Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blue with animal prints

This blouse was a b-day gift from my mother in-law. It is cute and I wanted to wear it while we were visiting them this weekend. Tried to come up with a way to make it less cutesy and more hip. Figured animal print always looks great against blue. Got this belt on Thursday from TJ maxx for $14 and it was perfect with this blouse. Although it is a bit too matchy couldn't resist adding the same animal print heart necklace and my animal print wedge platform heels. Although I have to add I switched to blue/black flip flops when we went to the park.

This is where my husband joked 'what are you doing to that tree?' :)

Blue ruffle front blouse - Macy's
Black Shorts - Forever 21
Stretch and animal print belt - Betsey Johnson (TJ Maxx)
Animal print charm necklace - Betsey Johnson
Animal print wedges - BCBGirls
Watch - Michael Kors

Today's Activities: Drove after dinner to Ventura County (north of LA) to visit my in-laws. Although the kids did great sleeping on the drive up, my daughter woke up shortly after we arrived and would not go back to sleep and cried on and off the rest of the night. It was supposed to be super hot so we left early to feed the ducks at a nearby pond at a beautiful park. It had a creek that went next to two playgrounds. Kids did not seem to mind the heat and loved playing and feeding the ducks (see photo below). When we got home to cool off we had them swim in the not so heated jacuzzi tub. After a hearty lunch and nap we left again this time to another park to watch a live performance of Peter Pan performed by a gypsy group. Even my 18 month old sat through the whole thing totally engaged. My mother in law packed a yummy picnic for us to snack on while watching the show. We had the guys take the kids to the park while running some last minute errands than had a nice dinner at home. Before bed time Grandpa took out all his musical instruments and had a family jam session which the kids loved.

Here I am with my daughter feeding ducks at the creek.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Was not really dressing up blog worthy today but figured even the basics can be made a bit more interesting. This is just your basic white tee with a jean outfit. I realize the cut of these jeans are not really in style but they are so comfy. For a basic white tee I picked one with a little bit of sequins on the neckline for some interest. Since comfort was my goal I went with street sneakers but decided to go dressy with an updo hairdo and fringe rhinestone earings. I am never quite comfortable with my hair up. I feel I don't have the right features to pull it off most of the time. Was being brave today. I do like this double headband and it stays put most of the time.

White tee- Express (bought in Turkey at a bazaar for $1.50)
Jeans - Citizens (of Humanity)
Belt - Target
Headband - Target
Sneakers - Rocket Dog
Clip - from Turkey
Earings - Forever 21
Watch - Bulova

Activities: This was my outfit yesterday.  Wore something cute today too but never had time for photos nor will I have time to post anyway. Yesterday was jam packed with swim class and shopping in the morning followed by music class and costco shopping in the aftenroon. Then had my sister over for dinner and did a super quick trip to Nordstrom rack literally 20 minutes before they closed since I couldn't leave until at least one kid was in bed. Thank goodness for great return policy just bought stuff I am contemplating with the idea that I can just return them if I changed my mind. I now have decided I would like to switch to a normal (a super cool and stylish) tote bag instead of a diaper bag. So, searching for that ultimate bag. I have my eye on this animal print Michael Kors one but too pricey. Did find a tad smaller one online for a good deal but not sure if I can fit everything. Did buy a cool bag at the Rack from Marciano by Guess (sp?). It is purple, burgandy and lavendar leather with silver chain details. I am going to search a bit longer before using it in case I find something cuter. I also might change my coach wallet bag. This thing is attached to me at all times. The electric blue patent leather was cool but thinking of finding something more fall/winter, may be will go animal print in that. Need to hit the actual Coach store to see what new styles are out there. They seem to make the best wallet/purses.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ruffles in Sunshine

This was one of the few left combo's on my list. I did miss this skirt as I didn't take it on my trip to Turkey. Although it is mini it is very comfy and love the pockets. This ruffled top is actually meant to be worn untucked as it has an elsatic band that sits on the waist. But it looks a little bulky and I liked it better this way.  You can see it with and without the shrug jacket. You will also notice in the photos without the jacket I am missing by belt as I lost it in the playground for a while then my friend found it.
Did a ponytail style hair today for the first time. Amazing how easier my hair is to style the less I wash it.
Photos are taken at the beautiful Balboa Park of San Diego...

Ruffle front sleveless top - Forever 21
Burgandy shrug - Alloy Catalog
Denim a-line mini skirt - Charlotte Russe
Belt - thrifted from Turkey
ankle cuff sandals - Victoria's Secret
Gold hoops - from Turkey
Watch - Michael Kors

Today's Activities: Had another crazy morning. Did a speed grocery shopping first, then went to the car shop to get my stupid car's 'service engine soon' light diagnosed, then finally head out to the park to meet my friend at 10 AM. Love that we walked all the way from the car to the playground only to have my son say he has to go 'potty' so rush back to the bathrooms which are right by the parking lot of course with diaper bag and daughter in tow. Talk about getting your morning exercise. Kids loved the big playground. We then drove to the other part of the park to watch a puppet show followed by a picnic lunch on the lawn. (see below)...
After naps, did a little swimming in our pool than got ready for another dinner party at our house. Thank goodness my mom came over so she entertained the kids for a bit as I got the food and table ready.
After a nice steak dinner, put the kids down and watched another couple episodes of True blood with my friend.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Red Pirate

