Saturday, February 13, 2010

Casual Tie Dye

Long day today. Son is getting up 3-4 times through out the night for no reason. Exhausted from lack of sleep. No time to do photo today.

Outfit: Tie dye skinny jeans (you can tell I love skinny jeans I have a pair in every color). White slim fitting tunic lenght tank top with a black madonna graphic design, black cro cardigan, black ugg boots. chunky multi chain necklace.

Activities: Aquarium with son. Volunteered for the princess project downtown for a few hours.

Outfit worked great. This pair of jeans actually stay put so I don't have to keep pulling them up like the other pairs. I had layered tops that way if I got hot while volunteering I can take off the cardigan. Uggs are of course the most comfy things on earth. To make it dressy tigh high suede boots would have been better but uggs are more comfy when you are on your feet for 3 hours sorting hundreds of dresses.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another two outfit day

Another semi chilly day so wearing a sweater combo I had noted in my list but never tried it out.  Also, planning to go out with hubby to celebrate valentine's day early while we can have a sitter (grandparents). So, picked outfits where the same jeans can be worn to minimize my getting ready time.

Outfit 1: Boyfriend cut jeans with cuffs rolled up to calf length, white shawl collar neck cashmere blend sweater (bought from Victoria's secret 2 years ago), skinny bronze glitter belt, cream ruffly calf lenght boots (bought them years ago and have worn them only a few times). The belt is my pop of color. The little glitter of metallic bronze adds interest. I got this for $4 (i am not kidding) at forever 21. Plus the boots are interesting and with the jeans rolled up their ruffle detail truly shows. Accessorized with betsey heart necklace. The boots have heels but again chunky and not too high so managable as long as you are not walking much.

Activity: playdate at another mommy's house.

Outfit 2: same boyfriend jeans rolled up, white tank with silver glitter trim at the neckline, black boyfriend blazer, black patent heels and black and white skinny belt. Black fringe purse. Chunky glitter necklace and real diamond small hoop earings. silver watch and lots of silver chain bracelets all worn together.

Activity: Dinner at Piatti's then a movie!

I am actuallly getting used to heels again. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two Outfit Day

It is still chilly here in SD so taking advantage and wearing my chunky cardigan outfit again.

Outfit: white skinny jeans, brown banana republic top, chunky fair isle cardigan, cognac slouch boots.
As I wrote couple weeks ago, white jeans can be worn during winter and match great with brown and neutral tones. They are also not as scary as you might think with kids. Because they are white you can always bleach out any stain so they are very functional. Just might not last all day.

Activity: Outdoor toddler class. The heels on the boots are chunky so they are fine in sand on the playground and not too high where you can still lug two kids and push a stroller on grass from parking lot to park.

Outfit 2: Black skinny tuxedo pants, purple fitted ruffle bottom top both bebe. Platform ruffle purple suede shoes from Steve madden. Chunky multi chain necklace great bargain find from forever 21.

Activity: Fundraiser cocktail party at a bar in Downtown with my sister in law.

The shoes are surprisingly comfortable contrary to their high rise platform height. I actually put on this night time outfit in the afternoon but wore a long black wool cardigan and ugg boots over it as we hung out with the kids at an indoor play area. That way I can just put on the shoes and the necklace and swap the cardigan with leather jacket and dash out the door moments later my husband got home to take over.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Very cute outfit but the low riders are driving me crazy

Outfit: Dark blue skinny jeans, brown sweater/jacket fitted top, brown tall boots pulled over the jeans, betsey johnson heart necklace, juicy hoop earings.

Activity: Indoor toddler class with the kids in the morning, Dr appointment in the afternoon.

Today's outfit looked really cool. The top is something I bought from a realtive's boutique in Turkey. Very different. The main part is made a like a jacket from wool suit material. The waist is satin with a zipper but what makes it super comfy is the sleeves are sweater material so it is very easy to move in.

My jeans on the other hand were driving me crazy today. They kept riding so low that my thong showed everytime I sat or bent over which is very often when you are chasing after two toddlers. I am not sure if it is because they stretch out or something. I am going to try wearing them with a belt to see if that fixes the problem. Very annoying.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finallly adding a photo

Not the most interesting outfit today but finally got the old manequin from my mom and managed to put the outfit on her and take a photo.
Hope it works.

Outfit: Dark grey skinny jeans, grey top with mild design and studs, grey and silver scarf, black crop cardigan and black calf length military boots. Studded silver earings.
The combination lacks that 'focal point' or 'pop of color' I always talk about, but I do like the all muted grey tones. Kind of goes withe rainy overcast day we are having today.

Activities: Grocery shopping, playdate at a friend's house. After naps, library sign and story time followed by browsing books.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Same Outfit - slight changes

Since I only wore yesterday's outfit for just a couple hours figured I can wear some of the pieces again.
Same concept but less dressy.

Outfit: Instead of yesterday's satin brown pants, wore brown khaki pants. Same teal t-neck and same chunky fair isle sweater. Instead of cream high heeled ankle boots, wore flat brown boots. Instead of the gold glitter belt, went with skinny double brown belt and kept the t-neck untucked. Instead of the long and heavy necklace went with a smaller stone version that is not as clunky or long.

Activity: Went to a playdate at a friend's house in the morning. After naps, squeezed in a grocery shopping, a return and a frame purchase at Michael's and then rushed to the park playdate for some fresh air before the rains come later this week.

I find running errands to be a big challange with 2 kids. Even if the stores are in the same strip mall they seem to be never that close. You either have to park close to one store than stroller or shopping cart carry the kids betwen stores or deal with the hassle of putting and buckling them in and out of car seats for a 5 minute run in errand at a store. Haven't figured out which method is better. At times like these it is good to wear flats and have layers on top so you shed the top layer when you get hot from all the running and lifting.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Party

So, cheated first half of the day as I wore my black velour sweat suit. Kids woke up all through the night and had no motivation what so ever to wear anything else in the morning.

Napped while they are napping and got some energy and motivation.

Outfit: Brown satin pants, Teal cotton t-neck tucked in, bronze glittery thin belt, cream ankle high boots with ruffle trim, long gold chain/blue stone necklace and chunky fair isle cardigan with fur trimmed hood. Before the cardigan the outfit does seem too dressy but the chunky cardigan brings it down to more casual and makes it very cozy. Great for the rare and seldom cold days like this one for San Diego.

Activity: Super Bowl party at a friend's house with another couple of friends all with kids same age as ours.

Outfit worked most of the time. The necklace got in the way couple times banging on my daughter's face but other than that pretty functional.