Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chic Inspired

So, today's combo was inspired by the chictopia post by the lovely Panama. Since I had a similar jacket I figurd by adding the fur collar a similar graphic tee and rugged boots. Not a bad copy right?

I don't have an as crazy tee but figured my grey one with a girl profile graphic would do. I actually love the grey under the military green and touch of red is nice.

Finally today it was actually cold enough to wear this fur collar the entire time. I even wore a coat on top if you can beleive it.

Husband getting snap happy...

So, I bought this hat years ago for a New Year's Eve party that was 'wear a hat' theme. It is soft suede like material and large enough where I could tuck my entire hair in it. Which I needed to since it was rainning today and didn't want my hair to get frizzy. By the way faux fur does not fair that well in the rain. Just f.y.i.


Here are the rugged boots:

Not sure what that black spot is. Lint? Water mark? So annoying... By the way this jacket was made to be warn buttoned up. But I wanted my tee to show so I just folded the lapel and buttoned it to the decorative buttons on the same side. And Viola! Problem solved. Don't you wish all life problems were this frivioulous?

Green Military Jacket - Romeo & Juliet from TJ Maxx
Blue skinny jeans - Forever 21
Grey tee - from Turkey
Faux fur collar - Forever 21
Rugged lace up flat boots - Steve Madden
hat - thrifted
watch - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Woke up to pouring rain (the forecast had said it would rain late afternoon) and we had already promised my son the zoo today. So, of course the whole time he kept telling us how we can wear our rain boots, take umberellas and we could totaly go. We didn't have the heart to say no so we went anyway. The rain never stopped. We saw every animal that you can see in a covered enclosure but there aren't any. Then we went to the best pizza place (a hole in the wall) - Bronx pizza - for lunch. After a whole family nap we packed up the kids bags and my hubby took them to Grandma's. We enjoyed an afternoon of relaxing (and 4 loads of laundry). Then got ready for our big night... The post of that will follow sometime tomorrow...

Here is my daughter in the rain with her new tinkerbell hat and umberella...

Here is my son being silly. His idea of a pose is his tounge out I guess...

And this I couldn't pass up sharing the Orangutans cuddling under a sack in the rain. Just priceless!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Swinging in the snow

I decided now I pretty much love anyoutfit when I wear these shoes. They are just so cool (I think so anyway). So, today is my attempt to follow the 'dressed up sweats' trend.

I wore many variations though the day. First it was with the scarf above. Then when I was indoors I ditched the scarf:

I got these absolutely adorable sweatshirt form F21. Don't you love the cute girl with red glasses swinging when snow is falling?

And here are my cool wedge booties with faux fur trim:

Today I decided to wear all my 'delicate' silver rings stacked and together. Each piece actuallin initself very unique. The one on my index with two hands, the hands pull back to reveal a heart. In the middle the top ring is the famous Turkish puzzle rings. I have it tied so it never comes loose. They are super hard to put back together. The heart with a dangling rose is a gift from my Grandpa. The gold and silver with blue stones is a gift from my mom.

And finally the third variation today was with a red peacoat. This is a F21 coat but I bought it from a thrift store so it was even cheaper ($14). It is lined with red polka dots on black satin. so pretty.

Red pea coat - Forever 21
Black wool shorts - Forever 21
Black tights - can't remember
Sweathirt - Forever 21
Wedge Booties - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Red Scarf - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Went to the thanksgiving potluck celebration at our indoor play area. It is also a gym school so as a bonus they did a 45 minute gym routine for the kids before lunch. Kids loved it. My daughter who is obsessed with monkey bars will be starting gym classes there starting January as a gift from my mom and step-dad. Both kids love the equipment. Lunch was good except my daughter does not eat much from the Thanksgiving menu. My son loves the turkey. When we got home my mom was waiting for us to watch the kids again during nap time so I can go to my dr's office. In the afternoon my friend came over for a playdate. While the kids were playing we played dress up getting ready and trying stuff for tomorrow night's clubbing event. Then my husband took my son to the 'Disney' store for a toy of his choice. He has been sleeping in his bed for 4 nights in a row and this was our promise to him.  I went to dinner with my daughter to my mom's.  I came home to find 5 stuffed toys from the Lion King movie. He was ecstatic.

