Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ms. Wonder Woman

Told you there would be some costume posts these few days. Tomorrow will be the last  one I promise. Then I will be back to my wonderful list of outfit combos. This costume is my sister's although she has never worn it. She bought it 50% off last year. The dress part doesn't quite sit right (as she warned me) but I didn't really care. And the boot covers nose part hardly stayed put. Oh well... The skirt is definitely too mini when I am with kids bending up and down but I was with my husband and very careful. If I had any leggings that would remotely match this I would have worn it but I didn't have any.
You like my funny poses?

Today's Activities: Woke up to rain. With no morning plans and husband having to work (from home), I dressed up the kids in their rain boots and went outside to jump in puddles and take a walk. Got to try out my son's new umberella as well...

Late morning my son and dad took my son for some male bonding (I guess) and I went with my daughter to the kid mall to kill time. After naps we went to our friend's halloween party. It was a big group with lots of kids and a lot of fun in the midst of chaos.

Here is our beautiful host (coincidentally we were both dressed as super hero woman and our daughters were both tinker bell. The one in the photo is her little one)...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

50s Costume

You are going to be seeing a lot of costumes in the next few days since we have a lot of  Halloween events that not only require my kids in costume but us adults too. And of course since it is me I will probalby wear something different each time. I honestly don't have the time to put too much effort into my costumes. I have a big Halloween bin but of course a lot of the costumes in there are too sexy for kids parties or trick or treating so having to come up with more appropriate. Today's was for a kids' preschool praty. My mom had worn this skirt to a new year's eve party one year where we were suppose to be dress per the decade we were born in. I know it is too much red but this twin set is the only one I have. I had to dust off these great penny loafers in my closet. Wore them so much for years but haven't in a long time.

Here in the class with the kids... Mr. Pirate and Ms. Tinkerbell

My son is actually super happy always smiling boy. He just always gets pulled away from fun for photos and that is why he usually poses in this 'dead bored' look on his face...

Today's Activities: Preschool Halloween party in the morning. By the time we got home I was too exhausted behind 2 cups of coffee I had no energy. So I layed when the kids napped. Then I totally played hookie and did not go to either of our (swim and music) classes this afternoon. Just took it easy with the kids at home, showered, dried my hair, paid the bills and cooked. It was great. My dad and sister came over for dinner and pumpkin carving. Much more relaxing than if I rushed around like a crazy women.

Here is my son helping with the carving:

Here are our finished pumpkins... I need to buy some candles tomorrow to light them...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Easy does it

Super casual today... Was going to be in the car to and back from Los Angeles so wanted to wear something comfy. I do like the unexpected pop of color the teal leggings add. Although the t-shirt is a bit too short to wear on top of leggings on its own but I was in air conditioned environment most of the day so kept the cardigan on. That is the thing you can wear whatever on top of yoga pants but leggings that definitely require full tunic length. I have to remember that.

Striped wrap around cardigan - Forever 21
Zebra Tee - Forever 21
Teal leggings - Victoria's Secret
Converses -

Today's Activities: Drove to and back from LA with my Dad for his Dr appointment. Kids were at my mom's. Picked them up after naps and went over to my friend's house for some pumpkin carving/painting and pizza dinner.  My husband was in LA for the day for work too so he came and joined us on his way back. Unfortunately we left the pumpkin carving till after dinner and the kids were too tired. We prep'd our pumpkins but will be carving them tomorrow night.
Here are some photos of my daughter trying to help...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Hot or too much?

So, needless to say I did not wear this outfit first part of the day (at the pumpkin patch!). But, I did wear it in the afternoon. I have to admit even I was a bit self conscious in this get-up. Especially walking into my Dr's office. I wasn't sure though how long my appointment would last so wanted to be ready in case I went straight to dinner from there. Stole this look straight out of the Victoria's Secret catalog, without actually purchasing any of the items listed in the photo:

You can barely see the lace stockings she has under the denim shorts but they are there. To minimize the shock of black lace (fishnets in my case) I wore the thigh high boots so they are mostly covered. Of course not like the thigh high boots in themselves are not shocking. I thought these stockings were lace but they were patterned fishnets (got them from Turkey in the summer). I will need to obtain a lace pair as well. Got this red crop coat/jacket from a thrift store. It is F21 piece which would be already cheap but thrifted it was only $14. It shows no age. It has a red polka dot on black lining which is so cute. Same thrift store had another gorgeous jacket same style that was Guess and I did like that better but that was $40 and I just didn't want to spend the money. Since there is enough going on between the bright red color, the fishnets and thigh high boots I wore no accessories.

Red Coat - Thrifted Forever 21
B/W Flannel Shirt - Target
Cut off shorts - TJ Maxx
Patterned fishnet stockings - from Turkey
Thigh high boots - Charlotte Russe

Today's Activities: Wore the same tops but with skinny jeans and ugg boots this morning to our outdoor preschool class field trip to a local and small pumpkin patch. The kids had a blast enjoying all the rides (see photos below) and the jumpy's and giant slides. Had our packed lunch there and headed home for naps (son did not nap again) afterwards, packed them up and dropped them off at my mom's to go to my Dr's appointment. Then met my husband for a dinner and a movie date unfortunately the new Matt Damon movie (hereafter) was horribly slow and unsuspenful. Oh well, it was still nice to be out.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sea Urchins

Trying a different format tonight with large photo posts. Let me know if you prefer large photos like these or the side by side format I was using. I also realize I am so outdate on my 'what is in style' lists on the right. Will update those soon. Not sure where my inspiration came from for today's outfit. I do like the combination of silk with leather. Plus it gets me wearing pink as part of the October challange. This jacket is thin enough to wear indoors if needed but it was too warm today anyway. It was rainning in the morning so I added the hat out of necessity but I think it looks cute. You can see no matter what I do these supposedly 'over the knee' boots never stay over the knee. I give up. This silk blouse is part of a set, it has a matching pleated silk skirt which I will wear this season with other things. It has this lavander sea urchin looking design on it. When I first put it on it was way too revealing in the front so added a lace cami underneath. I do like tucking in tops into skinny jeans to acheive that slimming look. But the top is pretty short and the jeans are pretty low so can't say they stayed tucked in all day. :) To offset the sweetness of the silk blouse I added a chain adorned belt and the chunky necklace.

everything today is old...

