Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hi There,
Heading to Jamaica today!

Today I will also start my week long of posts about Fall/Winter trends and my goals finding items that fit these trends from my own closet.
I have also included a ton of old outfit photos that go with each item so it should be a fun read...

We will start with Trends that were in last season and still continue to be in fashion:
Sorry I don't really have cool pics for everything but just bear with me...

·       1.  Animal prints 
 So glad these are still in. I love Animal prints and as you will see later this week I have plenty of items that fit this trend...

2. Bold Colors
 I love all these vibrant colors. So much fun to wear.

3. Southwestern, tribal patterns
 I don't have a whole a lot of items that fit this trend cause I feel it won't last long. But I love the trend.

4. Fur

 I love fur trims and faux fur jackets. This year you can even go colored fur. The purple jacket I have fits right into that category!  I am lusting over that emerald green one though.

The rest I don't have photos for but you know the trends anyway:

·         5. Hats
·         6. Feathers
·         7. Skinny Jeans
·         8. Clutches
·         9. Colored jeans/pants

·         10. Metallics

Stay tuned for tomorrow for the new trends...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Layered colors over stripes

 I have to be honest, I am not crazy about today's outfit at all. But the morning was such a crazy rush that I didn't care to play around with it. The Inspiration had come from this polyvore combo:

But the execution was not my proudest moment:

Layered the light peach and the green floral scarf...

Dress - Marshall's
Tank - Victoria's Secret
Scarf - H&M
Necklace - Forever 21
Flip Flops - from Turkey

So, these scheduled posts I am trying to prepare are taking quite some time. To expedite things I piled up all the different clothes together at night with the plans of taking photos during kids' nap time. BUT, remembered the cleanning ladies are coming today and they would move all that stuff and then it would take me months to find them. So I had to rush to take 'all' the photos in the morning before we left for preschool! Which was crazy. To make matters worse my battery died right in the middle, so took a break and got ready while that charged a bit so I can finish. And when I started again this one stubborn bee kept buzzing right next to me and freaking me out. What a morning.
After Preschool and lunch and naps I thought I would have a family member come babysit while I got my nails done completely forgetting about my son's tee-ball! I missed it since he started since I was working. It was great to go but to keep the little ones occupied we took them to the adjacent park so I didn't get to watch my son play. Next time I will try to go with someone or leave my daughter with someone so I can watch him. Afterwards we all went out to dinner together and yet still hit horrible traffic on the way home at 7 PM.
So now I am doing 4 loads of laundry and finishing up these posts so I can dedicate tomorrow to pack and get ready and hope to get my nails done.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today's Inspiration came from the following tiny photo in a corner page in a big group shot from February 2011 Lucky Magazine...

I liked these colors, pastel yellow, blue and orange together. Wish my cardi was a bit more pastel orange than this bright one but oh well....
 This outfit was perfect for today for running errands and staying at home. The weather is super hot (in mid 80s) but inside my house is chilly so the cardi was perfect.

I was going to wash my hair in the afternoon before the haircut so in the morning did a side braid I saw my friend do the other day... Then I did my daughter's hair in the same fashion but forgot to photo of course.

Cardigan - Gap
Tank - Ann Taylor (random I know. It is very old)
Pants - J Crew
Sneakers - Rocket Dog

Started the morning early. My goal was to leave the house by 9:45 but somehow managed to get out by 9:15! 

The photo shoots for my scheduled posts are taking quite some time and effort. I am doing this whole 'welcome to my closet' series where I will display trendy colors like orange, blue, red, purple etc...And also animal prints, metallics, fur and feathers. All this requires though taking out ton of stuff my closet, drawers and cabinets. Staging them on my bedroom balcony then having to put it all back. Quite an exercise. I am trying to do some everyday to break it up. So this morning I got all the purples and some missing pieces from yesterday. But realized afternoon is a much better time to take photos for the light purposes. So tomorrow I have to catch that light somehow. To be prepared I already piled up all the clothes in front of the balcony door.

