Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last of Summer

One of the last summer combo's on my list. I originally had red patent shoes under this which added that great pop of color. However, my red heels, although georgous with siren red hue and pointy toes and stiletto heels, did not really go with this day outfit. These blue sandals with the ankle tie was a cuter match. And of course I have to admit I did not actually wear these shoes during the day as I can't run around kids in these types of sandals. Instead I wore my denim ankle cuff sandals instead. I like the idea of the belt over top and cardigan. I wish this belt had one more loop so I could truly cynch it around my waist but this was as tight as I could get it.

Ruffle sleveless sheer top - Forever 21
Blue short sleeve cardigan - Forever 21
White capri pants - D&G
Blue sandals - Coach
White Belt - Forever 21

Thursday's Activities: You can tell I am so behin in posts. This was my day outfit on Thursday. While my cousins rested and shopped with my mom I took the kids first to swim lesson than in the afternoon to the music lesson. At night however after putting the kids to bed we all went out (minus my husband who stayed with the kids) to a country bar. See the make shift cowboy outfit and group shots below...

Flannel shirt - Target
Black Tank - F21
Jeans - 7 for all mankind
Belt - Brighton
Boots - vintage
Hat - bought it at a Rodeo in Romona years ago
Necklace - gift from mom from a trip

Group shot of me, my mom, step dad, sister, cousin and her husband...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feeling good in purple

Totally behind again in posts. This outfit is from Tuesday night.
This top and the cute clutch was a b-day gift from my best friend. She knows I love Bebe so she couldn't have gone wrong with anything she bought from there. I love this top. It is silky with satin trims. The cut is so flattering and comfy to wear. Since it was a loose top I paired with tight skinny tuxedo pants (which also happens to be from Bebe). As you know any excuse to wear my purple heels and this top with the purple hues in it gave me that excuse. And the clutch which has a purple lizard print was perfect. Once again I piled every silver tiffany bracelet I have accumulated over the years on for a great look with my silver and diamond watch. The huge rhinestone ring my mom got for again my b-day went perfect with all the silver.

All photos are taken at the restaurant I met my girlfriends by my other best friend. Amazingly with no commentary from her as she is so supportive.

Silk top - Bebe
Tuxedo skinny pants - Bebe
Purple suede platform heels - Steve Madden
Clutch - Bebe
Silver bracelets - all from Tiffany's and 1 from red envelope
Ring - from Turkey
Watch - Bulova

Tuesday's Activities: Took my cousin and her husband to the zoo today. Stayed and toured half of the zoo with them until kids' nap time. While they spent the rest of the day there I did grocery shopping and cleaned up the house after the kids woke up. Then gave them a bath, got dinner ready and got ready myself. Left with my sister as soon as my husband got home to take over the kids. First picked up my cousins from the zoo. Dropped off her husband at horton so he can go to a movie and took the girls to meet my girlfriends for a big fondue feast downtown. As always had a great time with the girls.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pulling off Thigh-High boots

I have been lusting over a pair of thigh high boots for a while now. The pair I got last year was a lot shorter (just went over the knee) and it rarely stayed up so just became a scrunchy style instead. However, I was not going to spend the money for a high heeled pair since I will rarely get to wear them. Therefore, against my own rules I bought a cheap pair from Charlotte Russe for $40 (plus they had 'buy a second pair for $10' sale). At least they are not faux leather which I really can't stand. Faux suede is much more bearable as it is a soft microfiber type material. And they are platform so the heel does not feel as high as it looks. Of course they look killer under a mini skirt which is what I was going to wear but felt it was too much for going out without my husband so opted for jeans. Later realized should have worn the skirt as I was the only person in pants. The inspiration for the combo came from a 'ann taylor loft' ad where the girl wears black top, jakcet over dark grey jeans and black boots. I added 'rocker chic' acessories with the necklace, bracelet and ring. Used my new purple lizard clutch which was part of a b-day gift from my best friend. Oh, must comment on the nail polish which I love. It is a black with a deep purple hue from N.Y.C. Added a silvery colorful glitter gloss on top.

Black blazer jacket - Newport News catalog
Black knit tank - Ann Taylor
Dark Grey skinny jeans - Closet
Thigh High Boots - Charlotte Russe
Necklace and bracelets - Forever 21
Belt, Watch and ring - from Turkey
Clutch - Bebe

Saturday's Activities: Sent off my son with my husband on a 'father-son' camping trip early in the morning. Spent the whole day with just my daughter. First went to an indoor play area and had lunch. Then went to a fun mall and had her nap in the stroller while I shopped (hence the boot purchase). Of coures I ended up buying more clothes for the kids than myself. Once my daughter woke up we did the mall playground, jumpy and the train. Went home to change and get ready. I wore this same outfit but instead of boots wore converses and no jewelry or make-up. We picked up my dad and went to Target as she has been begging for a little baby doll and a stroller found a great set for her and had dinner there. Then went to my mom's so they could take over my daughter while I got ready to go out with  my cousin, sister and her friends... I have not been clubbing in ages. Apparently the dress code is 'regardless of your body type or size find the tightest and the minniest dress you can find and wear it with high heels'. As I said I was the only one in pants. It was great to dance away the night though wile knowing my mom will wake up with my daughter and I could sleep in. We stayed until closing. It was great.

Here is a group shot of part of the group:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The magic of gold

Lagging behind in posts as we have visitors in town. This was my outfit on Friday.
I was inspired for this combo from the following photo in Lucky Magazine:

As you can see it is not all that identical. I just got the idea of cargo pants with gold accessories and a cardigan idea. Since I wanted to use this as day outfit with kids I paired my gold 'flats' instead of heels. For a cardi I wanted to go with someding bolder so orange gives that great pop of color and goes great with gold. I also have very similar (even cooler) channel eye glasses too but forgot to wear them! :(
With just the button down and cargo pants the outfit looked very blah, but add that one necklace and it goes from blah to instantly glamour. And that bib necklace is very comfy and light so very easy to wear. It is made out of fabric and my daughter loves to touch it whenever I pick her up.

Don't you love her denim shirt? :)

Button down shirt - Mango
Cargo pants - JCrew
Orange Cardigan - Gap
Gold flats - Dolce Vita
Bib necklace - Kohl's

Friday's Activities: My cousin and her husband (I will call him cousin-in-law) are visiting from Turkey for 2 weeks. They arrived Thu night. Friday morning I had first go to our mommy and me preschool class. During nap time cooked dinner. After naps I joined the group at Nordstrom Rack. They pretty much spent the entire afternoon in that one store. We browsed together and chatted. Entertained the kids by chasing daughter between shoe isles and son in the circular dress racks. Got some super cool fall shoes for my son and a couple nice T's for my husband. I very proudly stayed away from anything for myself. Had everyone over for a big family dinner. Once the kids were down we made cocktails, finally took the cover of our pool table (which has been used for laundry and toy table) and had a good time.

Here are the kids breaking into my quick blog photo shoot: