Friday, February 25, 2011

Ice Queen

Super simple outfit today. Given today's activity this was perfect though. Not that it needs inspiration but got the idea of wearing this sweater again when I saw the following:

This is such an old sweater of my mom's. I call this the 'ski sweater' in my list and have worn this skiing many times. I love its colors and the design.

Paired it over the light colored jeans to continue the pastel look. Added the striped shirt from yesterday and the cream beret.  

Too bad you can't really even see or tell I am wearing my taupe wedges.

My mom snapped the photos at the ice ring and the kids insisted they are in it...

Jeans - 7's
Sweater - Mom's
Shirt - From Turkey
Beret - Forever 21
Wedges - Victoria's Secret

Today's Activities: We had preschool ice skating field trip today. Our attempts to carpool with a friend was a big effort but we managed. First she couldn't fit 3 car seats in her car but then figured it out. We then got all 3 kids buckled with much effort only to find out she lost her car keys. After 15 minutes of searching and getting the kids back out we found the keys then buckled them back in. Somehow still made it there on time. My mom rushed from her early work appt to meet us there so she can entertain my daughter while I attempted ice skating with my son. Never liking to try new things and with extereme fear of falling and hurting he was bawling for at least the first 10 minutes. Had him take deep breaths and watch some other skaters and very slowly got him going. He eventually warmed up a bit. Luckily there were some mom's that were very skilled and they took turns taking our kids around the ring. I finally got enough confidence myself too. My daughter who was dying to jump in got to try as well wearing my son's 2 sizes too large skates. She of course loved it, had no fear and even tried to skate herself. Just two very opposite kids. We came home to find my husband grandparents had already arrived. It is going to be a fun filled few days with them. They are 93 and 92 and just the most amazing people we know. We get along so well and have a blast.

 Here is my son after warming up a bit...

And my daughter happy as can be...Too bad they don't make her shoe size....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taxi Please

I am totally liking this outfit. I had the inspiration a while back from this photo. Rest assured from January on I have been marking my inspiration photos with magazine names and issue dates so when I finally wear the outfit months and months later I can remember. :)

She has a very nice (with a very high price tag) coat on but I made it wearable in San Diego by switching the coat for a blazer jacket instead. You know they have the same looking black and white loafers at Forever 21, if I didn't already have this pair I would have been tempted to buy those.

I had these skinny white jeans for couple years now. They are a bit big so I just have to make sure I wash them each time as they stretch and wear a belt.

The blue striped shirt was a purchase from Turkey past spring. The sleeves can be rolled and buttoned for a shorter sleeve version and it is tunic lenght so very versatile.

I have owned these loafers for soooo long. I used to travel a lot for work and couldn't handle heels between airports and layovers so wore these under work clothes all the time. They were bought full price but one of the best investments as they are very comfy. I kept them in pretty good shape despite their frequent use by using shoe molds.

This had bought for a new year's eve costume has been coming so handy this season. The blazer jacket is made out of a softer knit material so pretty easy to wear with kids than a structured suit jacket.

Photos taken on my bedroom balcony by the way...

Boyfriend Blazer - Newport News Catalog
Blue striped button down - from Turkey (Tally Weijl)
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Loafers - Via Spiga
Hat - Thrifted

Today's Activities: I love Thursdays. We don't have to leave the house until after 11 AM. That is better than actually not having to leave at all. Because with my kids I can never just spend the whole morning at home. They go stir crazy, drive me crazy and would never nap without some substantial activity. So, the fact that on Thursday we have plenty of time but also a planned activity makes it perfect. And the activity of swim class now that I stay dry and watch the kids from sidelines is a very minimal effort activity for me. But a very tiring and fun one for the kids. It is the only thing we do that they truly look forward to it and have fun the whole time. And amazing how a 30 minute class can tire them so much. This morning I even cooked tonight's dinner so I can rest when the kids napped which I did for a little bit. My mother came to join us for the last music class in the afternoon. Then my stepdad came and we had dinner all together followed by watching shrek (#4) and eating popcorn.

Kids had bubbles in music class:

My daughter had this real cute dress on I got from a friend 2nd hand but never could get a good picture of her or the dress. These are the best shots. The one on the right is with my mom.

Don't wrap me up

Nothing new or different in this outfit except the way I wore my wrap around cardigan. Got the idea to wear it this way from this photo in the Anthropologie catalog back in fall:
It was this small photo in a corner of a page: 

When I saw this it reminded me of my cardigan that I always like to wear draped over my shoulder.

