Saturday, October 2, 2010

Strutting in a leather mini

This obviously is my night outfit. I have been wanting to try this one as it has been on my list since last spring. First I wore this with my black pencil skirt and it looked nice. But then thought why am I being too conservative? My inspiration photo (which I forgot to photograph) had a mini skirt, so I said why not and put on the leather mini. And my does it feel good to wear a mini skirt. Especially since I won't be bending down or running after kids it was perfect. My mom scored this awesome leather mini from a thrift store and bought it as a gift to me couple years ago. Worn it once. But, now that the leather is in I plan to wear it more often (at least to non kid dressy events). I bought this electric blue jacket when I was pregnant. Now, not sure why I thought this would make a good pregnancy jacket as it is crop but apparently it did. It is size large but still fits OK, so I kept it in my closet instead of transferring it to my pregnany bin. Since the jacket has gold buttons and so does my purse I went with a gold purse and cuffs that have gold in them.

Photos taken at my girlfriend's backyard. The dog in the couple shots is Barcley (her dog).

I always get comments from followers wanting to check out a store I listed an item from. So from now on I am going to indicate whether the item is new or old you guys don't waste your time searching for something  that was bought years ago...

Electric Blue crop Jacket - Closet (old)
Tee - Target (old)
Leather Mini - BCBG (old - thrifted)
Platform peep toe patent leather heels - Steven by Steve Madden (old)
Necklace and Gold cuff - Charlotte Russe (new!)
Blue and gold cuff - from Turkey
Purse - Chloe (took out the padlock as it is too heavy) (old)

Today's Activities: Went out the breakfast with the kids with my mom and step dad and then went to an art stroll in a coastal neighborhood (Del Mar) afterwards. I try to engage the kids in appreciating art by pointing things that will peek their interest in the paintings and mention how the artist made the item or painted it etc... My son got very excited when we found a lion print so we bought it. Had lunch there and returned in time for naps. My in laws arrived for the weekend to help me out while my husband is gone. They entertained the kids after naps while I paid the bills and got ready. Left the kids with them (around 5 PM) and went out with my two girlfriends to a restaurant closing party with free appetizers and discounted drink specials. We had to wait in line for a while but the yummy food was worth it. Excpet one of the girl's is very picky so she didn't eat much. We went to another restaurant so she can have dinner. It was a nice night and I was back by 9 PM!

Here I am with the kids at the art stroll. Wore a combo I wore a few weeks back. My tie print tee has pink polka dots so that fulfilled my pink for the day I thought. Of course you can't see the tee in this photo but trust me I wore it. If all else fails my daughter is bound to have some pink on her on any given day anyway! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Blogging for Breast Cancer a wear ness

I absolutely love this skirt. Of course I would since it is made out of tulle. I have a few combo's on my list with it. Wasn't exactly sure about today's combo. Really wanted to wear this with grey leggings but the ones I had looked too dark with the silver hoodie. Wore it as is. Just feel like something is missing. Not sure.

Tulle Skirt - Forever 21
Black Tee - Target
Silver hoodie - Bebe sport
Boots - Steve Madden I think, they are super old
Necklace - H&M
Ring - gift from Mom


Oh, that is right. I am supporting the breast cancer awareness month by a challange a fellow blogger has started. Must wear something pink everyday or every post we should say. Today it is my ring. Check out the full challange details on A Working Moms Closet

Today: Exhausting day of grocery shopping, playtime and lunch at indoor play place (Kid Ventures). Attempts to rest while kids napped. Checked out the American Appearel store in my neighborhood. Never had been in one. Some really cool pieces combined with very 80's items that are somewhat scary at prices I am not willing shell out. May be their online sales are better, not sure. Went over to my friend's house for dinner.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boots and Shorts and a small Lion

Today again was going to be a non-post day as the forecast was still warm and I am really not inspired to put together any warm day outfits at this point. Wore a beach dress to the kids swim class only to face thunder storms and rain on the way back. So, changed into this outfit for the afternoon. This is a tough combo because it is summery due to shorts (with no tights) but has boots and a LS shirt so requires a special kind of weather and today's was perfect. I got inspired by my sister who wore a similar get-up the other day. Basically the concept of plaid shirt over Jeans with a fancy necklace was what appealed to me. She wore flats but I though it would be perfect with these slouchy boots (she said something to the effect of shorts and boots cut off her legs which I don't think they do). These boots are at least 5 years old but still look great. I guess it helps to have way too  many pairs of boots. This plaid shirt has hints of the same camel color of the boots so they go really nice together. Wanted to keep the look basic so went with a ribbed white tank. Too bad I didn't change my bra as the black really shows through! :( This chain bib necklace is my new favorite necklace. From Forever 21 of course. I have been meanning to go back and get the faded gold color as well if they still have it of course.

After only 3 shots it started rainning again so the rest of the photos are under a canopy which does not provide enough light!

Plaid shirt - Forever 21 (heritage collection)
Ribbed white tank - Target
Cut off shorts - TJ Maxx
Bib necklace - Forever 21
Slouchy leather camel colored boots - Charles David

Today's Activities: Swim class in the morning, followed by lunch at home with a friend. During nap I cooked again but have been trying to squeeze at least one luxury activity such as a short nap, reading a book or blogging. Today I read a little and started on the blog. Worked on my son's preschool art project for a little while before heading to music class. After the class my other 2 friends and I 'tried' to stop by starbucks. 3 Mom's and 6 kids in a tiny starbucks is a sight to see. Comical really. There was a poor little pregnant woman sitting there chatting with her friend and eyeing us with true fear. We tried to tell her to not be scared, but who are we kidding? She could surely see this is probably one of the last times she is 'sitting' (all 3 of us were standing the whole time) and drinking a hot beverage (we wouldn't dare) and chatting with a friend quietly (we never complete our sentences). After making a general apology to the patrons of the coffee shop we headed out. Worked more on the art project before dinner. My daughter had an awfully tough evening demanding she is held the entire time, not allowing me to clean up. Spoke to Hubby/Daddy via skype for a while and finally finished the stupid art project (see photos below).

