Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red Hannah

Very late post today and not a true outfit photo shoot. Also wore the same outfit I wore on the day they did our mother's day newspaper article photo shoot. But what makes it unique is the event I went late at night. All the single women were wearing these red veils, I grabbed one to take a photo. So not much of an outfit post but let me explain the activities...

Today's Activities: My mom dropped me off with the kids at my friend's house before going to the summer house to supervise construction work. This was my best friend from high school. She has an 8 year old son and her house was perfect to spend the rainy day with the kids. Her son was a sweetheart entertainning both kids and sharing all his toys. I even managed to get them to nap there. After they woke up we visited to indoor play areas (all walking distance to their house) to check them out for potential venues for my son's 3 year b-day party. Once we returned home in the pouring rain and fed and put the kids to bed I was ready to go to a 'Hannah Night'! Old fashioned tradition here is before the wedding all the women get together and get hannah on their hands and have fun. In the modern tradition it is more like a bacheloratte party than anything else. This was for my aunt's friend's daughter. We went when it was half way over already but still managed to see some of the party. I got a hannah ink tattoo on my hand. See photos below...

With my mom...

my hannah tattoo...

Traditional musicians playing belly dancing music...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nautical Knot

This is a combo put together here with some of the items I have purchased recently. Actually the whole outfit was put together so I can use this belt. Found the belt at a Mango outlet. Loved the colors and the knot middle. It barely fits. Thought these pants would be perfect to pick up that one strap of light blue in the belt. Jeans would have worked as well (might do another combo later with jeans). I do love the tulle front of this shirt but wish I could wear it without a tank underneath cause it adds unnecessary bulk. My new red shoes of course make any outfit just pop. Also notice I got my hair done a bit curly today. The hair dresser called this sea waves (su dalgasi). It looks better and better as the day goes on and the curls loosen.

White shirt with tulle front - Koton (store in Turkey)
Lace trim tank underneath - Closet
Red, navy, blue and white knot belt - Mango
Blue Slacks - Ann Taylor
Red comfy soled heels - Cengiz (store in Turkey)

Today's Activities: Got my hair dried then played with the kids on Kordon (bayside) with my mom. Got my son a new ball. There were lots of volunteer young teenagers to play with him. Below is my daughter in pigtails. I love that her hair is getting long enough. While the kids were napping and my aunt was at the house my mom and I went downstairs to a restaurant nearby to have lunch with a few of her friends. The kids took nice long naps. When they woke up it started pouring outside so we were homebound. After hosting some more visitors at home we ran to a taxi and went to an indoor mall. Had the kids play in an indoor play area (play barn) and had dinner at uncle's restaurant.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chic on pebbles

Today's combo consists of items I have already worn but not together like this. I wore this shirt already with blue pants and a coral belt. The jacket was worn with a red tank top underneath and the scarf was worn with a denim dress. And of course the jeans and shoes have been worn many times. I got the idea of this combo when I saw a photo of a graphic tee under a striped blazer jacket and a colorful scarf. The jacket really does not serve any purpose other than its looks. It doesn't really add any warmth so it is purely decorative. I did always take off the scarf and the jacket when I was inside the house today as it was too warm to do choose with them on. But they were OK outside.

You can see my kids chose the oddest places in the city to play. Today, they liked this tiny stone path in front of a store. My son made his leopard jump from pole to pole while my daughter picked up and threw rocks. Since we had to stand there and wait and watch thought it was the perfect time to hand the camera to my mom to take photos.

White striped short sleeved black jacket - Forever 21
Grey Tee - from Turkey a few years ago
Red Scarf - Charlotte Rousse
Skinny Blue Jeans - Forever 21
Black Sandals - Boutique 9
Silver heart shaped hoop earings - Baby Phat

Today's Activities: Took the kids to park in the convention center. Got together with another mom who has a kid close to my son's age. Met her yesterday in the apartment we are staying at. She is the daughter in law of my mom's highschool friend. The little girl's name is same as mine: Defne (Daphne). This name is the most popular girl name recently. I must admit I do not like it. I liked the uniqueness of my name but now every little girl is called Defne and it bugs me. But, oh well...
After lunch and naps (only my daughter slept, my son just tossed and turned and sang in bed) we went back out. Did this pebble stone play time followed by grocery shopping. On our way home my mom decided to buy fresh fish. I absolutely love the fish here. It is sea fish so much saltier, tastier and smaller than ocean fish. Once you select your fish they gut it and clean it out. And this place cooks it and delivers it to your home for an extra 7 TL ($5). Can't beat that... Here is my son, watching the fish gutting. He kept saying 'the fish is saying stop mom'. But he had no remorse eating it at night. He ate almost the whole fish by himself. We couldn't cut it fast enough.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seventh Day

Today is the 7th day of my Grandpa's burial. As I explained yesterday tradition is to make a special kind of dessert at home while praying and distribute it to friends, family, neighbors and people in need so they can eat something sweet and send their prayers to the person who has passed away. I dressed casual in the morning and late afternoon for kid activities but majority of the day chose this outfit. I had purchased this top a few years ago. Then bought it to wear under velvet blazer jacket (Austin Powers look). I did have this thought it would look good with lace stockings. My original thought was this shirt, grey pencil skirt (which I have) cream lace stockings and black heels. But, I only have my black skirt so here it is. Bought these lace stockings here. They are very soft and comfy.

Above is my Grandpa's beloved "Grandfather Clock" I remember laying in bed and counting each 'dong' to figure out what time it is. I also remember him setting it every Sunday. It has many memories and thought it makes sense to pose with it on this special day.

Cream silky ruffle front blouse - Forever 21
Black stretch pencil skirt - Forever 21
Stretch belt - Forever 21
Lace cream stocking - Penti (from Turkey)
Black heels with zipper ruffle detail - BCBGirls - TJ Maxx

Today's Activities: Walked the kids to bayside looking for parades as today is 'youth day' holiday here. But we were out of luck the parade was already over by the time we went out. We fed the birds again for fun. Afterwards I changed outfits and packed up and all together went to Grandpa's house. Fed the kids and miracalously got them to go down for their naps. The guests arrived and we read prayers together as a close relative made the dessert in the kitchen. While reading prayers we all cover our heads. Below is my headscarf. This headscarf was purchased by my Grandpa when we did a family trip to Istanbul back in 2006. My aunt and him had gone for a walk together and bought a shawl for each female in the family. He had chosen this one for me cause I love pink. Since then I used it as a head scarf. Once at my son's religous ceremony and last at his funeral.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Burberry in the Rain

So, first wore a completely different outfit today, which was really nice and I will wear it again some other time. I went outside and was faced with rain and wind and cold weather. I went right back up and literally came up with this outfit within 5 minutes. As I was searching the closet for warmer clothes came across this burberry shirt of my aunt's. Since it is a bit bigger decided to wear it as a vest over a tank top. My only pair of flat closed toe shoes are my converses but I think they go really cute with this outfit. I added black cardigan over it to complete the look.

Black Cardigan - Guess
Burberry Shirt (worn as a vest) - my aunt's
White Tank top with sequin trim - Alloy's
Dark Grey skinny jeans - Closet
White slip on converses -
Leather bird purse - Thread Show
Chunky chain necklace - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Stayed at home with the kids since it was rainy. After lunch I left with my aunt to Grandpa's house to help with more visitors. After hosting 6-7 people we locked up and came back to my aunt's neighborhood. Met up with the kids and the nanny and walked as much as we can before it got too cold. Had dinner at home and watched movies and listened to music (all Lion King of course). Tomorrow is the 7 day anniversary of my Grandpa's funeral. Tradition here is making this special dessert at home and distributing it to all friends relatives and neighbors. Then everyone will gather at home for prayer. Going to be another long day emotionally and physcially...

