Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mint Chocolate Chip

 Yesterday (Tuesday's) outfit… Inspired by a look from H&M:

Cute little color combination incorporating mint to black and white… Luckily this little cardigan made it (meaning stayed in the closet) after all that clothes cleansing and purging….

I hadn't worn these mint and silver bird earrings since I bought them….

I knew loafers were going to make a come back. Lots of plans for these black and white lizard print loafer my dear Dad had got me last Christmas….

Cardigan, Tee, loafers - Victoria's Secret
Skirt - Zara
Earrings - Forever 21

I had a camera memory card malfunction over the weekend so couldn't take photos until I got a new card. The weekend was a blur of soccer games and team photo appointments and I got sick. First thought it was sever allergies as I couldn't stop sneezing all day long despite the double dose of allergy drugs I took and Sunday was spent at home resting as the kids spent the night at grandparents. But by afternoon felt good enough to clean up the backyard which was a big mistake cause Monday I felt even worse. So forced myself to not do anything and rest and sleep.  Couldn't volunteer in class like I had planned but I kept the playdate plans as the boys are pretty low maintenance…
Tuesday felt better and went to my daughter's class to volunteer and grocery shop etc… The afternoon was spent doing homework with my son while my daughter does her 2 hour Rhythmic gymnastics class….

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dance the night way

Friday's outfit comfy and chic was inspired by a Shopbop look:

Super easy to re-create and so chic. I used the soft and comfy kika pants so I can last all day in the same outfit...

Tee - H&M
Pants - Kika Paprika
Boots - Forever 21
Hat - Vintage
Sunglasses - Wildfox

Another crazy day of more cleansing/organizing at home (finally done with our bedroom and bathroom closets) then kids and their swim followed by going to their back to school picnic where my sister joined us since my hubby is away on a tennis tournament.
Fun night for the kids and our joy of watching them… My friend came over by the time we got home and helped me get them to bed and we hung out….

 Game of football!

These little girls are my daughters age and the lil sisters of my son's best friends...

 My wild girl on the dance floor hanging out with Kindergarten classmates of her own...