Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tones of Brown

This was my outfit yesterday (Friday). It was originally listed as this sweater and pants with my coach penny loafers. Changed it quite a bit when that combo turned out just plain boring... 

I decided to add this new felt hat I got from Asos on clearence for sure. Then the sweater is a bit short so wanted to add something under. Tried on a lace trim tank which didn't really go so this big lace and tulle ham tank was much better with the hat look.  
I love the shiny satin texture of these pants, however they are one of those super boring straight cuts. I like exteremes. Give me either super tight skinnies or wide flare legs. Straight cuts are boring. Decided to cuff them to add interest... 

This huge leather fringe necklace is always great to make a statement and add texture. I also love that it has room on the chain to be worn long like this so I can go around thick turtlenecks.

After trying on so many different pairs of shoes these cream ruffle boots were the winners. Under cuffed pant legs their ruffles show they pull the cream ruffle of the tank underneath.

Sweater - super old (don't even remember)
Pants - Zara (from Turkey)
Lace ham linen tank - Charlotte Russe
Boots - Newport News
Necklace - Bebe
Hat - Asos
Rings - from Turkey and Thread Show

FRIDAY'S ACTIVITIES: We turned my 11 AM Dr appointment into an activity this morning. It was just a follow-up after my hospitilization so knew it wasn't going to be very involved and took the kids with me. My son packed a huge bag of toys and they had fun playing with them in the waiting room. The nurse and the Dr was a bit distracted. I am so used to talking over chaos now that I forget how distracting that could be to normal people.  After the appointment we spotted a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. Kids love noodles and my son is crazy about anything different so they loved it. He ordered a shrimp pha (sp?) and fried tofu for my daughter which she called 'french toast'. I have the cutest photo of my son eating noodles but will have to post that later as I didn't download from my other compact camera yet. In the afternoon my parents came over to play with the kids as they take off on a week long cruise starting tomorrow. Had dinner together and nice family time.

Did snap a photo of all of us during my shoot 
My daughter is making a 'fish face'

Friday, April 8, 2011

FBFF Post - Spring Trends

Today's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday  (FBFF) topic hosted by Modly Chic is on Spring Trend

What are the top 5 Spring trends that you are looking forward to seeing/sporting this season? (Can be anything from makeup, shoes, accessories, clothing, etc..)

So, I wish I had more time to prepare as I have seen sooo many cool items for each category but right now don't have time to look each one up. I still tried to get at least a couple examples that are you know in somewhat attainable price.

1. Floral Schiffon Dresses

2. Color Blocking
So you have all seen the pages and pages of the gucci ads that support this style at crazy prices that I definitely can't even touch. The idea is that pairing items in bright solid colors. My faves are blue and purple, orange and pink, red and purple, rust and aqua, yellow and bright pink.
Just to give an idea here are some from shopbop's look book but sorry crazy prices...

3. Maxi Skirts (and dresses):
I find buying dresses as more versatile since you can always wear a top over them and turn them into a skirt.
I am partial to stripes and tribal patterns...

Striped skirt and paisley print skirt from

4. 70s Trend:
High waist shorts and pants, extereme wide legged pants and jeans, platform wedges and my favorite huge floppy sun hats...
Black and white striped hats from Next Direct and NewportNews

5. Platform Wedges:

Women's Dolce Vita for Target® Rope Wedge Sandals - Nude
 Dolce Vita for Target (comes in black and brown as well)

If only I had more time, I have so much to show but I need to get this out so I can get the kids dinner now...
To see what the others wrote please check out this link...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rain Hat

The weather is cold again at least for a while. But I am not complainning, still happy to be wearing from my never getting shorter fall/winter list. This outfit was inspired by the JCrew fall catalog: 

I could have totally done black capri pants and oxfords as well but it was too cold for that and this sweater I have on was made for this weather so went with slacks instead... 

These booties need to be polished big time.
My mom got me these earings couple years ago. We always travel to Turkey together so their encryption of 'fly with me' was perfect...

My Dooney & Burke hat is one of the 4 items mysteriously missing from my closet. I got this hat as a replacement.  