I had this mock wrap around red tee to wear under but it was too open in front so had to add a tank under that which made it 3 layers:

Instaed of my usual black or brown belts decided to tie this cream sequined sash belt so it pops. I had always tied these sashes with the end dangling but got the idea to tuck them from a new bloger I found. I can't remember her site now though...

I tried different shoes under this and nothing really called to me. These Mary Janes were the best bet, but even these I am not crazy about...

Trying to create props with my living room furniture. Not succeeding...

The light outside was not the best, so I after shooting the photo below I moved inside... 

Wrap around cardigan - Forever 21
Red Tee- Can't remember
Red Tank - Newport News
Black Skinny Cargos - Target
Brown Mary Janes - Blowfish (from Zappos)
Sash Belt - Forever 21

Here is my daughter by the way trying to pose like me then decided to lift her legs and said 'I'm flying"

Wednesday Activities: I was fooling around on the internet last night and it got too late for me to post before going to bed so posting this in the morning the next day. Wed morning we went to preschool. For first time in preschool history my son sat and listened in all 3 circle times without me having to encourage and threaten him with time-outs. I hid in the background the whole time and was amazed and how good he was. I praised him to death hoping he will repeat next week. After naps at home we started an adventure.
Took them to the gym! I haven't been to the gym for sooooo long (at least 1.5 years)! I keep my gym mebership cause it is so cheap ($12 a month) and it is good at almost all the location all over the country so silly to cancel. Registered and dropped them off at the 'kids club' which you pay extra but that is OK. Took a class called 'muscle blast' which is strength trainning with dumbells and weight bars. The good thing is I am an ex-gym junkie so I have taken every kind of class and now all the equipment and the routine and correct form. So my body just took it all naturally during class. Lets just see how I feel tomorrow (I am usually sore 2 days later). I did light weights to start so lets see. My new goal is to fit in at least 1 hopefully 2 gym classes per week. I am dying to try the new zumba class with my friend on Sunday's. Since it is only an hour kids don't mind it and this gym was in their favorite mall. We picked up the stroller from the car and went inside the mall to see the dolphin statue pools then to the food court for dinner. My husband was going to work late so this was a good plan for tonight. Then rushed back home so we can do baths. We still had a bit of time before story time so popped in their new Shrek (4) movie in the new 'men's cave' my husband started to set-up in our bedroom and watched it together all cuddled up. I even fit in a quick shower beforehand. Very efficient.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Red tights finally done right

Ok, finally, finally I think I am happy with a red tight combo. I bought these red hot tights 3 years ago from Turkey and haven't found the right way to wear them yet. This is my third attempt in wearing an outfit with red tights and I was not crazy about the other two but this one I like a lot. I got the inspiration from the following Elle (I think) photo:

 Even though her outfit looks like a dress it is actually a skirt and a top so I figured I can simply wear a skirt and a top in all black as well to achieve the same look.

I paired my leather mini with the ruffle hem boucle sweater. The textures and the styles make a good contrast to work. So I didn't have a red resin bracelet but attached this silk rose pin to thinner black ones to give a pop of red on my wrists. And you will never guess where the pin is from? It was on the box of godiva's my husband gave me for Valentine's! And I already have plans to use it in another outfit in summer on my list.

I bought these shoes from Zappos after seeing a blue pair on Kristy from Monochroma.chic.
And just as she stated they are super sturdy despite their high platforms. They wrap your foot super firm and stay put. Love them over colored tights like these as well as on bare foot/legs.

I had been searching for a white fedora all winter long and never found it. Bought this one from Target couple weeks ago as they started bringing spring items. Bought it for the new season but totally works with this outfit as well.

Ruffle Hem Sweater - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Leather Mini Skirt - BCBG
Red tights - from Turkey
Hat - Target
Bracelets - Forever 21
Rose pin - Godiva
Platforms - Aldo (from Zappos)
Purse - Guess

Tonight's Activites: Funny how much my style has evolved since starting this blog. The purpose was to stop wearing sweat pants and dressing up a bit even with kids. I started as such but then found myself constantly look for edgier outfits, looks that make heads turn and totaly joy out of taking risks. I also discovered scarves, colored tights and hats (or any combo of) can single handedly take a simple outfit from 'blah' to 'wow'. I used to never have the guts to pull of a look as tonight's in public. But, now I don't even feel uncomfortable. My friends and family are also very used to my unusual outfits. But then again I am always surrounded by people who accept me the way I am in any stage of my life in any style or body shape. And that is the type of people one should be surrounded by.
So tonight the girls had some coupons for Corvette Diner (50's style retro hamburger and milkshake place) for 2 hamburgers for $10! We met at a wine bar across the street first and had $4 a glass happy hour wine. Then walked over to the diner for some crazy ambiance and giant hamburgers. Wasn't crazy about being in a 'kid friendly' restaurant when I am not with the kids but conversation with the girls is rarely around kids so it was refreshing regardless. We all excited about our upcoming girls' trip in 2 weeks! My first girls' trip since having kids!

