Friday, November 12, 2010

Bronze on Black

This whole outfit was created so I can wear black tights with my very old bronze wedges. The inspiration came from the anthropologie catalog photo below:
I really liked this look. I realize as my sister pointed out my bronze wedges are not really the same style but I think it still works. I hadn't worn these guys forever so it is great to re-use them again:

This fuschia top is also very old. I wore this even during early to mid pregnancy as it has a babydoll style cut. Now tucked in, it still works. Since it has this beaded neckline I couldn't wear any necklace though.

I belted the jacket when it got chilly:

This old bronze purse of mine was a great match to this outfit:

Here are the cuffs:

Everything I wore today is pretty old...
Grey Pencil Skirt - Forever 21
Animal Print jacket - Forever 21
Fuschia top - Alloy's or Delia's can't remember
Black tights - TJ Maxx
Bronze Wedges - Guess
Bronze purse - Hype
Cuffs - Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe

Today's Activities: Leasurely day today with  no real plans. Spent most of the morning at home playing with the kids. Suggested we go to the park but they said they wanted lunch instead. So we went to a pizza place as their first customer I am sure at 11 AM for lunch. They loved sitting at a big table just us and chatting and eating. Sometimes they are amazing in a restaurant and sometimes horrifying. You never know. Afterwards we got the stroller out and walked to a nearby home store for some gift searching for my dad from the kids. Of course ended up buying some gifts and clothes for the kids as well. When we got back home it was only noon. So had them play a bit more before naps. They both napped and so did I for a little bit at least. We then invited Grandma (my mom) over for a mini tea party. I had baked banana nut bread and made herbal tea for the kids (black for me). We then got ready and left with my husband to meet the family to celebrate my dad's birthday over dinner and games at Dave and Buster's.

Here is my daughter posing just like me when I was doing my photo shoot:

Here we are with my dad at the restaurant (my brother, sister-in-law and son were playing video games when we took the photo) Check out how much I look like my dad and my daughter looks like hers:

The 'It" list


Happy Friday everyone... this list is jam packed with great inspiration! Make sure to check out these blogs today...

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The cape comeback

I created this outfit just so I can wear my very very old cape/pancho (not sure what you would call it) again. This item is so old that it was retired to my daughter's closet hoping it would be in style and worn again.

These linen pants are almost bootcut so to fold them into this length and not have them look odd I had to fold on the sides as well us the cuffs. I did this cause I really wanted the mustard tights to show for that pop of interest to the outfit. Although it does a look a bit like 'witch' feet doesn't it? I am not sure... The fact that both my daughter and another toddler in music class tried to grab my legs like they were a toy was also not a good sign.

Here is what I wore underneath. The temp is so odd now. It starts off super cold in the mornings than warms up by 15-20 degrees. So, layers is not a fashion statement it is a necessity. On my outfit list I just had the pancho and the pants so had to come up with the layering top on the fly. This is a debut of this sheer top I got last month. Normally I wouldn't have bought such a top but now I looked at it as a great layering piece.

I see beads might be in upcoming season from the peek of spring looks that are starting to appear in new issues of the fashion magazines. Which is great cause I have many unique ones from Turkey that will look great stacked up. Here I stacked the set of 3 my friend made for me with the double evil eye one I had acquired in Turkey a while back.  The ring is also from Turkey and a hand me down from my Grandmother. I absolutely love big raised rings.

Pancho - Max Studio (old)
Sheer Blouse - H&M (new)
Green Tank top - Eddie Bauer (old) 
Green Linen pants - H&M (old)
Mustard tights - Charlotte Russe (new)
Black Booties - Steve Madden (old)
Bracelets, necklace and Ring - hand made and vintage

Today's Activities: It was nice to have a leisurely morning since our swim class is not until 10:30 AM. After swim class we took the kids to McDonalds with a play structure with my friend again. In the aftenroon we went to their music class. After dinner at home I went out with my girlfriend for a glass of wine and saw the movie 'Due Date'. It was hilarious.

Here is my son posing with his arms open like me...

And here is my daughter posing like me by leanning on the wall (garage door in this case)...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wild Purple

Another outfit I love today. Below was my inspiration:

You are probably thinking what is this got to do with her outfit? But, as I had explained sometimes it is not the whole outfit that inspires but certain little things. This time it was the idea of silver/black print with purple. And since I had already owned leggings with a print in those colors and a purple sweater it was instant attraction. Cause I am all about coming up with new ideas to wear my existing clothes.

Doesn't it just scream like a blog worthy combo? I think so. I now love wearing outfits that stand out. That immediately makes people wonder either 'what was she thinking?" (hey, taste is subjective) or 'wonder how she came up with it?'...  

I got these leggings early in the seaons. Something about them attracted me. I realize they are the perfect going dancing/clubbing leggings with high blatforms and a silky cami type top but given the fact that my nights are NOT spent in clubs I had to come up with casual ways to wear them.

