Saturday, August 2, 2014

Quente Beach Club

My outfit Tuesday afternoon. Inspired by Peter Pilotto lookbook for Target collection:

I can't do that crop top so I did the full top instead….

 Gold and blue accessories….

Top, Skirt - Peter Pilotto for Target
Sneakers - Sam Edelman
Necklaces - Cookie Lee

The bulk of the day was spent at the beach club with majority of the family members…
I finally got a few more pictures of the beach club….  If I ever got the energy and woke up early and walked there in the morning when it is calm and beautiful I would get great photos but I wake up so late due to going to bed no earlier than 2 AM…..

We took this mini surf board to the beach so kids can practice balance….

THis is the grass part of the beach club with big comfy cushions….

Friday, August 1, 2014

Joyous Holiday

 My outfit Monday, 1st day of Bayram (The muslim holiday). Shorts still kept it casual but adding a silky shirt and blocked heels make it dressy enough….

 I mixed this up a bit using the striped top and was going to add a white jacket on top but it was too hot….

Top - Peter Pilotto for Target
Shorts - J Crew
Sandals - Zara
Necklace - Cookie Lee

Had a nice family morning at home. It is a holiday here so everyone is off work and stayed at the summer house. Mornings are a late event that take a while…. Breakfasts lasts a couple hours followed by kids playing with various family members…

My cousin walked up just as I was taking my photos...

The kids decided to have a used toy sale to make extra money…. Of course there weren't any kids walking around so they sold them to family members….

After Breakfast we did the traditional holiday celebration which involves kissing hand and putting the hand on your forehead of those who are older… So you line up from oldest to youngest and the elders of the family sit down. In this case with my grandparents passed away it was my Uncle, My mom and step dad…. Then as you kiss the hands of those older than you take your place on the chairs to have your hand kissed. And you give money to the children as they kiss your hand. We also gave presents…
Kids loved this whole ceremony…
We don't really have photos of the ceremony as I was part of it but here are a few after…

 Men and Women of the family….

Above my uncle in blue, my boy cousin, my stepdad in red. My son and cousin in matching t-shirts and my girl cousin's husband above in a black button down…

Below from left to right: My aunt, my daughter, me, my girl cousin, my mom and my boy cousin's fiance….

My girl cousin and her family….

And then we started visiting family members which is a tradition you do during Bayram (the holiday):
First was my cousin's husband's family then my mom's cousin's house…
They had this gorgeous garden with pomegranate, peach and apple trees and grape and tomato vines…
The kids picked fresh fruit and ate it as snacks then did  a mini dance show for everyone….