Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fairies and Knights

This is what I wore today! The inspiration came from the following photo in the March Issue of the Lucky Magazine: 

What I like about this outfit is its uniqueness. It is not exactly a flattering outfit and not that comfy either I might add, so why do I wear it? Cause I absolutely love wearing different outfits that are totally out of 'comfort zone'.  

This blouse is a very old one that has been collecting dust in my closet. It is nice to wear it again. It is pale bluish color with cream diagnoal mini pleated stripes. 

One of the cool aspects of the outfit is adding pearls to a very masculine combo. I wish the pearls were more visible in the full body shots but the lighting did not work out that way... 

My cargo pants are not really high waist but they are loose enough on me that I just pulled up the waist a bit and cynched the belt on top to give a similar look. Didn't really go too high as I despise how high waist looks on me. 

And of course my oxfords. Which I really really love. The wingtip style is just perfect! I ordered and returned 2 other pairs before these (all with free shipping and returns of course) but it was worth the wait.  

Today was totally chilly and the sun never really came out. So I actually had to layer a jacket on top of this outfit to keep warm. I first tried on a blazer and that looked silly for some reason. This motoercycle cut jacket with glittering beads on it was perfect. 

Jacket - Forever 21
Blouse - Bebe
Cargo Pants - J Crew
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Pearls - Family Heirlooms, husband's gift
Oxfords - Bass
Fedora Hat - Mom bought it in France.

Today's Activities: It was my turn to take my son this morning while my husband took my daughter to her gym class. We both ran errands. He did a home depot run while I did grocery shopping. I also took my son to see the movie Rio. We both truly enjoy the one on one time we spend with them Saturday mornings. After naps we rushed out of the house to go to our friend's kids' b-day party. They were celebrating their son's 4th and daughter's 2nd b-day.  The party favors were amazing and the huge jumpy was a big hit. Kids never stopped running and had a blast.
Yet still managed to continue playing on their new play area with daddy after we came home. Did light snacks and a movie before they went to bed.
We just finished watching Inglourious Basterds which was a pretty good movie!

All the girls were asked to dress in tutus... And Juliet is as happy as can be in her pink and black one 

They were given these pretty butterfly wings, the head pieces and wands as party favors! 

The boys were given customized capes, masks and the swords! 

Here are some of the girls, the b-day girl is on the most right 

The Boys! The b-day boy is in the middle 

And here is our pool all filled finally! 

And the grass play area where my husband can still manage to shoot hoops 

I will do a big backyard post in a few weeks when everything is washed and we are allowed to put our furniture back and I maanage to do a little decorating...

Friday, May 13, 2011

FBFF Post - Outside Influences

Well, what ever is up with blogger but I can't figure out why it rorates my photos this way. They are vertical in my files yet get uploaded horizantal. Well, I have spent enough time to fix it with no success. So just have to turn your screens around!...

Combinning my outfit post with the FBFF post today since due to outage totally behind...

Today's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday hosted by Katy at Modly Chic blog is about
Outside Influnces...
1. What magazines do you subscribe to?
Pretty much all of them: Lucky, People Style Watch, In Style, Elle and Glamour.
Yes, I don't have Vogue cause honestly it is too high end for me. I like to look at realistic fashion.

2. Do you watch any fashion TV shows?
Sadly no.

3. Beyond blogs, what websites do you frequent for fashion inspiration?
Chictopia for sure. I also use 'lookbooks' of variety of retail websites. Favorites are shopbop, ruche, Forever 21, fossil, urban outfitters, J Crew, Anthropologie to name a few...

4. Advertisements play a huge role in forming public opinion about a product or brand… what ads do you like and why?
Piperlime tag lines are very creative and cute.
I also use printed ads for inspiration as well.
I used to be all about brand name clothes. But now I am all about unique looks that suit my tastes and style regardless of their brand names.

5.    Do you own any fashion books?
I don't.

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More sideways photos...
I wore the new tule skirted dress from Yes Style today. See how cool it looks in its dressy version with bare legs and my shiny cute kate spade pink heels.

Added a blue and mother of pearl necklace for a slight pop of color...The Grey sweater is my new summer sweater. It is lightweight and in a color that goes with everything.

Of course I couldn't wear this dress like this to the zoo! So added leggings and sneakers which of course kills the whole look...

