Thursday, July 9, 2015

Comic Con 2015

My Comic Con Preview Night Outfit was inspired by this Forever 21 photo:
 I actually had a neon yellow beanie but with my hair and skin color it just looked awful on me. So despite the cliche of being matchy matchy I couldn't resist my Late Grandpa's aqua beret to go with this outfit… At least my Divergent tee from previous year's comic con had a pop of yellow in it….

A collection of my pins from previous year's comic con give aways. Very proud of my Hunger Game collection if I say so myself….

Beret - Vintage
Tee, Pins - from Previous Comic Con give aways
Leggings - Forever 21
Sneakers - Converse
Bracelets, Rings - Cookie Lee, Asos and Forever 21 and from Turkey
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

The first part of the day was quite a bore lugging the kids to two Dr appointments and drug store pick ups and hair cut errands. But after they had their fun babysitter come to hang out with them while I rushed out to meet my friends to take the Comic Con shuttle to downtown…
Every year I forget how the crowds feel especially cause we are so not used to that in San Diego.
Thousands people were flowing in and out of the convention center getting in lines for badges and entry. We get to go in for 'Preview Night' since we volunteered previous years.
Amazingly we were able to get the new Hunger Games pin only after two times of getting into the line. Then went through couple 'experience' booths and even went through a booth that was already open on the outside. And then saw the free preview of the movie 'The Gallows'…
Realized when we stopped that we had been walking or standing for 6+ hours and were absolutely exhausted.
It is hard to explain our attraction to the whole event. We are not into comics but Comic Con is rarely about comics anymore. It is all about the networks and movie production companies and sci fi movies and super hero toy brands and star sightings and mostly people watching.
And the fact that it is in our city and due to volunteering we can be part of it for free.
Furthermore, it is just something we share together (me and my two friends)….

Can't wait to take the kids for the first time this year on Sunday…

Outside Attractions...

Walking back to take the 24 hour shuttle back to our cars way past midnight!….

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Nature's Playground

Today's outfit was inspired by this Nordstrom look:

Floral sweatshirt over light jeans with sneakers...

Under the sweatshirt i wore this grey tee...

Sweatshirt - Phillip Lim for Target
Jeans - Forever 21
Tee - J Crew
Sneakers - New Balance
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

We went to a botanical garden on the coast with our play group. The enterence is free on 1st Tuesday of the month so we took advantage and despite their older age the kids still had a blast playing in the giant tree house for hours on end…
I was too buys enjoying catching up with friends I hardly saw all winter long so didn't take too many photos…