Saturday, September 1, 2012

Precious Moments

 Sorry for the long absence.... My cousin has had her baby and we are so happy and busy with the new arrival of bundle of joy....
I have moment to catch-up on the posts I was already behind.
So this is the outfit I wore Monday Night out with the mommy group ladies for a dinner book club meeting discussing 50 shades of Gray over Fondue Dinner!


I somewhat deviated from the photo cause it was too hot to add a denim vest. Instead I added this super cool statement belt had my mom buy me for my b-day from BCBG's new Fall collection (and it was already on sale!):

Romper - Guess
Belt - BCBG
Shoes - Aldo
Necklace - Forever 21
Clutch - something Charlie's
Ring - from Turkey
Watch - Michael Kors

Here is a group shot from dinner that (Monday) night:

And since I took the photos already I might as well post it....
Here is my outfit MONDAY DAY:

Inspiration from JCrew Catalog:

Hat, Tank - Forever 21
Shorts - Target
Flip Flops - Reefs

This was what I wore to Legoland's water park Monday day where I met with 2 other mommies and their kids. We had a fun day but I got stung by a bee!

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And here are a few shots of what we have been busy with the last few days:

 Hospital memories. We got to stay (all of the people in this photo) in the room during the actual birth! It was amazing. Since I had my first son via emergency c-section and the second baby with a crazy life threatening surgery I had never experienced regular child birth. It was the most amazing thing to watch and experience and I had to job of video taping. We were amazed how they didn't kick any of us out!
The group consisted of the parents obviously, my mom and sister and my aunt (cousin's mom). My step dad and hubby had my kids during the whole labor and birth day(s).... Total Family Effort.

 The Next day the kids come to visit their new relative and my son who refused to give his gift during the baby shower gives his carefully chosen Lion King Simba satin blanket toy:

In the midst of all of this we had my son's kindergarten BBQ:

Finally we bring the baby home (to my house) past midnight Thursday night/Friday morning...
The next day kids are so happy to have a little visitor in the house:

 My daughter who insisted little baby lays in her bed and even landed him her most precious satin blanket:

We have been taking turns and shifts for the past few days. I have been taking the 2 AM to 6 AM shift while the new mommy and Daddy sleep and then I crash and my mom arrives around 7 AM to take over my kids so I can get a few hours of zzz's. During the day we take various shifts getting an hour of nap here and there. Family members taking shifts with my kids etc...
After the mommy and Daddy I am probably the 3rd person that has spent the most time with the baby but of course I don't have any good photo. I finally put on a dress today (not sweatpants under a sleep tee look I have been supporting for the past 2 days) so I can have a photo with the little guy I am getting so attached to...

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Ripple Effect

 I am behind 4 outfits if you can beleive it.
So I will do 2 outfits per post to catch-up.
This is from Saturday!
The inspiration was from January 2011 issue of In Style Magazine:

Jacket, clutch - Forever 21
Tee - Banana Republic
Pants - Vintage
Shoes - Victoria's Secret
Hat - Target

 Another pretty casual outfit once again with the Fedora...

The inspiration was from April 2011 issue of People Style Watch:

Hat, Shoes, belt - Forever 21
Blouse - La Redoute
Pants - Bebe

Total late participating in the Monday Mingle:

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shapewear GIVEAWAY!

 Hello, hello!
I am behind in posts but finally read to do my final post sponsored by VEDETTE SHAPEWEAR!
This amazing company has given me to shapewear's to try and do a post. But they are also willing to give away 3 (READ THAT 3 WINNERS) surprise shapewear exact to your size and measurements!
So lets do the post first then we'll discuss the giveaway....

Here is the outfit BEFORE I put on the shapewear:
 This time I tried to pick a more tight outfit that will be a bit more obvious.  

And AFTER I wore the FRANCESCO shapewear from their SENSUAL collection
 For this outfit where I tied the shirt at waist it was a perfect piece because it covered my whole upper torso.  And the black lace overlay over the nude lining looked so pretty.
 Although I have to admit it was quite tight and made me wonder again how they wore these in the old days. I felt the nude corset type shapewear I wore previously was a bit more comfortable this one.
I also liked that one more cause it allowed me to wear my own undergarments and was easier to put on and off. This one I had to put jersey leggings to slide it on and then off. And the hook/eye closure of the bodysuit was not very practical after each bathroom trip.
The piece though is definitely premium quality and comes in this gorgeous box and looks so pretty.
 This outfit is definitely a bit out of my comfort zone but I needed this type of an outfit for the post and I was going on a date night with my hubby. I always feel more comfortable wearing a sexy outfit if I am with my hubby.

 By the way I know why all these girls that dress up in skin tight dresses for the clubs constantly pull and adjust their skirts. These skirts ride up constantly as you walk. It is quite quite annoying.

Blouse - Mango (from Turkey)
Skirt, Bracelet - Forever 21
Bodysuit Shapewear - Vedette's
Earrings - Cookie Lee
Booties - Juicy Couture

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