were served way too many varieties of sweets and cookies over cups and cups of freshly brewed tea. After dinner at home and the kids went down we had friend over for drinks and than watched 'Back up plan' on video and laughed hard until 2 AM.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ah to be young again

I feel today's outfit is more suited for someone in their early twenties or very late teens but I like it and am wearing it anyway. Initially the combo included my juicy boots and different accessories but I wanted to wear these cute and fun strawberry earings a gift from my mom. They gave it a cute and fun feel. To go with that added converses underneath which is what makes the whole outfit even younger. To add even more of that eighties color went with a yellow watch. I have to admit at night I did switch to my juicy boots for a more bar look but kept the earings. I had tripod challange today for some reason could not get the angle right to include my entire body in a good shot. So these are somewhat random and not very good. Oh well... Also skipped a day since our monthly internet package had ended and apparently in Turkey like with all utility bills you have to go and pay it in person to get your second month loaded. So, finally got connected again.

Tie print shirt with a detachable black vest - From Turkey (Vena)
Pink full skirt - Victoria's Secret
Wood hot pink strawberry shaped earings - Fro Turkey (Evita)
Slip on converses with painted ties -
Yellow Watch - Forever 21 (Mom's)

Today's Activities: Was too lazy to pack and up go to the beach this morning so filled up the tiny pool and had the kids play on the front lawn. Then my uncle took out his battery set and the kids had a blast making music and dancing which got them tired enough for naps. I now always sleep when they sleep. That is the only way I can keep up with this culture of stayin up until past 2 AM and waking up by 9 AM. That one hour nap keeps me going. We then went to the beach. Although it was sunny it was also very windy and not that warm. I still had to go in the water of course since the kids are immune to cold and want to swim non stop. It has become increasingly difficult to handle them both by myself. My son wants to swim out to the deep waters so he can climb up the pier stairs and jump in (over and over and over). My daughter wants to stay in the shallow end but wants me to hold her hand so she can lower and raise herself in the water and splash. I try to convince them to take turns and eventually leave my daughter with who ever has come with me to swim out with my son. But if I did go alone I am not sure how I would do this.
After beach the kids and us had an early dinner. Then left the with the nanny/housekeeper and went to run errands (as in pay our second month of internet connection). Came in time to read my son his bedtime books and put them to bed. Then went out again with my mom and aunt for a drink by the water and a late night sandwich (kumru) snack.