Red in the city

Got a lot of looks today in this outfit. The shoes catch a lot of attention due to their fire red color. I love how they look with dark denim. Added the red scarf to compliment the shoes and add a bit of chicness. Again a bit matchy matchy but with limited number of clothing items I packed for this trip I don't have many options. I sure am getting a lot of use from these shoes and the dress. I have at least one more combo for the dress and a few more for the shoes.

Denim Dresss - from Turkey - 30 TL ($20)
Red Scarf - Charlotte Rousse - $10
Red Comfort sole heels - Cengiz shoe store in Turkey - 90 TL ($60)
Bird Leather Purse - Thread Show - $80
Ed Hardy gold bracelet watch - gift from Dad and his girlfriend
Evil Eye faux gold ring - Gift from Aunt

Today's Activities: Woke up early to catch the driver before he took my parents on errands to take us back to my aunt's house. When we got there unpacked and showered and walked the kids to the park. After lunch during nap time, my sister and I shopped around. Bought a pair of slippers I can wear here in the house and outside at the summer house, with socks or barefoot. And in U.S. I can use them as garden clogs. They are croc style but have super cute colorful design on them. I will do a photo today or tomorrow. Took the photos above right across from that store.
After the kids woke up took them to bayside again to feed the birds and fish and throw rocks in the water. All of which are my son's favorite activities. Tradition here is eating fresh white bread every morning. But we never finish the loaf. We keep the old stale bread slices for the fish and the bird.
In the afternoon came back to my Grandpa's house to again host visitors who are coming to wish their condolonces. Had dinner and then per my step dad's wishes celebrated my mom's birthday couple weeks early. Afterwards went out as a family to a bayside pub to have a drink. Raised our glasses to Grandpa who would have enjoyed such activity.
When we were sitting there a vendor came selling fresh raw almonds. Remember a few posts earlier I took photos of them in their greens shell which we eat with salt. Now the white soft seeds of that fruit has hardened but pure white with a brown skin. It is sold on ice. You peel the paper thin brown skin and eat the white crunchy part... See below...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Silky Red & Grandpa's Fashion

Real quick outfit post today, cause I want to dedicate majority of my post to my Grandpa's fashion tonight.
Wore my silk red blouse with dark skinny jeans and my new super bouncy and comfy red heels. Not much creativity with this outfit but these days everything is pretty rushed. Love these heels though. They are bouncy like sneakers with some major heel. Still won't attempt to wear them when we do much walking but good for some minor activity.

Red Silk Blouse - Bebe
Dark Skinny Jeans - Closet
Red Bouncy heels - Cengiz (store in Turkey)

Today's Activities: Spent the night at Grandpa's house so woke up to breakfast with my cousin, her husband, mom and stepdad. Took them for a stroll by the bay for a little while. After lunch and naps went to a park in that neighborhood. My son walked uphill the whole way which was great exercise.
Here we are at the enterance:


My Grandpa was always exteremely well dressed. Not only was we well dressed but he always had his own unique style that was followed by others. When he was somewhat younger during the time I lived with them he wore fedora hats, custom made georgous suits and handsome designer trenchcoats. I remember when he came home every night it was my job to properly take his hat and put it in the coat closet and hang his coat. As he got a bit older he started collecting canes and used them even though he didn't need them. They were his fashion statement. When he got older (after I moved to the States) and he no longer owned his business he let his hair grow and adopted a pony tail hair style. He fashioned this his french style barrettes (sp?). Instead of ties, he started collecting these neck tie style (bolero?) necklaces. My aunt made most of them as she is a famous jewelry maker. The photo above was taken professionally where you see this neck tie necklace and the hats.
Here are photos of his neck ties and belt buckes. Even his magnifiying glass was decorative with a silver chain to match his suits.

Here are the death announcements. One of the big ones is the one we gave as a family. All the rest are given by other organizations my Grandpa ran:

Here are some of the newpaper articles regarding him that came out every day after his death: