Friday, September 19, 2014

Haven't met you yet

Thursday's outfit was inspired by March 2014 looks of Anthropologie:

Mine is a knee length instead of midi skirt but the idea of solid top with print skirt is there….

This is one of those skirts that is sooo old and actually kind of big on me but I keep coming back to it over and over. The print and the color is just so perfect to create amazing combinations with….

Top, belt - Forever 21
Skirt - Target
Necklace- Baublebar
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

After dropping off the kids at school in the morning stayed to attend the volunteer orientation followed by 'room mom' orientation. I am co owning that role for my son's class this year with another friend. I also signed up to be the class photographer for both kids' classes.
As I was leaving the meeting another new mom of my daughter's classmate asked if I had time for a cup of coffee. They just moved to San Diego from Canada and she also has a 2nd grader son so it was great getting to know each other and it was apparently her birthday!
At home I caught up on unanswered emails and following up on creating team site for my son's soccer team and updating his class site etc…
Went to pick them up and brought them home for homework and snack. Then dropped off my daughter at my friend's house so she can take her to soccer while I took my son to his 2nd soccer practice of the week. The weather has dropped in temp like crazy and it was actually chilly on the field after days of heat.
I had made sandwiches for dinner for us so he can eat on the drive home to save time and get him to bed when we got home… My husband picked up my daughter and had their own dinner and came home. Teamwork. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cool and Collected

 Wednesday's outfit. The weather is still quite warm so the vest had to be ditched by 9 AM but regardless…

The inspiration is from August 2014 issue of Lucky Magazine:

 Have a lot of combos for these thrifted striped pants lately… So comfy too….

See even without the vest, thanks to do choker necklace it looks unique….

Vest, Tee, necklace - Forever 21
Pants - Tommy Hillfiger
Sneakers - Superga
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

The heat wave continues and so do the half day school days but today was always a half day so not much difference. Actually they didn't cancel our after school activities so the kids got out a bit later even. We had a combo playdate at our house with a new family that moved here from New Jersey. They too have a 2nd grader son and a Kinder (well transitional kindergarten) daughter. The girls are in the same class but the boys are not so they met for the first time. And being boys and loving playing ball they wasted no time warming up to each other. It was too hot so turned it into a playdate to cool everyone off. After they left went directly to the pool for my son's swim team practice followed immediately by my son's soccer team practice and I was the driver so had to stay the whole time but my hubby came to pick up daughter so at least she can eat and shower before it was too late. The coach had 'back to school night' for his own kids so ended moderately early by 6:45 so we got home but still late bedtime… How does my son not get tired I have no idea. If I can bottle up his stamina and energy and sell it would make millions. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Show Stoppers

Monday night's outfit going out with the girls was inspired by Bee from Atlantic Pacific:

I absolutely adore this silk prada maxi skirt I bought in a thrift shop and always look for different ways to wear it. With a tight blank tank and white stilettos it worked out great. I added pops of hot pink too….

Top - Ann Taylor
Skirt - Prada (thrifted from My Sister's Closet)
Heels - Nine West
Scarf - Kika Paprika
Clutch - Asos
Necklace - Bauble Bar
Earrings - Forever 21

We have a major heat wave going on here so not much dressing during the day. In fact I wear workout clothes so I can throw everything into wash every day. Kids have had half days due to heat and they eat all their snacks indoors and the teachers do not let them run around outside.
Don't have much time during the day with half days so pick them up and have them swim at home and stay cool.
I managed to put on an outfit after a cold shower to go out with the girls Monday night.
It was one of those amazing events hosted by Lincoln that somehow my friend is on the mailing list. So 6 of us got in. First they drive you around a luxury lincoln of your choice just around couple blocks while they tell you the features of the car. Then you fill out a survey and get a wrist band. After that you are free to enjoy a full 3 course meal with 2 free drinks which include wine or beer or from a menu of signature cocktails at a very nice restaurant in which case this was 'Prep Kitchen'. None of could believe  how this whole thing was comp'd but we enjoyed every minute and every bite. :)

Today I will sit quietly taking in the beauty around me

 Sunday's breakfast on the beach with family outfit was inspired by this Zara lookbook photo:

Denim Jacket - H&M
Tee - TJ Max may be?
Shorts - H&M

Had a nice brunch with family but my son started acting up fighting with his sister about seashells and storing them so we left in a rush and didn't include the kids in the group photo that I took the tripod for right on the beach! :(
At home they calmed down a bit and my in-laws left shortly after.
Daddy and son settled in to watch the Charger game while I painted rocks with my daughter and worked on week's laundry….

 So happy took a photo of these rocks cause it rained yesterday (Tuesday) and they were all washed off!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Wine Women and Song

 Saturday night's outfit to my friend's chorus concert with friends and my mother in law.
The inspiration was from Who What Wear website:
 I liked the idea of a looser tank over the chiffon pants. Unfortunately though I didn't have a black silky tank top so decided to go with my bronze metallic top instead….

Top - J Crew
Necklace - Ann Taylor LOFT
Pants - Threadsence
Belt - from Turkey
Platforms - Luxury Rebel
Sunglasses - Vogue

Had a day filled with soccer games in the morning followed by swimming at home and ballet class.

After all the activities left my hubby and his father to BBQ and have dinner with the kids while my mother in law and I got dressed and went up the hill for a 'Wine Women and Song' event where my friend sang with her amazing chorus.
They were breathtakingly good. It was just pure joy….