Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Fun House

Today's outfit for my friend's kid's 1st b-day was inspired by Fashion Diva Design blog:

Sweater - H&M
Leggings and black Top - Kika Paprika
Boots - Shoedazzle
Scarf - From Turkey

After my husband took my son to his baseball game he came and took him to a drop off playdate at a classmate's house. And then he took my daughter for a father daughter day… Which left me home alone and I worked literally 3.5 hours non stop cleaning out our garage!
It was a task I had put off for months and months now and after my dad passed away it just got worse and knowing it would require a huge chunk of time which I never had I didn't want to start. A huge part of was the kika clothes and the business paperwork I had in there. Another big part was my daughter's 'art stuff' that she managed to get everywhere. I get such a high though from organizing and cleaning. It is exhausting but feels amazing for me. I know I am sick! :)

Once I was done showered and got dressed and had the kids change to clean clothes and went to my friend's house for her third son's 1st birthday party. She stayed up until almost 4 am and the house totally showed it. It was an amazing set-up not a detail missed. A total carnival like set-up the kids and adults all loved it.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Baby one more time

Today's combo was inspired by a look at the Threadsence site:

I love how this came together. This super light denim works great with the brighter tones of the plaid shirt. Totally cool graphic tee and of course the statement flats make the outfit… I added the eagle necklace...

Shirt, Shoes - Zara
Tee - H&M
Light Denim - Victoria's Secret
Necklace - Forever 21
Belt - Ralph Lauren

We had snack duty again today. I feel like we just did snack a few weeks ago. Took tortilla chips and salsa and sugar snap peas and baby carrots. Put the salsa in little cups so each kid had their own. It was quite a hit.
And of course my daughter loves being teacher's helper all day long…

 After school we hit a couple stores just looking for last minute needs for our upcoming vacations. 
Picked up my son and came home. While he played ball outside we finished her lego 'friends' house finally...

Then my stepdad came to take my son to his baseball practice.  And I go to do a 1.5 hour yoga tape. The stretching portion of it felt so good to my sore body. I wasn't on the juice cleanse today but still did pretty good eating less and healthy while drinking liters of water.
My husband came right as the long yoga workout was finishing and agreed to go out to dinner since I hadn't cooked. My parents joined us and it was a nice night. But the kids were super tired at the end and it was a pain showering and getting them to bed.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pure Elements

 Wednesday's outfit as I promised another casual outfit. Also going with this white denim or light wash combo's this week too. 
Inspiration from 'Who What Wear' site:

Simple silver accessories today...

Drinking my morning Juice. This one was my favorite flavor the bitterness of chili combined with the sweet fruits just make it sooooo yummy….

Fedora, necklace - Target
Eyelet Blouse - Lucky
Destroyed Jeans - Forever 21
Oxfors - Bass

Went to class then a very quick costcto shoppting as we have snack day coming up Friday. Then rushed to my son's school to pick him and back to home to unload all the groceries and do homework. 
Then my stepdad came to hang out and take my son to swimming. That gave me an extra hour so I fit in a 'Kenpo' work out which is P90X's kickboxing tape. Then shower and cooked dinner and my cousin stopped by to see us and the kids. Needless to say I am sooooo sore. My juice and mini meal plan is going great though. I love the juices and how they make me feel. 

Here are some cute photos from yesterday and today (Thursday):

Girls brading each other's hair during circle time (something they shouldn't be doing):

And boys playing football today at the park with the help of one of the dad's…
Taken with the phone camera so not that great...