Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hollywood Photo Finish

Doing a special post today to promote Hollywood Photo Finish that professionally touches up your photos to create a perfect professional photo.

The problem is that we don't always look our best in photos, and hiring a professional photographer is expensive. Hollywood Photo Finish is a fast and cheap resource to get fabulous pictures of yourself that last a lifetime! 
Because it is worth capturing those moments that you look and feel amazing!

Jeff works with you to understand your problem areas and what you would like to fix or smooth out in your photos. Mine is my chin and neck area. As you can see he created a bit more definition around that area for me and smoothed out the lines as well as giving me porcelain smooth skin. Now if only he could do that in real life right?

The After photo Enlarged:

AFTER photo enlarged:

This can be done for your close-up's for profile photos or business cards but also can be used to fix older photos as well as family portraits.
He only charges $20 per person within a photo.

Enlarged 'AFTER' photo:

With the photo below he ran an effect to give it a vintage look, common in magazines and advertisements!

With the photo below he ran an effect to give it a vintage look, common in magazines and advertisements!

As a promotion to my followers Jeff is willing to provide a "buy-one get-one free" promition! 
Just mention 'Fashion Confessions of a Mommy' in the text box when placing an order, 
he will send you an email for another photo edit absolutely free!

So, don't wait, pick a photo of yourself that you would like perfect and click on the Hollywood Photo Finish to see his magic!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I meant what I said and I said what I meant

 This was my outfit today volunteering at my son's class for their big Dr. Seuss Day!
The inspiration was from Nov 2011 issue of Lucky magazine:
 I love the mix of a blazer jacket and converses. Who says you can't make sneakers chic? Especially if your sneakers are converses!
 I desperately tried to find my tank that was the same color as the top but couldn't find it this morning. Drove me crazy cause it would have been perfect.

Blazer - Newport News
Top, Jeans - Forever 21
Purse - Q
Sneakers - Converses
Necklace, Hat - gifts

My son's school had a super fun Dr. Seuss day between the 4 kindergarten classes. I volunteered to run the station in his class. They had a super fun day but I am afraid I caught the cold germs all the kids seemed to be carrying so now I am coming down with something! :(

 My favorite quotes among the ones kids were picking to glue to their hats....

Kids art work from previous week...


Inspiration from Sept 2012 issue of In Style Magazine:

 Not sure if I like those two grey tops layered together. Again things I notice when I download/upload the photos which is end of the day! :)
Jacket/coat - Forever 21
Top - Stylemint
Boots - Madden Girl

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mr. Toad's Wild Adventure

 This was Saturday's outfit out to brunch with the family then to a indoor shopping mall with my lil sis...
Inspiration from the BCBG Fall lookbook:

 Yes, I am hating my hair. The color appt got cancelled last Friday and now I have to wait until Wednesday... I can't wait!

My Dad gets in the pose!
Jacket - Andrew Marc
Dress - Marni for H&M
Purse - Chloe
Wedges - Dolce Vita for Target
Necklace - J Crew

It was another insane day. Started the morning with an hour of weight lifting since we had skipped Friday night. Then rushed out the door to meet up with the family for a birthday brunch which was a lot of fun. I was already sore from sitting right after working out.
My sister and I decided to hit a mall that is further and indoors for something different and the best perk was the H&M there has a kids section. Shopped for great outfits for the kids. Then went to Nordstrom's to shop for a french cuffed shirt for my son to wear at her wedding and shoes for both of them.
He is going to look so cute in the coolest dress shirt with slacks and vest and a bow tie and bright blue converses!
Forgot how nice it is to shop at department stores where they do everything for you and you feel so pampered. No wonder people who get used to that can't step into a TJ Maxx.

As soon as we got home and got the kids to bed did another hour of kickboxing. I was wiped out to say the least....

SUNDAY was not easier. Got up early to take the kids to Turkish school than my friend came over for a photo shoot which I will start my 'who is wearing kika?' segments next Monday. As she was leaving my other friend came with the kids so we can leave the dads on a playdate while her and I went to my other friend's house to watch the red carpet and the Oscar's. I had this great idea to wear something funky but I was so wiped out that I just went with what I had on which I had not even photographed. Oh well....

My son with my Nephew

Got to love his laugh!

On the train in the mall. The only time we pretty much sat down!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Make a Wish Picassos

My camera battery died after taking 2 poses and I had to leave so this is all you get for this outfit. 
This was last night's outfit which was inspired by the Late Afternoon blog:

Sweatshirt, Leather Pants - Forever 21
Blouse - Zara
Purse - Coach
Shoes - Shoedazzle

 This was what I wore during the day which was inspired by this Chictopia Post:
I love the mix of leather pants and converses! 

 I miss my extensions!!!!
Blazer - Newport News
Sweater and Pants - Forever 21
Sneakers - Converses
Purse - Q
Accessories - mostly from Bauble Bar

We went to the Children's Museum which is downtown with our pre-school class. Took the trolley there which was part of the fun for the kids...


Met up with the Mommy group for dinner and painting class! 
It was so much fun!

My Masterpiece (not!)