I wore this same outfit couple weeks ago the day I had horrible news and never did a photo shoot. Decided to wear it again so I can blog and it was going to be perfect for the firehouse museum with the red touches but we ended up going somewhere else. This tee is tissue thin and I love the sides are longer than the front and the back. It would have looked fine over a pair of jean shorts but I thought it really pops out over white shorts instead. Instead of jewelry I decided to go with this real cute hair elastic and do a side braid so it would show. I know my best friend gave these to me but can't remember if it was from hong kong or japan or from a goodie bag she got in one of those 'sassy chic' events. Anyway, they are very cute. To finish the outfit off going with the plastic red beach shoes I got from a Bazaar in Turkey.

Blue tee - Charlotte Rousse
White shorts - Target
Red plastic ballet flats - from Turkey
White watch - Michael Kors
Evil eye bracelet on a red string bracelet - from Turkey

Today's Activities: So, found out last minute the firehouse museum was closed so decided to meet the playgroup at the zoo instead. These shoes were totally wrong for the zoo but too late. I survived. Funny how when you go with 4 pre-schoolers, 2 toddlers and 2 babies between only 4 mom's you don't get to walk that far or fast anyway. Kids took a super long nap which helped me get ready for both dinner and dessert I was cooking for the afternoon guests. Had friends come over early afternoon for a swimplaydate just as the kids were waking up. It was warm enough for a nice swim. My brother joined us which was very helpful with the kids so I could host the guests. After they left and I cleaned up, it was time for dinner. My dad came over for a nice dinner at home.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Blue, blue, blue and then black...

So, you have read below how I actually got ready and dressed in this outfit as it was a record. But the combo itself was on my list. Not sure what inspired me for it. Possibly the desire to wear these heels that I very seldom get to wear them. They are 2 yrs old and of course due to limited wear look like new. I do like the combination of 3 tones of navy/dark blues with the black pants. I forgot I actually had a 4th blue tone there with my purse but never held it for the photo shoot!

Rushed out of the house in such a crazy fashion that I actually took these photos with my mini tripod in the parking lot of the restaurant I was meeting my friends at! Got a few very strange looks from people to say the least!

Dark navy sweater top - Target
Electric blue tank top - Arden B
Black plazzo pants - Bebe
Navy patent peep toe platform heels - Steven by Steve Madden
Long gold necklce with blue stones - Arden B
blue bead necklace with gold coin charm - from Turkey
gold watch - D&G
gold and turquoise ring - handmade by my aunt in Turkey
sunglasses - Channel

Today's Activities: Had to get up super early to make it to my 7 AM Dr/infusion appt. Of course this had to be the night my son woke up 3 times for potty or wanting to be tucked in only to end with him coming to our bed 10 minutes before my alarm went off to sleep with us. I left this craziness to my husband who would feed and dress the kids and drop them off at my mom's for me to pick up after my appt. Had lunch and grandma's and brought home two very happy and tired kids for naps. Figured I had left over sides for dinner and that I would just buy a ready rotissari chicken for dinner in the afternoon. never happenned. Went to a beach playdate with the kids. Since the water is always cold on this side of the country figured they would just play in the sand and get their feet wet. But my kids managed to get sooo dirty that it took me super long time to just rinse out the sticky black sand that has to be scrubbed off from their waterproof sunblocked skins. By the time I should have been leaving my house to meet the girls for dinner I was heading home where all 3 of us were still wet and sandy. Made an executive decision to have a family shower in mommy and daddy's tiny shower. Kids love it of course and it worked. Got everyone showered in under 10 minutes. Luckily my husband walked in just as I was finishing dressing up my daughter and took over. Got ready and sneaked out before kids can re-attach themselves. Nothing like the best girl chat over happy hour martinis to get over a busy and long day.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Casual Military

Thanks to the belt loops I had sewn in Turkey these pants are now very comfy and they always make me feel great. They could be super sexy with heels and a different pairing but I wanted to go casual today. I have always loved burnt orange with military green. Adding this cream hoodie really brought it all together. The orange and brown scroll design on the hoodie ties it all up. I was going to go with my ankle cuff sandals but the cameo flats looked better I thought. Even though it is not really visible I put on the green and orange string evil eye bracelet which matched this whole outfit so nicely.

Orange Tee - Target
Cream Hoodie - Delia's Catalog
Green military pants - Bebe
Cameo Flats - Rocket Dog
Belt - Bebe
Bracelet - from Turkey
Watch - Michael Kors

Today's Activities: Since we had no set plans this morning took my time getting stuff done around the house before taking the kids to my mom's. They had fun playing there and had lunch before coming home for naps. Afterwards we went over to  our friend's house where 6 adults and 6 kids had a great time swimming and having a pizza dinner. Bringing 3 3 yr old boys and 3 1 yr olds just proves you are never short of entertainment.