Sunday, January 12, 2014

Make Each Day Count

Saturday's inspiration was from the Who What Wear website that I frequently get inspirations from:

Obviously it is a loose interpretation of this inspiration.  It was too warm to wear my mustard sweater so I went with the yellow one and no gloves.

 Everyone comment on these shoes whenever I wear them. People think they are uncomfortable but they are flats and of course we know that pointy toe is beyond your actual toes so it doesn't effect you at all. They are definitely statement shoes.

Sweater - Victoria's Secret
Blouse - Bebe
Skirt - J Crew
Scarf - kika Paprika
Shoes - Zara
Purse - Thread Show

I don't even know the days… They are all kind of mashed together. Emotions are running wild from one moment to the next. My dad's condition is changing so rapidly it is impossible to cope and adopt but we do somehow. My brother is here and is staying, family members are trying to make arrangements to come. My family is helping with food and the kids. Starting this week i will have to engage friends as I don't know if we'll make it from one day to the next.

Went to the 'Pinkalcious' play with my daughter on Saturday when my dad was still OK:

Today (Sunday) the boys got together at Dad's house to watch the big Charger Game:

Before I left the boys to their game...