Came the purple sweater. This is very thin but still wool so I wore a purple tee (you can't even tell) in case it gets super hot and I need to shed layers. 

As I was leaving the house at 7:20 AM this morning to go to my dentist appt, I stood in front of my husband for comments. He looked at me up and down and said three sentences:
1. I see.
2. you have xmas ornaments on your jacket (he means shawl)
3. Perfect outfit for a root canal
to #3 I had to laugh. :)

I found one other color beside black that looks OK on me when it comes to this style hat. I could have worn my black one but felt this looked softer.

Here is a closeup: 

This necklace adds just the right touch of bling. I also had a necklace like the model's in the inspiration photo but her outfit is dressy so wanted to keep it lighter for day time. 

Added couple cuffs and my big onyx ring as accessories: 

As you can see in all the other photos the boots NEVER stay up over the knee like this. It is super annoying: 

Since it was 40 degrees this morning (later warms up to high 60s, got to love San Diego) I added this shawl. This is the debut of the shawl I thrifted last month from my mom's favorite thift store right by her house. It was $10. It is very soft and check out the ombre coloring. And the pompoms are super cute.

I am twirling:

Animal print silver/grey leggings - Closet
Purple sweater - Gap
Purple Shawl - thrifted
Suede boots - Steve Madden
Cuffs & Neklace & Hat - Forever 21
Onyx ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: What a morning. Spent 3 hours at the dentist office getting a root canal. My jaw is still sore from keeping it wide open for 3 hours straight. This is my 2nd root canal. I hate them.
Came home as Mom said the kids can nap at her house and paid the bills and cleaned up. Went to my mom's to pick them up in the afternoon. Went to the indoor play place we go to for a 'Tea Party' event. They were though to hold their cups properly and eat politely etc... After dinner and got them ready for bed and put my daughter down, I left my son with my husband went to meet my girlfriend for some asian milk tea and chatted for couple hours.

Here are the kids at the tea party:

Holding their tea cups properly:

Eating their cookies one bite at a time: 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Peach Fuzz

I am loving today's outfit. It is allowing me to re-use this dress that I bought with great hopes of it being something I always wear to hardly been worn and my new faux fur vest.

When I started my search for a faux fur vest I told my mom, as I always do since she shops more than I do and has the same talent of finding the best pieces in the midst of chaotic discount stores. She found this at Kohl's or Marshalls I can't remember. But it was a great find at $40. The fur is luxurious to the touch and not cheap feeling. I could belt it if I wanted but also wear it open like this. Some of the ones I had seen attached belts and I didn't want to be forced to that look each time.

And here is the dress. It is peach colored and made from a very thin soft cotton. It has an attached tank piece underneath with gold sequins on the neck. Ties on the hip for a blousan effect. It is just that I never could figure out how to style it. I think it became a great layering piece to the dark brown vest. The cognac slouch boots compliments the warm weather look of the vest.

I added the multi stranded front strecth belt at the lower waist line since the dress needed something. This belt came with a summer skirt I bought and it was a bit too loose to scynch it at my waist. My mom shortened it and now I will get to use it so much more.

My super old leather slouch boots. With no side zippers they are a bit pain to take off which is not good with kids but they were a pre-kids purchase and I do love the way they look. And their thick moderately low heels does make them wearable even when I am with the kids.

Here is the gold bib necklace I bought last season. It is fabric in the back and very soft and comfy to wear regardless of its looks. it always instantly dresses up anything I wear.

Peach Dress - Blue fly purchase from a long time ago
Faux Fur Vest - Kenar
Belt - came with a skirt from Turkey
Boots - Via Spiga
Accessories - Michael Kors watch, guess charm bracelet (added later on in the day), two stone gold rings from Turkey

Today's Activities: Took the kids to see the 'Willy Wonko's Choclate Factory' play performed by junior theater group with our outdoor preschool class. I was worried about my daughter sitting through it but she did pretty good. My son who is usually 100%  focused on any live performance was a bit distracted with the seats that kept folding on him since he wasn't heavy enough to weigh them down. They did great though and loved the play. I kept telling my son he could be up there one day when he is a bit older and he loves that idea. The kid was born to perform so I can't wait to have him give it a try when he turns 4 which is the youngest age they can be part of acting programs. Afterwards a mommy friend and I fed them lunch at a cafe next to the theater and then had them run around in an innner courtyard art shop area. They both napped today! Went for a bit of shopping ( for home and kids only, I am not buyiing anything for myself this month), then my mom met me to take the kids. I have a super early root canal appointment tomorrow morning (yuck) so they are going to spend the night there. Of course to make most of this my husband and I are going on a date night as soon as he gets home which is why I am posting early. :)

Here is my daughter in our front yard this morning as I was taking my photos:

Here we are in front of the theater (in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA)

In front of the play sign:

Close up of me and the kids (why does my son did that with his tounge in both photos I do not know)...