Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wild Sky

This was a combo put together with items from other combo's. Had worn this neon animal print tee with a black skirt. Have many combo's with these pants. The blue color picks up the touch of blue in the shirt. Black sandals anchor the outfit. I went with silver accessories in the morning but switched to gold/stone accessories in the afternoon.

Neon Animal Print Tee - TJ Maxx - $6
Blue Pants - Ann Taylor
Black Sandals - Boutique 9
Morning Earings - Mango
Afternoon stone necklace - from Turkey
Afternoon ring, watch - From Turkey

Today's Activities: Took kids to a toy shop and walk around the town in the morning. After lunch and great naps at home took them to the shopping center. It was rainning so spent some time inside and rides in covered areas. Then switched to the other shopping center to have dinner at my uncle's restaurant. Spent the night at my Grandpa's house with Mom, stepdad and cousin and her husband.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Graffitti Park

Life continues... Kids still need to be taken care of. So here we are at the park. My stepfather the great artist is here so he took many shots at this park whose walls were once painted with scenery pictures but over time turned into graffitti. My stepfather thought they made a great background.  Wore the white maxi dress I purchased here my first week. Simple accessorizing. Just added chunky chain necklace and my denim sandals which are adorned with chain detail as well.

White Maxi Dress - boutique in Turkey - $30
Denim Sandals - Steve Madden
Chunky Chain necklace - Forever 21 - $17

Today's Activities: Went to park with the kids. My mom and stepdad joined us. Had lunch at a cafe near by. After naps my mom and aunt went out to take care of paperwork while stepdad and I took the kids to grocery shopping then all of us got together and came to Grandpa's house. My sister and cousin had been there all day hosting visitors. They played with the kids while we hosted visitors. Then as it was my nanny's last night took them back home and left them there and came back to spend the evening with family.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saying 'Good-Bye'

This is a hard morning. Today was my Grandpa's funeral. As it turns out it was a super hot day. My Grandpa was a very political figure in this city. He was an ex senator for one. He was the president of Chamber of Commerce for the whole country for 1 year. Then for 17 years he was the president of Chamber of Commerce in Izmir. Therefore the death announcements were 2 full pages in the newspapers. The Chamber of Commerce held a funeral ceremony first, then there the actual funeral took place at the main mosque. Afterwards we drove to the cemetry for burial. The core family had to line up to greet everyone that came and then to say good bye. |It was hours of standing and shaking hands with press constantly flashing photos. There was lots of crying. I will miss him so much.
I was going to wear my black dress but since it was sleeveless it required a jacket since it would be inappropriate in the mosque and it was too hot to wear a jacket today. Therefore decided to go with this blouse instead with the black skirt my stepfather brought for me when he came. Wore panythose because the shoes hurt barefoot in the heat. Heels was a big mistake. On top of my emotional pain I was in great physical pain from standing for hours on those heels. After all this we had to come home to host many friends and family who came to the house. At his point I wore slippers.

Black satin Blouse  - Forever 21
Black pencil skirt - Forever 21
Pantyhose - penti
Black patent heels - Steven
Black and white purse - Guess
Pearl necklace - Barrowed from my cousin

The ceremony at Chamber of Commerce... The plaque on the wall is the plaque that is always there because my Grandpa was the President Chamber of commerce when this building was built.

Today's Activities: Funeral ceremony followed by actual funeral followed by burial. Hosting family and friends at home. Remembering his best memories with everyone and laughing like he would want us to was the best part of the day. Spent time with the whole family until very late at night.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bitter Sweet

I lost my grandpa on Monday.... The last 4 days have been an absolute blur. Waves of emotion come and go, we go between crying hsyterically to laughing at the mention of wonderful memories we have shared over the years with him. The whole family has gathered from Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey, to Belgium, Romania and United States.
The tradition in Turkey is many people come to the house to deliver their condolonces. The whole family has been gathering all their black clothing items to greet these visitors. On Wednesday, day before the funeral heard visitors will be minimal to allow the family to get ready. Therefore spent the morning with the kids instead and wore normal clothes. The kids are like medicine. They remind you life goes on and the next generation continues. Hugging them and kissing them allows me to heel. The weather has been exteremely warm the past few days so this summer tank top was perfect today for our long walk to the port park with the kids with my cousin and my other cousin's girlfriend. It was a great change of paste for us and emotional break from our sarrow.

