Friday, July 22, 2011

Edgy Gypsy

 Today's outfit was inspired by the guess ad last year!
 This outfit reminded me of the khaki skirt I bought last year from Turkey with a white trim. And then I thrifted this denim vest last winter so the outfit came together.

 To give that effect of the white fringe she has in her hair I tied my fringed scarf in hair and let the ends dangle on side.
 Had to take these photos super super fast so went to back to my bar area for a quick shoot.

Lizard flats just like her lizard heels...

Added the black studded cuffs for the same effect:

Vest - thrifted from Filomen's closet
Skirt - from Turkey (Guzelyali Izmir'deki bir butikten)
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Scarf - Boutique in La Jolla

Today's Activities: Luckily one of the mommy's in my group had scheduled something for this morning. A kid gym north of us had open play for $5 a kid. Some place we had never been. Kids are always excited about dong something they have never done (I wonder who they take after?). 4 of us met there with the kids and the kids ran around, climbed and jumped like crazy. We then had them eat the packed lunch in the break room before coming back home. After naps I worked hard to get everything done since I will be taking a whole day off tomorrow for going to Comic-Con. 2 loads of laundry, colored and dried my hair, gave both kids a full bath, cooked dinner, fed the kids and got them ready for bed. My husband came home right during story time. I then paid the bills and did my nails. Now, just need to figure out what to wear tomorrow. My friend tells me it is super hot there and we'll be on our feet for 10 hours so that creates a challenge. I plan to take lots and lots of photos.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Catching up on posts so this was my outfit today!

I love the pairing of bright fuchsia with white with a touch of black.

Sure getting lots of use out of my white fedora this summer.

The colors look so cool, don't they?

Ironic that I bought this necklace for $10 at Bebe's clearance rack before feathers were everywhere. This outfit totally shows the necklace cause the other times I have worn was not doing justice.

I just couldn't help but model the outfit with these cause they are absolutely perfect with the outfit. But of course not practical so I switched to my strappy ankle cuff black sandals.

Top - Forever 21
Shorts & Hat - Target
Necklace - Bebe
Platforms - Boutique 9

Today's Activities: It was our last day of pre school summer session. Now I must work on scheduling some fun playdates and activities for the next month and a half to keep the kids busy. I am the captain of our mommy group so hoping to work on that tomorrow. We had a nice potluck lunch at school and also made a family banner with the kids.
In the afternoon we swam in our own pool than had dinner and watched Tangled from netflix all together.
My daughter is officially having insomnia. She took 2 hours to fall a sleep during nap and tonight took an hour and a half. She is going to be one tired little girl tomorrow if she doesn't sleep in. Not sure what is going on. We are going to try for a longer bed time routine to get her more calmed down and drowsy tomorrow and see if that helps. Kids! They just love to present new problems all the time just to keep us on our toes I guess.

My son stringing beads for our banner art project:

Joint effort, the names were my son's idea. I added the year. I like to date projects.

Here is a bigger picture of the art projects that were taking place:

Potluck lunch. Mommies are preparing the kids plates first while the teacher was reading them a story...

The younger ones were served first since they don't have the patience to listen to the whole story. 
My daughter in purple dress.

My son and his friend.

Posing with a group of mommies from the pre school. There are so many more I am friends with but so hard to get everyone together for a photo.

Last Night

This was my outfit last night to go to a play with my best friend.

Thought these car photos would be cool. Too bad we were in a under ground parking lot and in a very tight spot to get a good angle...

 This dress is new but was bought months ago. It is very light weight and could look dressy or very casual depending on how you style it.

This was at a spot we stopped for happy hour and appetizers before the play:

I added blue and silver accessories for a punch of color:
 The ornate bracelet was one of the gifts my husband had brought from his business trip to India. I layered it with my other 3 bangle set and it went so nicely together.

The soft cardigan is the same one I wore the other day. Adding black accessories or white would have been too predictable for this outfit. Going with cream was just the tad of unusual I was going for...
 My friend is great at taking my photos and most importantly giving me feedback after each pose. I love how supportive she is of me and my blog. Cause she is the type of person who hates taking photos or having her photos taken and add to that doing it in total public. But she does it for me!

