Friday, August 13, 2010

Pop of Coral

This was an outfit I wore day before last we got on the plane. We went to a big kid party. Since I will be parting closets with my mom decided to wear something from her closet while I had easy access. I loved this dress because of the peaking black lace underneath. The black and white design was the perfect base to use a pop of color. I would have gone bolder, possibly purple or hot pink but this coral red belt and necklace combo was the only thing I had with me. Shoes was another problem. I had nothing that really went. These wedges are my mom's and they are very worn out but it was the only thing that worked. If I was home and had full access would have come up with something better but oh well...

Had no opportunity for a photo shoot so just using the photos taken with my cutie pie at the party...
Dress - Mom's (forever 21 I think)
Coral stretch belt - Anthropologie
Coral Necklace - Charlotte Rousse
Black wedges - Bebe Sport
Sunglasses - Channel

I am back in the States finally. Confession, spent the first entire day in my nightgown un packing and organizing. I actually got dressed up today to run stupid errands trying to activate my ATM, Credit card and cell phone but had no time for photos.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another swim edition...

This is another scheduled post while I am on the road...
This number is my 2nd favorite this year. Bought this one from Turkey as well. It has more coverage in the front than I would like but I loved the molded top and the gold belt. Later my aunt pointed out the black design in the front is a 'crab'! It goes all the way to the back...

Swim Suit - Ay Yildiz (from Turkey)

Here is another 'Monokini' I wear all the time... This was not really a photo shoot but a photo my mom took while on the beach...
This is my classic pose at the beach: Constantly standing and holding my daughter or son...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swim Suit Edition

Finally decided what the heck and posting my swim suit photos. This is my favorite. Bought it this year from the most famous swim suit maker in Turkey. The style is so different and I love the simple colors. But what I love the most is even though it looks super fancy and couture it is the most comfortable swim suit I own. It stays put on the botton and top. The middle strap is made out of the same swim suit material and you tie it to fit your body. I have a huge scar due to a complicated birth with my daughter so I have to wear a style like this where my scar in the middle is covered. However, my upper body (torso) is shorter compared to my height and legs so the middle connecting piece always seems to sag on me when I sit. Not this suit, it fits and stays put like a gove. The top has very light built in pads that keeps its shape.

Cover photo was taken on the boat. The photos below were taken by my husband when we went to a hip beach club together... You can see I styled the suit with earings and bangles.

Swim Suit - Zeki Triko
Wooden strawberry earings - gift from Mom from Turkey
Black and hot pink resin bangles - from Turkey
Sun Glasses - Channel

Monday, August 9, 2010

Chic Cover-up

This is a scheduled post while I am packing and traveling back to the States from Turkey... This was one of my favorite cover-up's I wore all the time during my visit. It is sheer and airy and sewn like a cape. I love the navy blue trim over the pink flowerly design and the pom popm's are so much fun. Since we always had breakfast on the front patio every morning I also wore this over my nightgown in the mornings like a robe. My pink satin nightie acted like a liner and looked so pretty under this.

These photos are taken when we were on the boath couple weeks ago...

Cover -up - T-Box in Turkey
Swim suit under - Zeki Triko (see following post for details)
Sun Glasses - Channel

Harem Pant Jumper

I actually had slightly different plans for this jumper. I was going to wear it with my denim vest but realized I had already sent the vest back to the States with my husband so had to just wear it as is with belt and necklace only. This is mom's and thought it is very different that I should wear it once for the blog. It is quite comfy to move in. The harem pants are a little weird for me to get used to but the fabric is sheery and airy. Wanted to anchor the flowery bright colors with solid browns with the shoes belt and necklace.

Harem Pant Jumper - Mom's (From Turkey)
Belt - from Turkey (came with a skirt)
Shoes - Mom's - Report
Leather and coin Necklace - Handmade from Turkey
Navy/gold bracelet - from a Bazaar in Turkey

Sunday's Activities: Went to the beach in the AM but it was already getting too crowded. My girl cousin and her husband joined us and the kids had fun swimming with them. After naps we said good-bye to them and had a mini music session at home while my uncle played his mini drum set with the kids. Decided to go to the beach again as it was too hot to do anything else. This time my boy cousin and uncle and aunt came along. The beach and the sea was way too crowded though. Sunday's are not great as all the weekenders come and crowd all the beaches. Afterwards we BBQ'd fresh fish at home and had a family dinner. Kids said good bye to uncle and cousin as they head off for the city for the work week. Only couple more days now before we head back...