Saturday, May 3, 2014

En Route

 This is my outfit for our big Vegas trip. I put it on in advance to make sure it worked and figured should take photos so I can schedule the post while I am gone… The hat might change cause I bought a new hat that has more sun shade coverage but we'll see how that looks in the morning...

Tried it with the black baseball cap that was a give away at Comic Con last year...

White Fedora - Target
Black Cap - from Comic Con
Top - Peter Pilotto for Target
Pants - J Crew
Cardigan  - Kika Paprika
Necklaces - Forever 21
Slip-on's - Sam Edelman

Going to Vegas with our great friends for the weekend. No kids, four couples should be fun and relaxing. The forecast is 96 on Saturday but we'll soak in the pool sipping fruity drinks so we won't care! Look for a great post on Monday!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


 I couldn't get dressed today as I got a spray tan so it was the perfect day to do the 'pink boxing glove' photo shoot. These super cute pink boxing gloves are being passed on from blogger to blogger by Ally from the 'Shybiker' blog… When I saw the challenge I jumped right in. I was officially going to mix them with a fashion outfit but the fact that I have been working out so  much suited to do a real boxing shoot instead.  I think it came out cute...

Of course my son saw the gloves and got very excited...

Gloves - Everlast
The whole workout outfit - Forever 21
Sneakers - Nike
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

My daughter had spent the night at my parents house and my husband took a super early flight to go to San Fran for the day so I was alone with my little man.
Cooked him a Turkish style breakfast and ate together while chatting.  Then we went to his school and I parked and we ran runclub together. He is so precious. All his friends he usually runs with started coming and he said 'Hi' to them but kept running with just me. I know it will change but for now I just want to hold on to this attachment forever.
We ran 14 laps then the bell rang and I came back home to shower and finish packing. Since i had this unexpected child free time I went to Nordstrom Rack  to shop for some stuff for my husband. I was very good and didn't even peek at the female section. It is tough of course figuring out if they will fit right or not so there will be some returns/exchanges for sure.
Then it was to my spray tan appointment. I have never done this hand spray method and it was quite an experience. FIrst of all it is hard work standing in this tense position for such a longtime and holding your arms up and sideways for long periods. I hate this sticky feeling and leaving marks everywhere I touch but she ensured me once I shower tomorrow morning it will all be great. I sure hope so.
After that went to pick up my son. Did the library thing then went to the park but it was too hot and none of his friends were there so we came back home Then took him out for sushi dinner.
He is the only one in our foursome family that eats sushi so it was so fun trying on rolls together and nibbling on seaweed salad.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pop Art

 Today's bright combo was from Feb 2014 catalog of J Crew:

Sunglasses, Tee - Forever 21
Skirt - Peter Pilotto for Target
Jean Jacket - H&M
Sandals - Dolce Vita

It was class photo day at my daughter's preschool so we were both dressed in bright spring colors.
The photos do not do justice to my daughter though. The color is just so amazing on her in real life.

Left the class early so I can drop off my daughter at my mom's house and rush to my nail appointment.
It was a total bliss getting my nails done with no kids. I love getting all pampered and beautified before the big trip. Tomorrow is the fake tan!
I came home to do some house work than picked up my son from his after school playdate.
My mom came so we could take both kids to swim class. I keep forgetting to take my camera but I really need to photograph my little girl in her swimmer's cap and goggles and speedo swim suit. She is just so beyond excited about taking swim classes again.
Then my mom insisted on taking her a day early. It will be nice having the free time but I will miss her. It is always bittersweet when they are gone.

Here are my new french tips and rainbow toes:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You might think

 Mixing patterns from the Peter Pilotto for Target collection… 
Similar to a different inspiration from Target:

Heels would have looked cooler but this was more practical...

Top and Pants - Peter Pilotto for Target
Necklace and Espadrilles - J Crew
Purse - DKNY
Sunglasses - I am not sure where I obtained these from?

So, now I know why bears hibernate all winter long. Lack of food makes you want to sleep and never wake up. I just could not get up this morning. Even after I got out of bed to quickly prepare my son's snack and water and told him to go to the cafeteria for lunch I went back to bed and amazingly fell into the deepest sleep ever. Had turned on an actual Nick Jr channel for my daughter instead of recorded shows so it would never end she stayed quiet downstairs.
I also wanted to keep on sleeping cause we were going to do this blood test at my husband's work and it required fasting and until 11 AM! Sleeping was the lest painful way of killing time.
Met my hubby at his new office and took the test then chugged the morning juice and started sipping the much needed tea (caffeine) while he gave us a tour of the office and introduced us to a few co-workers…
Then bought lunch to my daughter and had her eat it by the fountain pools. We have major santa ana weather. Strong hot steaming winds and mid summer like temps. All of a sudden too.

After we came home I cleaned up and did laundry and drank more juices but the feeling of light headedness was getting stronger. My daughter created a whole art show for her Daddy using our paper plates and bowls….

Don't you love her red toms?

 This is where she creates her art (in the Garage)...

Left for my Dr appointment then went direct to pick up my son.
It was so warm that the kids went swimming in the pool while I tried to start a workout but took it really easy and avoided all jumps and going up and down to avoid passing out.
I even ate a tiny portion of salmon and a few asparagus spears which felt good.
Once the kids were in bed though I started to get scared I might pass out and ate a tiny snack.
Might include mini meals tomorrow cause I can't last… The weird thing is I am not hungary.