Cargo pants - Gap
Teal Tank Top - Nordstrom's Rack
Tan sandals - Victoria's Secret

Today's Activities: Walk to park with the kids. After kids woke up from their naps upon strong demand took them to my grandpa's house to bring cheer to all the other family members. They did infact make everyone happy by being there. We hired a second nanny for the next two days so the kids can be taken care of while I support the family. So, sent the kids back home while I stayed.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy in Stripes

First and foremost HAPPY MOTHER’s day to all my mommy readers.

I thought the best mother’s day gift this morning was waking up to my son’s gentle kiss and his soft voice saying ‘mommy’. Of course the rest of that sentence was ‘I need to go potty’ but still there was a kiss and a hug! 

So, this is the outfit I meant to wear that crazy day my Grandpa’s condition got worse and my nanny broke her arm. That day though I had my mom’s top. This top is mine. Mom bought this for me from my son as a mother’s day gift so she can have her top back. It was on a sale rack for 24 TL ($16). It is nice and long tunic length. It has tiny shulder pads (so 80s) with silver stud embellishments that I love. The shoes and the jacket are mom’s. She was wearing this outfit the other day and I loved it so barrowed it all. I love the watermelon colored jacket over the navy/white stripes. These shoes mom claims are black but they blend as navy with this outfit I think. I am also wearing my new silver anklet. The gold version of this anklet is in my mother’s day giveaway! I wore my own gold anklet all summer long last summer but this year so many of my sandals/shoes are cuffed at the ankles that I can’t wear them as often.

Jacket – Mom’s
Navy/White Striped top – Tally Weijl (boutique in Turkey) - $16
Jeans – Forever 21
Shoes – Guess
Necklace – Off Fifth
Sunglasses – Channel

Today’s Activities:

Woke up semi early again. Let go of the nanny we had for 1 day that did not speak any Turkish or English and could not communicate or entertain the kids. A new nanny has started and we like her a lot more.
Ate breakfast with uncle and cousin and the kids.
Went to the local Sunday farmer’s market.
Both kids napped (what a great mother’s day gift). After snacks went to Grandpa’s house where again the kids played outside for a bit as I visited my Grandpa. We then allowed them to come inside for a little while per my Grandpa’s wish, fed them there and rushed home for baths and bedtime. I then went back to Grandpa’s to visit until very late (have been coming home around 2 AM)…

Oh, here is the news paper photo and article that came out today...

Mother's Day Giveaway!

Of course the giveaway applies to all followers not just mom’s but thought today is a great day to post it.

Finally found my first great item to give away.
It is a gold and faux diamond anklet. Looks super cute and dresses up any flip/flop outfit in an instant. Great for summer. Ideal with swim suits and cover ups to look chic and dress at the beach or pool side.
I have a similar one I bought last year here and love it.

Here are the very simple rules to win this great anklet:

1. You must become a follower of my blog. To do so, make sure you have a google accont. If not open up one (very easy). Then either press the ‘follow’ button to becom e a follower or if in Turkey add my blog’s url ( to ‘takip ettigim blog’lar listesi’.

2. Must comment on this post with an email I can contact you at and tell me where or with which outfit you would wear this anklet with the most. When commenting make sure you enter the random security word that pops up on the screen to confirm your comment posts.

The winner will be selected randomly from the ‘follower’ list by May 19th which is ‘youth holiday’ in Turkey.

If the winner resides in U.S. please know that I can’t mail this until I return to the states mid August.

If the winner is in Turkey, I will figure out a way to get it to them asap.

If the winner is International (non U.S. or Turkey) I will mail this when I return from U.S. but might ask for shipping costs if they exceed $10. It is a very light item so hoping I can mail it in a padded envelope no problem.

More give aways will follow while I am here and find unique items…