Saturday, March 19, 2011


It is wear Orange day for me in the Color Rotation Challange. It is actually supposed to be green but I switched orange and green last week for St. Patty's day.  I actually had more outfits with orange sweaters in them in my fall/winter list but have worn them already. This was the only outfit left with orange in it.

This tee is very old. I bought it cause I liked the subdued orange hue and the cool design on it with browns and green. Goes nicely with the military jacket. This jacket is a purchase from this season. It is made out of sweatshirt material so very soft and comfy.

My taupe wedges... they came with a fur trim that is detachable. For this outfit I thought it was better without... 

Did not have plans to add a hat originally but showered last minute and my hair was wet so this was needed to cover it. Bought this hat 3-4 years ago for summer to go with my swimsuits. It went nicely with this outfit too.

WIth the hat and the jacket the outfit is very military/soldier. So contrasted that look with wedge booties and dangly earings.  

Military Jacket - TJ Maxx
Orange tee - Target
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Earings and hat - from a summer boutique
Booties - Victoria's Secret Catalog

Today's Activities: We had a nice liesurely morning at home before my husband took my daughter and I took my son. They went to her gym class but she wasn't feeling well so they came home early. I took my son to his friend's 4 yr old b-day party. He had a great time playing in the jumpy then 'pin the tail on the donkey' and breaking the pinata games. I remembered how much easier it is when you have just one kid to look after. Especially when that is the older kid. The party went way past his nap time but there was no way we were leaving before he had cake so we hat to stay. By the time he went down my daughter was up so no break for me today.
In the afternoon none of us were feeling great. We stayed home. The good thing is since both kids were not feeling great they were content laying low and playing. My husband went out and got us some soup and chicken for dinner and we put them down the bed with some cold and pain medicine. Hope tomorrow is better.

Here is my son with his friend who had a b-day... 

His turn to hit the pinata (sp?) 

Mother and son. I have that stupid bluetooth in my ear cause I wanted to make sure I could hear my husband if he called... Looks stupid I know... 

Friday, March 18, 2011


Today is 'yellow' in the color rotation challange.
Although I have ton of outfits with yellow in them in my spring list I only had this one for the current season. Which was perfect actually so not complainning.
This was inspired by Krista from enSYTLEpedia. Krista does post outfits but she also provides amazingly applicable fashion tips and finds.

So, yes obviously she is 9 months pregnant and yet looks amazingly stylish. Isn't it a great idea to tie the belt above her belly. Shows you can wear belts even when pregnant! The idea of pairing a bright yellow cardigan on all black and adding cognac belt and boots was a great idea. And I own similar items in every category so it was easy for me to replicate from my own closet.

To add a bit of color I decided to go with the blue stone necklace. I was going to double it with a gold one but I could not find my gold necklace anywhere which is odd cause everything is in place. So I added the gold earings instead... 

Decided to move inside to get better colors but the fireplace is causing the photo to be busy, oh well... 

Yellow Cardigan - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Black Dress - from a beach boutique
black tank (worn under) - target
Black leggings & necklace - Forever 21
Boots - Via Spiga
Earings - Guess

Today's Activities: My daughter was not feeling great this morning and just wanted to cuddle and sit so even though we were all totally dressed down to our shoes and ready to go out I made an executive decision to stay in instead. We put on a movie and all cuddled under a blanket and also gave her some tylenol. Of course within half hour she was totally fine but now it was too late to go anywhere so we decided to go for a walk instead and my mom came from her work appt to join us. Afterwards payed in the backyard then had lunch and naps. While they napped mom and I sat and had a cup of tea and got caught up. My friend stopped by to get some styling advice for an event for her new dress.
After naps we went to the indoor play area just for a little while before driving north to have dinner at my 2nd cousin's house. My husband met us there. Of course the kids took no time to find each and everything in their condo that was not kid proof from blind cords to swivel barstools to fireplace to fabric covered chairs and couch. But it all worked and we all had a great time.

Here are the kids blowing bubbles with Grandma: 

My daughter looks up to me... She is wearing my childhood outfit that my mom saved... 

Friend Friday Post

I am posting due to my commitment to FBFF and the Color Rotation challange. But I did want to show my support to this great cause to support Japan. Please see this 'link' to get more information and donate...

Today's topic of the Friend Friday Post is about the 5 hardest blogging lessons you’ve learned during this process and have helped make you a better blogger as a result...