 My son is obsessed with Lions (all started with Lion King) so naturally when we were given a cut out gingerbread man shaped cut out and asked what he would like to make he said 'a lion'. This was supposed to be a family project which translates mom's do all the work and the kids help (such as getting glue everywhere). I am not an artistic person so hopefully this at least resembles a Lion. He thought so anyway. He is especially fascinated by the whiskers.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shere Khan

I wasn't going to post today and was just going to wear a previously worn outfit. I always wear an orange tee or teal tee with orange scarf with these pants. But as I was searching for my orange tee, I saw this tiger tee I got in Turkey on a street for 5TL which is like $3.50 and have never worn it. Then started adding some more black like shoes and scarf to go with the black tiger print. The utility jacket was a good match over these pants. Felt it was blog worthy at this point. The title comes from one of my son's favorite movies 'The Jungle book'. It is the name of the tiger if you are not familiar with the movie(s). My son loves it when I wear animal or disney character print clothing.
These pants have tapered cuffs that are suppose to be tight around your calves. But my legs are too skinny so I had to fold them once to creat that tight look.
You see how I am supporting the summer's curly hair still. I boought this leave in night time hair treatment and it actually helps with frizz that builds up during the day from humdity. So, when I wake up in the morning it is non frizzy which is great. It is L'Oreal's.

Camo Pants - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Tiger Tee - From Turkey
Utility shirt/jacket - Gap
Black shiffon scarf with fringes - from Turkey gift from my cousin
Black strappy ankle cuff sandals - Boutique 9 (
Black watch and ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: I am missing my hubby more and more everyday. We are supposed to start talking via skype tomorrow so that should be good. Got the kids and myself ready and headed to the preschool class. Pack leftover for lunch now and heat and feed them at the picnic tables outside right after class so they are ready for nap as soon as we get home. Has been working pretty good. Planning on a playdate at a friend's house in the afternoon. Will be doing some water activities for the kids since it is still warm here. Will be meeting parents and my mom's cousin for dinner then meeting my friend at home for some more True Blood episode catch-up.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A little pink bow

Making the most of this flash of warm/summer weather we have going on here and wearing the few left over combo's from my spring/summer list. I was inspired for this look from a website (golden pony) I think. Where they showed a simple black dress with a hot pink belt. My friend has given me this cute bow belt from her closet and I thought it would be the perfect touch over this black dress. My shoes (sorry forgot to do a close up shot) has hot pink stiches on the side as well which goes so nicely. I added peacock feather earings (which you can't see for some reason) and a set of pink bangles as accessories. I also had this cute pink and white clutch that I took out and was going to pose and use that night than forgot all about it. The reason: found it in our hamper that night as i was undressing. This is what you get when you get ready with two little kids playing chase and hide and seek with your stuff.

Black Dress - Ralph Lauren
Bow Belt - vintage from a friend
bangles - from Turkey (gift from Mom)
Earings - Forever 21
Shoes - Boutique 9 (TJ Maxx)

Monday's Activities: Went to the mommy and me preschool class with the kids. It was a bit tougher getting ready without my husband to help out but I managed. It was super hot, upto 100s! Kids still had fun of course. After naps, we took out the water table and put swim suits on to play and then to swim in our pool. Making most of the hot weather. Later in the afternoon had a friend come over for a playdate. Then left for mom's with the kids bags packed. Fed them the dinner I cooked during nap time over there and left them in charge with my step dad and snuck out. Had a nice dinner with my best friend than came to my house to catch up on a few more episodes of True Blood. It was weird staying at the house by myself (no husband, no kids)! I lef the kids at my mom's cause left super early the next morning to drive up to LA for my Dad's dr appt.

See day outfit below:

Flower crochet shrug (which everyone asked if knitted myself) - Newport News
Jean shorts - TJ Maxx
White tee - made for Twilight/New Moon movie on clearence for $5 at Nordstrom Rack!
Plastic ballet flats - from Turkey
Head band - Target
Evit eye necklace and Yellow Watch - From Turkey

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunshine Award

Thank you to Kimberellie of Kimberelli Miss Furnellie who has given me this award a few days ago.
I always admire her exteremly creative and very budget friendly looks but my utmost favorite is her writing. She has great talent and I will be the first one to purchase her book when she is published.

Her one requirement was that I answer the following question:
"What's your favourite pair of underwear, and why?"

I am g-string/thong kind of girl. I am so used to them at this point that if I wear anything different I keep tugging at it. I love how they are barely there and absolutely no lines.

Now to pass on the love... She has given this award to a few people I would also consider (Natasha at required2beinspired,  Jacinta at MODELmumma and Sophiasa) so I will skip them...I have also given this award in the past to a few other of my favotire blogs (E from District of Chic, Diya from In her Stilettos and Lida from Fashionista Talk) so I will skip them as well.

Here are the other people I would like to pass on this award to that I have not awarded before:
Collette from Statements in Fashion because her outfits are amazing and she has great sense of humor
Bee from Atlantic-Pacific because I truly love her style
Christa from enSTYLEpedia because she has truly useful tips and hints with a humorous delivery.

I don't really have any requirements...

Ah yes, putting links in really sucks, a lot of work...