Friday, September 6, 2013

First of Last

Today's hot summer outfit was inspired by a very old Anthropologie catalog:

 I realized though when I belted this dress I constantly had issues. First of all the dress I have on is more a-lined so has a lot of material on the bottom and waist when belted. Second it is not as long as the inspiration photo so when you belt it became shorter. By the afternoon I ditched the belt and it was more comfy and cooler I think...

Dress - BCBG
Belt - Thrifted
Sandals - Luxury Rebel
Earrings - Thread Show
Bracelet - gift from my aunt from Turkey

First day of pre-school for my daughter. Of course this is the co-op style school we go where I have to work as well. But it was nice seeing our friends again and we have plans to conduct a more orderly class so should be nice. When we first got to the outside doors and my daughter ran up to press the handicap button to open the doors I remembered when we first stated these classes I had to lift her to reach that button. Very nostalgic.
After school we came home and I have to admit I focused on creating spreadsheet game cards for this mega game birthday party we are hosting for me tomorrow night.
We have approx 54 people coming! So created this system where we will have 4 stations/4 games and people will receive game cards that will tell them which game to play when. Mixing and mingling people. Should be interesting. I had to create 56 game cards with different game rotations and am now working on writing up game rules etc...
My hubby went costco shopping for snacks and booze and tomorrow we'll manage to gather 50+ chairs and set them up in various parts of the house. I hope we manage to take some cool photos to show you guys...I have no idea what I am wearing yet either...

In the afternoon by the way after picking up my son we went to the mall so he can buy his prize for finishing another 100 lessons in his math workbook and my daughter picked a prize for finishing all her lettters in her workbook. Her choice of store of course was the disney store.
We then stopped at Steve Madden store which is apparently closing for a remodel therefore slashed their prices on current season items to $15 a pair when you buy two pairs! Literally booties that are currently for $129 in the website was selling for $15. I must have texted so many friends to let them know.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Dizzy Spell

 Had a 3 hour meeting last night so never got to post yesterday's outfit which was inspired by the Anthropologie magazine:

I was going to add a white top but even having short sleeves felt too much in this heat so went with this coral top which always gets me compliments instead...

Top - Anthropologie
Pants - Threadsence
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Earrings - Katy Young for Target

Volunteered at my son's school in the morning while my mom took my daughter than had pizza with my son and got out early as he had half day. We went over to mom's to hang out for a little bit than rushed to add my list to the sign-up sheet for my daughter's school from there zipped through town to my son's first tennis class. My dad joined us there. We came home for a whirlwind of starting dinner and doing some homework then had to rush out for the actual sign up seminar for my daughter's school.
Of course after I got home around 9:30 PM I still had to prep snack and lunches for the next day and shower and dry my hair. It was a long day....

Here is Today's Outfit

 Inspired by this:
 So the idea of a long sleeveless tunic over flared pants and structured purse...

Shirt - Anthropologie
Pants - Ralph Lauren
Purse - Shoedazzle
Earrings - Cookie Lee
Bracelet - Stella & Dot
Rings - Forever 21

My daughter started fall session of her Ballet school. It is quite a drive and parking sucks the walk after the far away parking spot is annoying but the perk is she will get to be in the nutcracker ballet if I can make all the commitments and it is at San Diego's historical Balboa Park so the scenery is unbeatable while I wait for her class which does not allow parents to watch....

We even managed the drive cross town back to our library just in time for story time and craft. Picked another large stack of books as we returned last week's books.
Then back to home while I did a job search. Then back to my son's school to pick him up and came back home so they can cool off with a swim and a snack while I cooked dinner. Then drove again to the same spot for my daughter's soccer practice. My dad came with us so I even managed an errand and grocery shopping during the practice then came home to eat the dinner I cooked before I left.
It was a very busy day with a lot of driving. I get dizzy just reading it.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1st Day

 Today's outfit for a very excitement filled day - my son's first day of school starting 1st grade...

The inspiration was from Anthropologie's summer catalog:
 Given how hot the weather is pulled these super summery inspirations so I can still wear blog worthy outfits and not die off heat...

 Tank, Belt - Forever 21
Skirt - From Turkey
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses - Karen Walker
Earrings - Thread Show
Bracelets - Bauble Bar

Oh my goodness what a crazy morning. Even though I did everything I can to get ready the night before and went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 6:30 AM we were still stressed and rushing to get out of the house by 7:30 AM.
We decided we all need to wake up earlier, get ready even more the night before and dress before breakfast as a family to avoid the morning rush.

Today was my son's first day starting 1st grade! Kindergarten at the same school was so removed from the entire school that it really felt like we were starting a brand new school this morning. To top it all my son's name was not on any class list (oversight but they knew which class he belonged to).
My son was very calm and cool though. The teacher seemed nice, young and very modern looking. You know me I pay attention to what she was wearing and it was quite cool: a form fitting black pencil skirt topped with a silky black hi-low tank and black wedges. She had short blond hair in a modern cut.
We heard she doesn't have kids and has a reputation of being impatient but my son is a model student so that is not a worry to me. What I care is she is organized and fair and a good communicator. I was so happy to get a long letter from her this afternoon explaining her teaching style and how she will communicate with us.
After my son's school drop off we went to the park to sign up for my daughter's outdoor class. The heat was unbearable in the sun. And afterwards as I planned we went to the indoor play area so I can dedicate couple hours to my job search then picked up my son and had the kids cool off in the pool....

Monday, September 2, 2013

It's a MOD

 I can't believe how many days have passed without a post. It is because we have a major heat wave which of course in San Diego we are not used to and all I could bare to wear is simple shorts and tank tops that were not really blog worthy. Attempted to dress up today for brunch at my parent's but didn't take the photos until after we ate so the dress is already wrinkled and stained!

The inspiration came from March 2013 issue of People Style Watch:

Dress, Earrings - Thread Show
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Heels - Shoedazzle

Woke up and got ready early to go to my parent's house for a nice family brunch... Yummy food and good company it was a peaceful morning.
When we got home it was already smoldering so had the kids swim in the pool and get out just for lunch and go right back in when daddy came home from his guys' trip.
Afterwards we went to our friends' house for labor day BBQ and then walked down to the beach for bonfire and smores! It was the first time kids were on the beach in the dark and they were in heaven. We had plenty of glow sticks and for some reason only a small packet of connectors and these crazy kids kept asking for 'more connectors' all night long!
Had to take probably 3rd shower of the day when we got home before bedtime....

The coordinating outfits were not planned and totally coincidence!