Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Earthy Cool

 Today's outfit came out so much cuter than I anticipated.  The inspiration was quite old from July 2011 issue of People Style Watch:
 I added my mint sweater to give that see thru effect and it worked great. And also the aztec print colorful sandals I thought added some color...

 Too bad this outfit only stayed on me for half the day I really liked it....
Hat, Sweater - Forever 21
Skirt - Thread Sence
Sandals - TJ Maxx
Necklaces - gifts from family and friends....

It was a crazy day and lots of stress. Started with pre-school, then picking up my son, worrying about my Dad, fit in a workout at home (hence the outfit change) and got the house ready then swim classes, then bought dinner, visited Dad took the kids home and hosted a 'skinny wrap' party by Arbonne. :)
The party was fun we all wrapped a body part we could use to loose a few inches and sat with the wrap and sipped detox teas. Some lost up to inches and I lost half an inch. Tomorrow we are suppose to loose even more. Isn't that so cool?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stripes in Color

 Once again I got too tired last night to post but this was yesterday's outfit...
The inspiration from In Style I think....
 I love how chic and casual this combo was with colorful stripes and mustard jacket... I thought mine was a bit more casual with the brown sneakers instead of wedges but I liked it better that way.

Jacket - TJ Maxx
Sweater - Forever 21
Skirt - 'Elle' in Ink by kikaPaprika
Sneakers - Sycuany
Purse - H&M
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

I thought I would have to time to catch up from our weekend trip but the day went by fast with pre-school, house errands, picking up son and his hip hop class and dinner and insanity workouts.
My hubby fit in a grocery trip after dinner before bedtime so that helped a lot and I did 3 loads of laundry and unpacked.
But our crazy month is starting so I have to prep the house as this week we have something going on every night for preparation for the big Vegas trip for my sis's bacheloratte party.


Today's combo was loosely inspired by J Crew:

Instead of brocade shorts I added the colorful skirt from Kika's summer collection:

 Hat, sunglasses - Forever 21
Top - from Turkey
Skirt - by kikaPaprika
Bracelets - Bauble bar
Sneakers - Rocketdog

I felt so bad for my daughter but I had to bail out on Sea World field trip today so I can keep my insanity. I fast forwarded my schedule a few days in my mind and realized I will no time to get my house in order if I go so I stayed home and got a lot of the stuff I wanted to get done.
Met my sister and her friend in the afternoon for getting our nails done for the trip.
Tomorrow is a 'skinny wrap party' and Thursday is hair cut and spray tan and packing. Busy busy busy....

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Have A Ball

 This was my outfit for a couples night out Saturday night with my hubby, his sister and brother in law.

Jacket - 'Carly' in peony tweed by kikaPaprika
Top - 'Sasha' in peony by kikaPaprika
White jeans - Forever 21
Necklace - Bauble Bar
Clutch - Marc Jacobs for Target
Heels - Kate Spade

We had a super fun outing just the adults for a change. My SIL and BIL hired a sitter for all 4 kids so we were able to go out to town. After 3 weeks of Insanity workouts and nutrition plan just for the night I decided to go with the flow. Even though the night was fine I paid the price big time the next day. Now I know you can't introduce a heavy meal and tons of alcohol to a body that hasn't had any bad food for drinks for 3 weeks. Lesson learned!


 Jacket - 'Daphne' in ocean by kikaPaprika
Top - striped 'pippa' by kikaPaprika
Pants - Skinny ponte knit pants by kikaPaprika
Necklaces - BCBG and Shoedazzle
Flats - Steve Madden

Went to watch their town's fair and parade. The kids had a blast. The boys played ball in the field for hours after doing the rides....
We were so happy to discover the boy cousins who are only 3 months apart were inseparable the whole weekend. They were always talking and laughing and just getting along so well. My son actually started crying when it was time to leave.  THey will be counting down the days to thanksgiving when we'll be together again....