Here are couple shots in Corvette's Diner

Layered Greys

Super quick and short post of my simple day outfit of today. The inspiration came from this:

If it was warm enough I would have to love to have gone bare legs with just tight highs but it was freezin espeically early in the morning when I left the house.

I layered the striped tunic with a shrug like sweater. My mom bought me this sweater during my first pregnancy. It looked great over dresses and since it was super crop the tummy did not matter. I topped it all with a grey hoodie.

Added my 'arm warmers' as leg warmers. For once having skinny legs has its perks too.

Striped tunic, leggings, grey hoodie - Forever 21
White sweater shrug & Arm Warmers - gifts from mom
Boots - Steve Madden

Today's Activities: Left the house at 6 AM to go to my dad's Dr appt in LA. I keep these cozy and simple outfits for days like this where majority of the time is spent sitting in the car on the road. This one worked great. I am in the process of writing very long and detailed 'tips and hints' documents for my brother and sister-in-law who are expecting their first baby late March. So, worked on the 'Hospital Prep' document in the afternoon before picking up the kids from my mom and step dad's. We tried to play this new board game I bought and my son was into it but my daughter is too young for it and was putting the pieces in her mouth so we had to stop. Have to play when my daughter is not around which will be when I have no idea. Fed them leftovers for dinner. I had bought a whole platter of shrimp for yesterday's dinner party and forgot to take it out. So my son feasted on shrimp tonight. He is so my kid as he eats just like me loving sea food, sushi and all things that are healthy. My daugher on the other hand is a total meats and potato girl. She has the ability to detect the taste of anything green in her mouth and will spit it out. So weird, cause I ate the same stuff during both pregnancies and I literally can not go a day without fruits and veggies and neither can my son. Anyway left as soon as my husband arrived to take over to meet the girls. See night photos in the following post.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Parka over tweed

Finally getting to wear this combo. Another one of those that have been in my list for a very long time. I barrowed this skirt from my mom so I can creat this look from the J Crew catalog photo below:

My down jacket is very similar but I like mine better with the fur trimmed hood. And the reason it took me forever to wear the outfit is because it has to be worn with the jacket, so need a day where we are doing an outdoor activity that will remain cold outside.

You can make any outfit work for a mommy/kid day when you add rugged boots underneath it all. My skirt, necklace are fancy but the down jacket and the boots make it doable at a zoo park.

I loved the necklace in the JCrew but sure was not going to spend over $150 for such item. Found this very similar and pretty one at Charlotte Russe. There was only one. This also looks great over a simple solid winter sweater with cords which is another outfit I have on my list yet to be worn.

Initally I was just going to have the purple tee under but figured it would be too light when I took the coat off. So added this very old grey cardigan which compliments the tights.
Also, notice my low side pony tail. I was brushing my hair and held this way and saw it looked cool so kept it that way. Added a thin gold hair band on top (which you can't see)...

Grey Parka - Guess? (from Burlington Coat Factory)
Grey Cardigan - Mango (from Turkey about 7 years ago)
Purple Tee - Forever 21
Tweed Skirt - part of a custom made suit of my mom's (very Channel inspired)
Ribbed tights - Forever 21
Rugged boots - Steve Madden
Necklace - Charlotte Russe

Today's Activities: Today is a holiday here in the states for some companies my husbands' being one of them. So, we took advantage and went to the Wild Animal Park (now apparently called Zoo Safari Park). This is a sisterpark of the San Diego Zoo. It is 40 miles inland from where we are so we don't go very often. Built as an animal conservatory to increase endangered species numbers in the wild by populating them in captivity and trainning to be released back to the wild. Very cool.  Lots of hills and walking and the animal have very huge enclosures so it is hard to see them but you feel so much better for the animals. As most parks in SD they have kid play areas which is great to burn energy.
Unfortunately my daughter fell a sleep in the car and for the first time did not transition to bed so took a very short nap. My son napped in the car. We did grocery shopping afterwards and had my dad, brother, sister-in-law and her mother over for dinner.