Today we went to the indoor play area in the morning Then in the afternoon my friend came over with her two kids and while my parents played with all of them she gave me a much needed haircut. She works at a big salon but this way it was very convenient for both of us. She also gave my son a hair cut and of course my daughter 'had to' have one too. She ran up before us and sat in the chair to ensure she would get a turn. It was so cute!
 Here is getting her 'pretend' hair cut since mommy wants her hair long before she gets her first cut. Convincing her to get a haircut obviously though will not be a problem when the time comes!
 We thought she was done but she reminded us blow dryer was not used like mommy so couldn't skip that step!

 Here is my son who stood nicely but with a very concerned look on his face and this weird move he made each time the scissors slightly touched his skin.

 And here is my hair cut. I obviously do not have an ounce of make-up, so this also could be used as my 'all natural' portrait look! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Slipping Away

Today's outfit inspiration came from the following photo in the February issue of Elle Magazine:
When I saw this I immediately thought of this super cute slip dress I got from Turkey last year. Even though it is a dress itself I got it more to wear under other dresses and skirts for the layered look.

 Thought these big yellow beaded necklace added a nice color!

 Got a lot of comments on these today. They do look a bit out there and definitely very Roman/Gracian but I like them.

I wish I had bought this blouse one size bigger so it sat a bit roomier. I had to button it up after the shoot cause it was a bit too much cleavage for pre-school! :)

Dress - Mango (from Turkey)
Shirt - Forever 21
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Necklace - very old...

Preschool class this morning. Afternoon was trying to get my house in order after 3 weeks of being absent. Cleaned out all the pantry

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sleeveless Trench

Today's outfit!

 Wearing my F21 find of Sleeveless Trench. It is not really functional but adds the look of a trench in summer weather!

Wearing my new spikey earrings from this Sunday's Thread Show:

Trench, Top - Forever 21
Denim Leggings - Guess
Wedges - Victoria's Secret

Went to the outdoor preschool class today at the park. The weather was warm and sunny and it is supposed to be even hotter tomorrow in mid 80s! That is October in San Diego for you. Kids ran and played like crazy. We had to keep refilling our water bottle. After naps we played for a while together than my Dad came over to play with them while I organized our office which had gotten out of hand and paid bills than hit the drugstore for some trip shopping. Stocking up on sunblocks. Got the Neutregena wet skin sunblock spray for kids which will be used as a secondary application. For myself I got the Hawaiian tropic shimmer effects sunblock that adds shimmer. And for after shower got cocoa body oil gel. I used it at my friend's house once and it totally makes your legs shine which will be perfect for the evening after sunbathing all day. Hopefully anyway. We are risking it with going at the tail end of hurricane season so expecting some showers but hoping not everyday. Plus hoping kids love the day camp and we can spend some quality adult vacation time in the sun. Getting excited now.
I am also starting to work on my scheduled posts. It is primarily going to be 'my closet' series, pulling items that fit this season's trends from my own closet. Should be fun.I just got to get them all scheduled though which is a lot of work.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oomph Inspired Monday Mingle

Today's outfit inspiratoin was from the lovely fashion blogger mommy Becks from the very popular and loved  Oomph Blog!

Wore the white blazer one more time before dropping it off at the dry cleaner's...

These are the other flared pair I got from F21. They are darker rinse but thinner material and not as long...

Tank - Arden B
Jeans, Blazer - Forever 21
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Heels - Steve Madden

Participating in Monday Mingle, a fashion focused initiative that sprung from the minds of BonBon Rose Girls, and
GlamMom is the linky host this week, so click HERE to check out fabulous fashion themed posts!

Woke up super early for my own infusion appt and then to the pre-school to meet up with the kids and my mom. It was nice to be back to my old routine but exhausting and I felt out of shape after my 3 week break from full time mommyhood. 
After naps we went to a closer pumpkin patch with our friends. 4 Mommies, 8 Kids! It was pretty dead there but we were big enough of a group to make it fun just us. The kids always have such better time when they do things with friends. And their costumes had arrived in the mail so they got to wear them. They were both sooo excited about it. We had to pry the batgirl dress off of my daughter at night to go to bed.

Meet Finn McMissile & Miss BatGirl!

Superheroes in line!

Girls just wanna have fun!

Pumpkin Climbers