Dress - YesStyle
Sweater - Forever 21
Necklace - Thread Show
Sandals - Kate Spade

In the casual version:
Leggings - Forever 21
Sneakers - Rocket Dog

Today's Activities: My dad took the day off from work and came over at 8:45 AM so we can take the kids to the zoo together. He was amazed at how only a 2.5 hour outing felt like an entire day and how with kids you lead such a healthy lifestyle of exercise and snacking on healthy food frequently like the Dr's recommend.
And the best part by the time we came home the contractors had finished installing the synthetic grass in the play area. And it looks amazing. It might be the favorite section of the whole remodel for me.

Here we are walking ahead on the hilly paths of SD Zoo...

Kids walking hand in hand... 

Watching the Pandas with Grandpa... 

My little monkeys...

Mommy's little man!

And here is the grass covered play area. My dad insisted I pose there... 

Feathers and Owls

With Blogger down of course we are all behind posts and reading-up on each other's...
This was my outfit yesterday (Thursday).
It was inspired from the following photo in
In Style May 2011 issue: 

I really love this dress. I call it 'slip dress'. Purchased it more to layer under other dresses for that peeking out effect but it is fully lined and has even pockets so therefore can be worn on its own...

I liked this combo cause it is so wearable for my crazy day with the kids. The shrug is perfect layering and these flat lace up rugged boots are soooo comfy.

It needed something though so layered the feather and owl charm neclaces which are both this tarnished bronze colors which was perfect... And added a simple muted gold resin cuff... 

Tried to take photos in this spot first but it was too shadowy... 

Then posed in front of the poles but each there was one of my kids sitting behind me... 

Finally Alone... 

Slip Dress - Mango
Shrug - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden
Feather Necklace - Thread Show
Owl Charm Necklace - Forever 21
Cuff - Charlotte Russe
Purse - Solaris from Thread Show

Thursday's Activities: Went to the swim class this morning, then the kids against insisted that we go out to eat  gyro's (Doner as they call it in Turkish) for lunch. They love it so much that they sit perfectly at the restaurant and eat it all up. Towards the end of their nap my mom and step dad came over so I could go to my Dad's Dr. Appt. After his appt we had a very nice dinner at PF Changs. We never get to hang out alone and with kids it is hard to carry on a meaningful conversation so it was nice to just be the two of us. Afterwards I went to my parents to pick up the kids.

Here is a photo of the pool after the quartz re-surface was poured and acid washed:

The step trim tiles... 

Here is my daughter on Wednesday ready in her tutu for the tea party: 

At the "Mommy and Me" tea party with her friend Juliana... 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paper Doll Dress Up with Fashion Momma

This outfit was put together by Kimberly from Fashion Momma as part of the
Paper Doll Project by Miss Vinyl Ahoy blog!
To Learn more about the challange please click HERE!

And I had the privilage of styling her in this lovely dress: 
She told me she would like to wear this dress for her last day of work. We sort of did this literally last minute so not much time to go through everything we owned or discuss possibilities. I did see her use this necklace, belt combo in another post and thought it would be great pop up color with this dress.
To see her full post please click HERE!

I gave her the photo of the skirt on the left.
The skirt on the left is from Saks Fifth Avenue. The one on the right is mine from Forever 21. 
Can you see how similar it is with you know a few hundred dollars in price difference of course!

Kimberly chose a white tee (tucked in) with a chambray shirt (open and untucked) on top. She told me use a brown, black or cream woven belt. I figured this tan color one kind of does the job. She also told me to wear my gold flats which I did but for the photos I went with my brown wooden platforms. The skirt is quite long so with heels it is easier to wear. I had to pretty much hold it up when wearing flats.

The skirt comes with a built in attached biker shorts so you don't need to wear anything else. I love how even though it is maxi it looks sexy due to its sheerness and yet very easy to wear even with kids! 

My other denim shirt is at the cleaners so I pulled this old one out of my son's closet. It is thick denim and size medium so quite baggy but works great as a jacket... 

It was fun dressing each other up. Next time I will definitely try to get in touch and work on this a few days in advance and not last minute... 

White Tee - Express (from a Bazaar in Turkey for $1)
Denim Shirt - J Crew
Skirt, Shoes and Platforms - Forever 21

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Today's Activities: Preschool this morning and going to indoor play area for some 'mommy and me' tea party time with my daughter. Trying to call the contractors to get the final stuff done...