1. Pictures speak a thousand words: This is obvious but it was the first thing I learned about blogging. Originally I started 'describing' my outfit instead of taking photos. See my first post here.
Which of course was ridicilous and no one can visualize what I was wearing. Then i dressed up a dummy and took photos but that was taking such a long time and I couldn't show the whole effect with the shoes or accessories. See one of those links here.
So, realized I needed to take my own photos. Originally I started with a single photo then found out I can add more than one photo! The quality and lighting of the photos and poses have evolved over time as well. I will never be able to have amazing photo shoots some of the blogs I follow do but with two kids this is the best I can accomplish.

2. Following and Commenting: I have learned that to get people to find and read your blog you have to first go and find other blogs to read and comment. I love getting new followers and I absolutely love reading comments on my posts. Just as much as I love reading and commenting on my favorite blogs. However, I do not beleive you should become a follower to get someone to follow you or vica versa. I am very selective of who I follow. I like to read all the recent updates by going to my 'dashboard' and want to be realistic about how many blogs I can possibly follow and read.
3. Pay a visit: I try very hard to visit every new person/blog that either comments on one of my posts or becomes a follower. I might not choose to follow them but I will visit and comment at least a few times. 
4. Participate: I have also found out the more challanges and events and groups you participate in the more exposure you get for your blog. This is also a great way to get to know new blogs and form new relationships. I recently joint IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) and this FBFF group which I am learning so much from.
5. Chictopia: I found Chictopia from other blogs and absolutely love it. Unfortunately I don't have time to view too many people there and comment. I also simply do not have the time to check posts of every person that comments on my looks there. However, I do visit the site frequently as it has one of the greatest inspiration ideas and since you can browse looks 20 at a time it is easy. You can see my chictopia profile/looks here.

To see what the others said about this topick please visit ModlyChic...

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I am switching GREEN with ORANGE today in the Color Rotation Challange due to St. Patrick's day.
My inspiration came from Lady Selenite of Le Vaisseau Sélénite blog.  She has amazing style so please check her out.

I totally like her outfit more, especially her skirt. Although I love my skirt too, I just like her skirt more in this outfit. I forgot that she wore bunch of long pearls before I got dressed and took these photos. The pearls would have been so cool.
I am not sure about these tights. Green leggings might have been better or lighter matt blue tights. Mine ore more teal hue. I do like that they subtly pick up the blue flowers on the cardigan.

I added this broch which has light blue flower on it for some vintage look charm. The bead bracelets also add a bit more lively color. 

This cardigan is also super old and I haven't worn it in years. It is from the time when twin sets were trendy, it has a matching knit tank.  

Isn't it always the case when you don't care about your hair it looks super cool. I am having one of those days. 

The trick: DRY SHAMPOO
 After reading in multiple articles how versatile dry shampoos are I bought one last night and used it this morning.

First of all it give your hair that 'matt' look which is the new thing apparently this coming season as opposed to 'shiny' hair.
Another it does though is gives your hair a lift. Especially if you lift up the top layer and spray on the roots.
And lastly of course it does clean your hair a bit and gives you one extra day. And my hair always looks best when it is dirty so I might be able to use this to extend my hair wash frequency from every 2 to every 3 days may be.

Back to my skirt. I so love this skirt. It is very soft and comfy and lined. The lenght is perfect for wearing it with kids. And I love the way it makes me feel wearing layered ruffled lace. :)

Cardigan - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Green top - Newport News Catalog
Lace skirt - Tara Jarmon for Target
Teal tights and broch - don't remember
Ankle socks - we love colors
Boots - Steve Madden
Bracelets - hand made by my friend and the colorful one is from a street fair

Today's Activities: My lovely Thursday mornings. We had a nice breakfast with eggs since we are not pressed for time. My daughter loves scrambled eggs. I then let them run a mock with carrying tiny cups of water in her teaset and serving tea for each other. Just took a few towels to dry everything but they had fun. We finally got ready and made it to swim class. I am now even graduated to sitting at the side of the pool. Before I had to stand right where they waited in the pool as the instructor took each kid one at a time just in case my daughter goes under. But, now she behaves and I can sit on the side instead. As I was watching them today I even gave myself a quick manicure all the while chatting with the mommy of the third girl in their class. Talk about multitasking.
We came home for a nice soup lunch and they went down for naps.
This afternoon we'll be hosting a playdate at home. Then my best friend is going to come over for dinner and after the kids go to bed we are planning on doing a twilight marathon as we barrowed the DVDs from my sister. Of course we both have seen each movie at least twice and I have read all 4 books more than I like to admit. But it is fun cause we'll talk 70% of the time.

