Friday, February 17, 2012

Funky Girl

 This fun layered outfit was inspired by a cool blog I found fairly recent called 'Fashion In Da Hat':
Of course I realize now I forgot to wear my hat that is just like this but then again I was at home and that would have been weird to wear a hat in my own home. 
I used the idea of fun graphic tee and layers of plaid shirt and cardigan. The polka dot hose layered with knee high socks and booties were also cool inspirations...

 I call this t-shirt the 'funky girl tee' in my outfit list. I was drawn to it when I saw it in the F21 twist collection last year. I have 3-4 outfits with it but wearing it for the first time just now!

Socks - Burlington
Everything Else - Forever 21

It was nice not having to rush to get out of the house this morning. We just got our house ready and hosted a playdate for 3 other mommies and their 6 children. The kids amazingly got along while the mommies had a chance to check out the new clothing line I am selling. They had so much fun trying on things and making outfits. I realize now this method might also work in controlled small groups. For those mommies who have no way of leaving their kids these types of playdate slash shopping parties seem to work great.
And the best part is I don't have find a sitter for my kids either.

After naps I gave the kids an early bath so I can take them out to dinner with my best friend and mom to give my hubby one night of peace at home. We tried to prolong the time but it is hard to keep them entertained in a restaurant even with frozen yogurt afterwards. We came home and kept them upstairs until bedtime.
Now sitting and watching recorded new show 'The River'. Have you guys seen it? Seems pretty cool.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Green Denim

 Yeay, I am wearing my brand new green jeans from Asos today! Of course 2 weeks after I found and ordered these Forever 21 and TJ Maxx bought had green jeans but I knew these were extra special with this sheen coating on them. It was risky given I have never ordered bottoms from them but they fit just fine...

This combo was inspired by my fellow Turkish Mommy Fashion Blogger  

Since I owned every one of these pieces it was a perfect inspiration for me:

Coat - Old Navy
Scarf, purse - Forever 21
Jeans - Asos
Booties - Steve Madden
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

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Monday, February 13, 2012

who'll stop the rain?

Can you beleive this outfit was inspired from an inspiration image I saved back in October 2010! 
From this Chictopia Post:
 I had bought this dress when I was pregnant for my son... It still works somehow... I have a photo in this when I am 8 months pregnant!

 I grabbed this super cool jacket off of my Kika Paprika sample rack even though it is 2 sizes too big...
It is so soft and comfy. I just might order it in my size if I make enough sales this month. ;)

Finally remembered to take a photo of the back of these boots. They are so cool aren't they. I get compliments every time I wear them....

Jacket - Kika Paprika 'Kathy' 
Dress - Closet
Tights, socks, beret - Forever 21
Boots - Henri Bendel

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Went to preschool with our 60 valentine cards in tow! 30 for each kid. We do the same for tomorrow's outdoor class so that means we had to prep 120 valentine cards!!! I have enforced my son to do majority of his own. He wrote his name on a lot of them and helped assemble at least. The class was jam packed and quite exhausting but the kids made the cutest valentine art projects and had fun collecting their goodie bags...

Here is a photo with my little man before school:

I finally got around to editing the photos from Saturday afternoon of my daughter openning her gifts:

Princess with her gifts:

I cherish hand made gifts:
The green infinity scarf is hand knit my by my friend and these pretty hair barette's are made by another talented friend:

And check out this beyond words adorable pant and beret set my other friend sew for my daughter:
It even has studs on the hat and zipper and chain details on the 'skinny' pants:

So the next day she wore the set and posed for me:

When the levee breaks

 This was my outfit yesterday (Sunday). 
The inspiration was from an older issue of Vogue:
I actually would have worn my light grey suit blazer but it was at dry cleaner's so went with this tan one instead:

Suit Jacket - Ann Taylor
Tee, Jeans, Necklace, sunglasses - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden

Took the kids to Turkish school and signed them up for the new semester. My mom met me there so we can chat while they were in class. After naps my husband took them to my mom's house so I can get ready for my second Kika Paprika Introduction party at my house. Since I am the one and only consultant in my city pretty much no one has heard of the line and I have decided to hold a few 'introduction' parties at my house so I can show the line to my friends and family and get them excited with the hopes that they would host a party for me for their friends.
The party was great. The gals were super efficient in trying on clothes and making their decisions. I love watching everyone try on the clothes and see who likes more and how each looks on different ladies.
I have a lot of clean-up and organizing to do today to catch-up...
I had no time to take my photo when I wore my Kika outfit so bummed!