Friday, October 5, 2012

Tough Glamour

 I have been dying to wear this combination from the Kika Paprika Fall/Winter collection... 

One of my fellow Kika Girl's had found this inspiration from Wendy's Lookbook Blog:

There are so many great pieces to wear from the new line but with the weather still being so hot this combination was perfect. The striped tank is super soft yet meaty and has an elastic band that allows the tank to sit blousaned and hides everything behind it. :)

 This skirt is one of my favorites. Totally in trend with the full skirt style and made out of this amazing Tencel and Cotton twill fits and feels wonderful. And it is machine washable no ironing needed! This is in 'Eggplant' color. It comes in all the colors of this season including "Bordeaux"

Tank - 'Rita' in 'navy/white' stripes by Kika Paprika ($54)
Skirt - 'Brit' in 'eggplant' by Kika Paprika ($75)
Belt, necklaces - Forever 21
Booties - Michael Antonio
Purse - Q

Wore this outfit to our son's school's cocktail fundraising event. We thought we would meet more kindergarten parents but there were only a few there but we did get to meet some nice parents so it was great. Plus it was on a rooftop of this very old hotel with the most amazing view of beautiful La Jolla Cove right at sunset.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

You are my sunshine

 I was happy with how today's outfit turned out. The inspiration was from J Crew catalog once again:

I like the cognac mixed with yellow with a touch of teal. My blouse is burgundy but gives the same unusual color combo. The teal shoes is what makes the outfit I think though.

The Tucker blouse from Target. Happy to be wearing it again...

I am so in love with Cookie Lee's fall collection. This season they went nuts over bracelets and the combinations you can create are endless. I love mixing the metals and beads and everything is such high quality! This was a combo I put together on the fly:
 Island Palm Cuff ($32), Bronze rhinestone bangle set ($28), Rhinestone antique brass stretch ($24), tiger eye bead ($24) with add-on star charm ($5)... If you are interested in any of these please comment. I am giving 10% off to all my readers...

I am sooooo happy with my first 'Shoedazzle' purchase. I have been eyeing this site for quite sometime. They have very cute lookbooks and great designs.  I didn't pull the trigger on any of my selections though until this style came along. Somewhat Valentino inspired the subtle studs and the t-strap and the pointy toe are all just perfect. Plus it was a color I did not have! :)

Blouse - Tucker for Target
Short - Target
Belt - Forever 21

Indoor class with my daughter. Then picked up my son as it is his half day on wednesdays and we came home for lunch and swim in our pool. It is super hot so it was a perfect way to refresh and burn energy. Then after baths I took them to Jamba Juice as I had promised then we came home and I cooked for hours as we are on this detox diet and I have to cook for dinner and lunches and extra stuff for the kids.

Here is my little 'Sunshine Girl' posing like mommy:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Rainbow Connection

 Today's bright combination for a field trip to the zoo was inspired by a photo in the Victoria's Secret Catalog:

The t-shirt reminded me of the bright tee I kept from my sister's give-away bag...

My normal everyday look - no make-up. Just primer and concealer...

I wanted to wear my aqua converses and surprising there was a bit of aqua in the t-shirt's bright print too...

Tee - sister's
Pants - Forever 21
Shoes - Converse

It was a crazy hot day and unfortunately we had our outdoor class field trip to the zoo. I don't know what I was thinking wearing pants on a day like this it was smoldering. Plush my daughter decided she needed to go potty at a spot we couldn't be farther from one so I trekked uphill in record time to get her there in time. We only had half hour at home which was just enough to empty the lunch bags and wash everything then left for the grocery store and picking up my son.
At home they dipped in the pool while I got ready then I had a private work appointment and even a work call after dinner. Not bad but wish I had more time...

Monday, October 1, 2012


Today's outfit. I don't know why I decided to go with jeans and boots as we are going through a heatwave. But I just did. I was dying to debut my new military boots that I didn't care about the heat... Steve Madden calls them 'Trapador'. :)

Tee - Target
Jeans, belt, necklace, purse - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson
Boots - Steve Madden (click HERE for link)

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