Here is my daughter posing with me again...

And these are her solo blog poses. She went to the spot I was posing and waited for me to take the shots.!

I told her to laugh...

She is tyring variety in poses like I do. So funny.

On her the tutu skirt, ballet tights, 'princess' tee, black velour hoodie, black ugg style boots and the bracelets are all from Children's place. The flower silk hair pin is hand made by my friend.

The "It" List


Welcome to another popping list of goodies from around the internet! This will be the last "it" list for 2010... as it will go on hiatus for the holidays. Look for it's return in 2011!
  • rose a la mode catches up on her 30/30 outfits and my favorite is this gorgeous pink scarf that is sun drenched in fall light. So gorgeous!
  • stylish dish features fall to winter must-haves for stylish moms, but I think her list is perfect for any stylish gal. Mother or not!
  • fashionably southern is rocking a gorgeous faux fur vest... I love seeing how different ladies style this season's fun trend.
  • fashion confessions of a mommy has a winning combo with a graphic tee + scarf + blazer. I need to recreate this look! Casual and chic!
  • jewelscapes brilliantly pairs stripes with plaid. I never would have thought of this, but love it so! And of course she is always perfectly accessorized!
  • i love this pretty vintage bourbon decanter from one sweet find. It could serve as a water pitcher at a holiday on your Thanksgiving or Christmas table or would be a great gift to any collector in your life!
  • one hundred inspirations recreates this party-perfect Blake Lively look on a dime. Love this!
  • i'm swooning for these pint sized clogs by Free people on good tots! it doesn't get cuter than this!
  • on a serious note... karina, ink puts beautiful and truthful words to smiling through suffering. take a minute to take her words to heart and support those in your life that live amazing lives in the face of struggles. we love you Karen!
  • sweetie pie style gives us a run down of the top ten OTK (over-the-knee) boots... it almost impossible to choose a favorite here. So lovely!
  • spry on the wall outlines "uniform" outfits for us that are black on black - which happens to be one of the easiest combos and one of my favorites!
  • i just LOVE this look from closet confections. I rarely think to pair black with blue and she did it so wonderfully here. Plus a leopard print belt - the girl can do no wrong!
  • jillgg's good life launched her WINTER & HOLIDAY 2010 looks:book - a gorgeous mini e-mag full of practical and gorgeous wardrobe inspiration for the season. Check this out!
Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sequined Cargos

Another outfit I like today. Wore this at night going out with the girls. To make it kid and day friendly swapped the heels with military boots and the leather jacket (which is bulky) with a black cardigan. Didn't look as edgy but at least I didn't have to change outfits before going out.

So this combo was put together by just purchasing the sequin tank (for $7) and the boots (which were $120 but Juicy so pretty good for a Juicy I think). The rest is from my closet. Now, I would have liked my jacket to be less bulky and with less hardware and a bit more longer and the pants I wished were more skinny and straight but wasn't going to buy new ones when I had such similar items.

This leather jacket is from my college years. I remember it cost $100 and it was the most amazing thing I had purchased. I gave it away but my mom took it and kept it and now that 'motorcycle' jackets are in style she keeps reminding me about how I should not give away things like these... 

And here is the look when I took off the jacket:

Details: Could have gone with a black purse bur thought that would too predictable plus my  black purse has gold hardware which wouldn't have gone so here is the camel brown purse:

Here is a close up of my peep toe and open heel lace up boots. They were the greatest investment. They just bring up the trendiness factor when you pair them with any outfit. And the hiker boot soles make them very comfortable and walkable. 