Despite my attempts to fix the photos not a single one shows the detail of the sweater. But it actually has a super cool pattern and the cut is just so pretty. I love this sweater. 

Queen IIV told me to lift my head a bit when posing with a hat so this me trying to do that... 

White Sweater - Victoria's Secret
Slacks - Express
Hat - Roxy
Booties - Steve Madden
Earings - Betsey Johnson

Today's Activities: It was cool and overcast this morning so went to the indoor play area. Got there right when they opend so scored a nice parking spot and a table in the cafe. It got super crowded within the next hour. We stayed until after lunch then came home for naps. During nap time met another contractor for the backyard project and finalized tile and coping selection. We were invited to a friend's house for an afternoon playdate since it was too chilly for a park outing. Kids were loud and crazy but had a great time.

Want to talk about two challanges that are coming up next week:
1. Inspiration Monday by Megan & Nora from Two Birds. Click on the button on the left side of my blog for rules. Click here to see the inspiration photo for this Monday, April 11th.

2. EBEW - Maxi: The Maxi skirt challange on Tuesday, April 12th by Every Body Every Wear. 
To see the info click here.

Skater Grunge

This was my outfit yesterday (Wednesday). Can you beleive this outfit was added to my list back in August of last year after seeing this in the sept issue of Elle: 

I had then found this dress at our regular sunday farmers market/bazaar while I was still in Turkey for $20. It was perfect to create the look.  

I wore this during the summer as is. For current weather added a schiffon top under and black tights and boots. Then decided to add the long necklace and the hat (since it was rainning).
Also loving my black blue polish with this outfit too. Got these done on Saturday and still holding up which is amazing. 

My attempts at twirling and catchin up some action shots. Not very good I realize... 

My daughter in her leapord skirt posing next to me... 
I can see now my boots are showing some age and wear. I should try to polish them to see if that helps. That can be a project. My husband will love that. He adores me creating new projects! (sarcasm!)

Hubby's comment on this outfit: 'What are you wearing? Are you betty crocker? This looks more like an apron then a dress'. He might be right. But, I really liked it. 

Dress - from Turkey (Alacati Pazari)
Schiffon top (worn under) - Newport News
Buckle Boots - Steve Madden
Long Necklace - Forever 21
Short choker - hand made by my aunt
Ring - Thread Show
Hat - Thrifted

WEDNESDAY's ACTIVITIES: Preschool in the morning. I am so happy how my son now consistantly participates in all circle times and listens and learns while I occupy my daughter in the back a little to avoid any distraction to him. She does join for any singing and dancing part.
I was feeling so exhausted so napped a little while they napped than got up to get ready. My mom came over and we had to wake up my son to make it to my daughter's Dr appt. She steps inward a little and wanted to have her checked out by an orthopedic Dr. It was a nightmare. They made us wait for 2 hours! The kids were going bonkers. My mom helped so much creating chasing and jumping games to keep them occupied but we felt exhausted at the end. It required her yelling at the office staff as now it was dinner time. Finally they sent a Dr in only to tell us to wait until she was 6 yrs old and that it would probably fix itself. Lovely.
Thank goodness I had leftovers so dinner was a cynch. We ate the other artichoke from the other night. So, happy the kids love it so much. My daughter loves dipping it in the butter sauce like me but my son who is on some sort of a diet for life naturally does not like any sauce and ate it just plain steamed. My husband watched us like we were insane. Afterwards we did a super quick bath marathon so I can leave them with my hubby and go see my nephew. Stayed until close to midnight to help them out a bit so they can rest. I remember the newborn exhaustion and feel for them.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red Night

This was my outfit last night when I met the girls for happy hour and dinner...

This is the dress I got from Forever 21 a while ago for spring. I have almost 10 different outfit using this dress either as a dress or a skirt.  It is such a nice style. The skirt is not too mini. The cut is is not too tight but gathered at the waist so doesn't look frumpy either.

The jacket is a moto cut but soft fabric and has subtle glitter on it. Very cool for day and night... 

Dress & Jacket - Forever 21
Boots - Juicy Couture