 My daughter laying on our bed as she is upset I didn't allow her to come out to the balcony while I was taking my photos. The railing is too wide apart and freaks me out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Color Rotation - Red Day

First off I don't really like this outfit. It was inspired from the following: 

Not that you can read my scribbles there but I originally planned to wear this with my black full skirt and cognac/mustard color t-neck under the red blazer. Except my t-neck is that super chunky thick one and it was too warm for today. Wanting to keep the same color scheme I decided to wear my mustard skirt with a black top instead.  

This jacket is part of that suit I told you guys the story of. Nice to be wearing it again. I added this necklace for some interest.

My shoes which I call 'vintage flats' in my list did go nicely under the outfit.

I like each piece I wore today, I am just not crazy about the combination. And it happens. Not every outfit can be perfect. And my mornings never allow me enough time to correct so I end up wearing the outfit whether I like it or not. :)

Red suit blazer - Ann Taylor
Black top - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Mustard cord skirt - Anthropologie
Grey tights - Forever 21
Vintage looking flats - Enzo

Today's Activates: It was preschool again and I gave my final two presentations. This group was much more fun because I know everyone and they know me and the kids so it was more like a fun discussion than a presentation. I love that our teacher came in a very cute dressy top today after sitting in yesterday's presentation and she said she already checked out one of the sites (zappos) I had mentioned. My son, knock on wood (that is a Turkish thing too), has been doing great at school these two days. I practically did not see him the whole time we were there. He sat through all circle times without being told to do so and played so nicely without ever needing me. I was so proud of him. My daughter is a bit more needy and crawled and climbed all around me but at least she didn't cry or interrupt.

After naps my mom came over. She is finally 80% recovered from her bronchitis, the kids and I had not seen her in over a week! The kids were more than happy to stay with her as I left for my Dr Appt. I ran a couple errands before making it home just for dinner. Good think I had prepared a huge pot of chicken potato soup from scratch last night and had it cook in a slow cooker all day today. I stopped by to buy a loaf of fresh French bread and wine to go with it and made salad when I got home. It was a nice dinner together. Unfortunately later I had to pay all our bills which took longer than I would like.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pink Day

Today is the first day of the Color Rotation Challange hosted by Colleen at Scrap and Run.
Here is the order of colors:
Pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and then any pattern
You can check out the rules in this link.

I know it is hard to see but I can assure you the silk blouse is pastel pink...

This blouse is my grandmothers! I love wearing her clothes as it makes me feel closer to her memory. I added the tweed vest for interest and then the broch was a last minute idea. The pink and gold cuff bracelet watch was perfect as well.
I love pairing pink and burgandy. And these skinny cords as I always state is just an amazing purchse from Forever 21 at $14!

Trying a new corner of my house as you can see. This is the back corner of our dining room. The light was good here this morning so there you go a slightly new spot.

If I stood by the table though see how the light catches...Kind of cool...

Silk ruffle front blouse - Vintage - Grandmother's
Tweed Vest - thrifted Banana Republic
Skinny cords - Forever 21
Boots - Newport News Catalog
Broch - old not sure
Watch - Betsey Johnson

Today's Activities: Went to preschool and as I mentioned yesterday I gave a presentation on fashion tips for mommies to the preschool mommies. The structure of the school is a group of  parents take on individual tasks (such as art, outdoor supervision etc...) while the other group sit through a discussion half of the class thent hey rotate. Therefore I had to give the presentation twice so both groups can participate. And tomorrow I will do it twice again to the M&W class. It went pretty well. I started with what made me start my blog then gave tips on shopping which included closet organizing then on dressing and how to start it. When I paused to ask if anyone had questions man did the comments started coming. As I suspected a lot of mommies who are in jeans and a tee, or sweats want to dress up more at heart but don't. It was a great discussion. I hope it was helpful.
Afternoon is going to be running errands and a badly needed grocery shopping. We are out of fruit. Oh no, what will my son eat now!? :)

Here is my daughter once again posing like mommy...They really ask for this I don't make them.
I just love ruffles and tutu skirts with sneakers. And leggings are a must to keep those baby knees scratch free...