Couple Observations:

Since I am on a no shopping rule this month it is really helping me curb back my purchase choices (things I save on a ‘wish list’). Since I have over 290 outfit ideas on my list for just Fall and Winter (granted there are not that many days in these seasons nor will it be cool enough in southern CA for that long anyway) I need to stop purchasing any more fall/winter items. I can however invest in a few accessory pieces like tights (I have some sheer polka dots on my list) and scarves. I can also purchase a party dress may be that can also be worn in spring/summer. All these 290+ combos in my list by the way are using existing pieces in my closet! It does help of course to start with an amazing closet inventory. It is the accumulation of years of shopping and trends always coming back. My husband said he has no idea how I know and remember so much of what I have own. I guess since I started blogging I have been organizing and going through my closet a lot. At least once every 2 months. This helps me remember the things I own. 

Navy Sequin Tank – Charlotte Russe
Green cargo pants – Bebe
Black Leather Jacket – the tag says 'contempo casuals' I want to say it was a store like Wet Seal
Lace up peep toe booties – Juicy Couture

Today’s Activities: I love Thursday morning. We don’t have to leave the house until 10:10 or so which allows me and the kids to lounge in PJs for the whole morning. My son gets to watch more TV than usual which he loves and my daughter gets to experiment (like filling every child cup with water and carrying it around). And I get to do projects (changing fish bowl water) and/or spend time on the computer (part of it looking for a job). Although this  morning I guess we lounged a bit too long and we were late for our swim class. But we still made it and kids love swimming. Afterwards with my friend had lunch and pick-up-stix  with the kids than sneaked in the McDonald’s play area without purchasing anything from them.  After naps at home we went to music class. Nice chat with my mommy friends talking about our outfits for our upcoming big saturday night. We are actually going clubbing if you can beleive it!
Once my  husband got home, he had the kids. I got ready and went out with my girls. Did a 'prefix menu' at a great restaurant (French Gourmet) celebrating the release of Beaujolais wine which is traditionally consumed as soon as bottled. A very young red wine that tastes light and refreshing. More like a white on a hot summer day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Owls have fur

Today is 'loving my outfit' day. I just love how this all came together. It was a bit different on my list. I had navy tights and navy blazer but thought that would be too dark and too structured. Decided to go with my new grey cotton blazer. This blazer feels like a cardigan since it is cotton and love the pockets. It is fully lined too. 
I was going to go with grey tights but that would be too matchy. Than burgandy tights was in the running but I have that in too many combos, so came out the teal tights. I bought and wore these couple years ago way before blogging but obviously forward thinking to know colored tights would be in.

And my new faux fur scarf. This is pretty short so just one wrap around the neck does the trick. It has one of those magnetic closures which is perfect. Just instantly brings your outfit to 'trendy' status. So easy. And under $10 at F21. 

Of course it is never cold enough here yet to wear the fur scarf all day. So most of the day I was without the scarf:

So, added these funky arm warmers mom got me again couple years ago (she is forward thinking too). I figured if it was too warm for the jacket I would be too cold with just a tank top dress. Thes arm warmers were perfect. A little funky I realize but hey, taking risks is what it is all about right?

This black mod dress was a maternity purchase but with a belt works just fine. This super duper old belt seems to be the perfect color to work with every dress! My new owl pendant charm necklace went perfect with the outfit. 

And of course to make any dress less dressy and more casual just add a pair of rugged lace up boots: 

Black 'mod' dress - from a vendor in a 'Sassy Chic's' show
Grey cotton blazer - Forever 21 (new)
Arm warmers - gift from mom a few years back
Belt - Limited
Owl Pendant - Forever 21 (new)
Teal tights - not sure (old)
Brown rugged boots - Steve Madden (still available)

Today's Activities: It was thanksgiving potluck day at our preschool class today. With my husbands help managed to make a fresh broccoli salad as well as getting ready and made it there on time. My mom joined us just before lunch. Kids and mommies loved all the food. Had to go to a dr appointment while the kids napped and my mom stayed home with them. Afterwards took them to the mall for some jumpy, train and playground fun followed by some returns and shopping (for kids only). This mall is super close to my husband's work so he met us there after work and we had dinner out together.

Here is my daughter playing cheerleader in class. You see how I also mixed patterns in her outfit:
She wore that top in honor of my mom visiting our class today...
On Her:
All pieces from Children's Place except for the boots which are Laura Ashley from Marshalls