These wedges are super cool and comfy but my got are they unstable to walk in. I almost sprained my ankle twice last night!
Dress - Forever 21
Cardigan -
Necklace - Bebe
Bangles - can't remember
Bracelet - from India
Wedges - Soda (from Marshall's)

LAST NIGHT: So, at first I was doing great getting ready myself and the kids and their swim bag etc... Then all hell broke loose when my son announced 'THERE IS A HUGE MESS'! My daughter is in this horrible stage of not potty trained but also  not wanting to wear pull-ups (or diapers). So she had pooped in her pull-up then decided to take it off and got it all over herself and was crying. Of course this had to happen on my son's white carpeted room! I was sweating like crazy trying to give her a bath (before swim class!) washing the night gown, disposing the diaper, and cleanning up the carpet. 
Nothing like wearing a silky dress and putting on make-up and then cleanning up poop! The thought that I would be sipping a cocktail and chatting with my friend in total bliss in an hour was what kept me going. 
I was the dressiest person at the pool even though I wore flip flops and ditched all the bracelets for now. 
My husband was great and showed up even earlier so I could leave right away to meet my friend.
We had a nice happy hour outdoors and made it just in time (actually a bit late) to the play. 
The play was called 'Peer Gynt' It was quite an odd story but very good acting. 
She had gotten these tickets at 50% off so that part was great.

Here is my best friend at the happy hour spot:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Retro Blue

 Today's day outfit. Posting it now so I can post tonight's outfit later tomorrow...

 Went very retro feminine outfit today. This linen skirt is very old and soft. Has tiny blue and brown flowers on it. Even though it is lined I still have to wear a slip underneath.
 I am now a pro at adjusting necklace lengths with safety pins. This top silver and blue necklace is from my mom's youth. It is a bit longer but I wanted it to show so shortened it using a safety pin.
 This thin crochet blue top from F21 is another old purchase. I usually wear it as a cardi but this time wore it as a blouse... The longer necklace helps cover the cleavage. Plus I wore a lace yellow bra underneath so looked interesting if it peeked out.
The brown mary janes carry out the retro look...

 Added the blush colored silk flower to the back of my hair...

Silk flower, Top, Skirt, double belt - Forever 21
Necklaces - vintage from Turkey
Mary Janes - Blowfish (from Zappos)

Today's Activities: Preschool today. Last week of school so I need to work on our calendar to fill it with activities the following weeks asap. Kids enjoyed playing together as usual.
Going to see a play with my friend tonight. Hoping my husband comes to kids' swim class early enough to take over so I can leave from there.
I do these weekly nights out but the a amount of planning and coordination it takes is quite a lot!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shelter Island

 Not at all crazy about today's outfit, but you know me once I commit I go with it...

 This green sweater top goes fine on the maxi floral dress. I even added a hot pink belt for interest but just not doing it for me...

My attempt on the front braid... I am so not good at this braiding thing...

The only thing I liked about today's outfit was adding these peacock feather and the pink hair clips in my hair!

Top - Ann Taylor
Dress - YesStyle
Belt - Forever 21
Flip Flops - Target

And the 2nd photo shoot at the preschool park location today:

 You can see I ditched the sweater right away as it was scorching hot there....

The playground we met up with PreSchool today was so pretty. I have been to this area before a million times but still each time you realize how lucky we are to live in such a gorgeous city where everyday can feel like a vacation... Just you know without the relaxation part. I meant just the location aspect of it!
 Not the safest park with the parking lot on one side and the rocks and water aspect on the other side but a pretty one....

Circle time under this beautiful tree:

The teacher did this whole walk around the parachute game. This one they are a robot: My son in the plaid shorts...
Here it is just a run I think. You can see my daughter in the red dress:

More parachute play:

Cool statues:

Across the street is the other side of the bay with all the sail boats:

There were people fishing there and they caught one:

Kids were of course mesmerized:

My daughter checking out the caught fish. 

With her side braid to match mommy sitting on top of another statute:

Well, the kids did not mind the heat and must have ran 20 laps around the playground. We kept getting worried they would get a heat stroke. We didn't drink a drop of our own water to make sure we had enough for the kids and it was barely enough.
Of course they crashed hard and napped at home. My friend came over with her kids used the pool in secret while mine slept. Then we cooked dinner and packed it all up and the kids for the gym. The sign up for the class was stupid. We had to go there an hour in advance then wait and get a card. Later we found out we could have just paid $1 to reserve a spot. So we reserved next week to not deal with that chaos.
Picked a spot near the gym to feed the kids dinner. By the time we got them back in the gym and checked in the kids club we were exhausted. I think we might have burned more calories getting ready to exercise than the exercise class itself!
But then the class kicked our butt. I might not be able to walk tomorrow! It was a very fast paced barbell weight class. And you know when you get out of a class like that you like to continue chugging your water and leisurely walk to your car etc... Well, we had to rush in to the kids club change 4 kids into PJs and lug them back to car then home to bed. A lot of effort for 1 hour of exercise, let me tell you!