Silk Blouse - La Redoute Catalog
Rose colored lace trim cami - arden B
Leather Jacket - TJ Maxx
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Suede boots - Steve Madden
Belt - From Turkey
Necklace - Forever 21
Ring and hat - gifts from Mom

Today's Activities: Went to preschool with the kids. Amazingly my son slept today during nap time! Yeay! Cooked and tidied up while they were sleeping. Afterwards we went to the indoor play place again. I am starting job searching as of today. Our house is not selling so I need to work. Lets see how I am going to swing applying for jobs while busy with kids. Hosted a friend over for dinner.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Layering Lace

Got inspired for this look from the layering lacey pieces article in a magazine:

I have a lot of lace pieces in my closet so always looking for ways to layer and wear them together. The dress if you remember was a steal from a Turkish Bazaar for approx $20. It is lined and made out of stretch material so very comfy. Although realized when you wear it with tights the lining sticks to the tights while the top lace part rides up, so a bit annoying. I layered my short sleeve black lace blouse on top. Instead of the predictable white tights wanted to add grey to the mix so chose dark charcoal grey tights and this super old grey cardigan in my closet. I must have tried 5 different grey tops and this was the only one that worked. I got this years ago for work and it had been sitting in my closet for at least 4 years untouched. Piling up on grey, added grey patent ankle boots and grey tote. You hardly see me pose with purses since I always carry the same wallet/purse and my daiper bag purse. But, when I go out without kids on those rare occasions I get to pull out a purse/clutch from my rich but unused collection in my closet. Since the grey was heavy, to bring out the black in the lace blouse I went with big onyx black and silver ring and the rocker bracelets. The ruffle front of the blouse was busy enough so didn't want to add any earings or necklaces.

Couple blogging observations: Since I started blogging I use the black, brown, navy and grey as a staple color and always mix and match them against the old fashion rules. If  the outfit has black accents love adding a brown or grey or navy or vice versa. It keeps it interesting and more blog worthy. I also now never wear an item on its own. So, when my mom showed me a great dress she coveted in a thrift store I immediately asked 'how are you going to wear it?' thinking what kind of top, belt, scarf will she add. Made me smile when my mom answered 'with shoes'. Oh yeah, I guess you could just wear the dress by itself. Funny I never do that anymore. :)

Photos taken by my best friend in front of the small theater we went to see the ballet performance...

Everything is old again...

Lace Dress - From Turkey
Lace blouse & bracelets - Forever 21
Grey charcoal tights - not sure
Grey patent ankle boots - From Turkey
Grey patent tote - D&G
Ring - from Turkey (gift)

Activities: This was the outfit from last night when I went to see a ballet performance with my girlfriend. San Diego Ballet was celebrating its 25 years so they had this coolest hanging of old ballet shoes on a black velvet frame. Loved it. (see photos below). I absolutely love ballet which is why I love anything with tulle and pink. After the performance we went to a hotel bar near by for some calamari and cosmo's.

Sunday went to Sea World trick or treating with friend and kids and mom, followed by cookie and pumpkin decorating at home...

Black and White

So, once again I forgot to photo my inspriation photo but you might recognize this look from the 'true religion' ads in magazines. I love the all black and white look and love wearing my white jeans in fall/winter.  The lacey top and the fringe scarf add a bit of softness to the otherwise rugged look. I could have gone with a black leather motorcyle jacket but this cardi was more comfy to move around in with kids today. This lacey top actually has a super cute hem but it looked better tucked in so the black belt can be seen for this outfit. For jewelry I went with silver fringe rhinestone earings and an all black watch.

Photos taken by husband very quickly before we headed out in the am...

Finally got my hair the way I wanted today... Of course it happenned to be a misty rain day so it was frizzy shortly after. :(
I have spent so much on hair products trying to get my hair healthy. I guess I need to wait so the products can show their effect but I am so impatient. Achieved this style with flat ironning the top half of each section and curling the bottom half using the new spiral (no clamp) curlers. 

Everything today is old...

White lacey top - Victoria's Secret Catalog
White fringe scarf - boutique in La Jolla (San Diego)
Cardigan - Guess
White Skinny Jeans & Earings - Forever 21
Black leather belt - Ralph Lauren
Military boots - Steve Madden
Watch - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Rough night with daughter up a good part of the night just wanting to play. Woke up very very tired. Love the weekends though cause my husband is home and I love doing stuff as a family. Plus it is really nice to have a second set of hands with kids. Went to a 'Fall Harvest Festival' with the kids in the morning. Met our other parent friends there. My dad joined us too. It was misty and rainy but kids never seem to care about the weather. They loved the jumpy's, the magic show and running around. Did a couple cute craft projects as well. So, apparently if I can get my son to eat lunch than play afterwards it allows his system to work and he goes to the bathroom than he can nap. Will try this again tomorrow and see if it works again. I told you I am in denial of letting the naps go.
So of course they napped really late and my daughter woke up cranky and not feeling great so we couldn't go to the hallowee party we had in our plans. Instead took them over to mom's house for an hour to play and kill time. Fed them dinner there and came home and I immediatley got dressed and left to meet my girlfriend for ballet. See ballet photo post tomorrow...or later today if I have time...