Saturday, August 23, 2014

Movies after Dark

 My outfit on Wed afternoon/night. Inspired by H&M lookbook:
 My shorts are shorter and I added a very cute antique silver necklace I found at a street vendor in Alacati….

Blouse - H&M
SHorts - TJ Max
Belt - Limited
Sneakers - Superga
Purse - Target
Necklace, Watch - From Turkey

My cousin and I were alone with our kids today with no car while everyone else was still in the city.
We took them for an early swim at a different beach (walking distance) then hung around home.
Once my parents got home the ladies left for a play and my step dad wanted to stay home with the kids and watch a video so my cousin and I took the car to go to the old outdoor movie theater in the summer town. Compared to city's luxurious theaters this one uses wooden and plastic chairs and has a small screen. But it brings back so many memories of going there as a whole family with my grandpa.
We ate pop corn and sunflower seeds and watched Planet of the Apes….

City Adventure

T-shirt - Zara
Pants - Forever 21
Necklace - from Turkey
Sandals - C Wonder

My cousin and I decided to go on an adventure and tagged along to my mom and stepdad who were driving to the city for Dr. Appointments. They dropped us off at a shopping center which is what we could handle cause it is too hot there and the mall is AC'd….
Both mall's have play areas for the kids and are a short cab ride distance. So we did both with a little shopping in between….
Then had dinner at my uncle and cousin's restaurant at Izmir Marina….

But first in the morning on our way there we stopped at an authentic cafe for breakfast. The same one I used to stop with my grandparents when the road to the city passed that cafe.
Of course we had many incidents of kids getting injured in the playground then my son stepping on a rusty nail but survived it all….

 Kids love the flavored mineral water named same as our last name!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pearls and Skulls

 This was my outfit during the day last Sunday….
I got this fully pearl and skull adorned baseball cap from the bazaar. Knowing full well it was a bit risky whether I can pull it off without looking too young or too cheesy, but something about the full adornment that called out to me and I knew I would regret it if I didn't get it….
It is pretty cool I think. :)

Got this topshop tee from the bazaar too. It has a tulle edging around the neck and the frame of the graphic photo in the middle is neon studs. Love that touch of neon… It was XL actually but the baggy look works especially at the price of 5 Liras which is around $2.50!!!!
Hat, tee - from Turkey
Shorts, Espadrilles - J Crew

It was a casual day we started the morning by setting up the slide and mini blow up pool for the kids to play with in the front yard. My cousin joined them with a snorkel to be funny.

Then at night after a quick dinner we went to Alacati again and first hit the 'blackberry juice' vendor at the request of my son who had loved it last time we had it….

 This sign lists all the benefits of the famous blackberry juice… Pretty much cures everything from fatigue to sleep problems to throat and blood and breathing and congestion etc….

Then we met my aunt and uncle for a cup of tea, cause pretty much every hour in Turkey is tea time (morning, mid morning, afternoon, late evening…)
Where we were sitting there were these two dove like birds on the telephone wires and we first thought they were fake cause they looked perfect but then they moved and we knew they were real!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Got this jumper from the Bazaar here. Usually I don't buy rompers cause they are too difficult to go to the bathroom. But this is strapless therefore same effort as pulling elastic waist pants down… 
I did my hair slick and to the back for a change and too much effort to style it for the night….
My son said I looked like 'Draco Malfoy' from Harry Potter with this hair style:
He is totally right! :)

 My mom bought me this 'Leo' necklace for my birthday...

Romper - From Turkey
Necklace - gift
Sandals - C Wonder

My cousin begged to go to the bazaar with me. So I left my kids with my parents and she left her son with the nanny and we headed off. I have been going there two saturday's in a row and we always park in the same spot and start the bazaar in the same direction and when we get to a certain point we realize it is late and turn around. Therefore I had never seen what was beyond that point. This time I held onto my cousin's arm and literally dragged her with a speed walk all the way to the end. It was quite long and then we started looking walking back… I bought the most random things. Like water bottle covers, berry strainer, more cool t-shirts two of them from topshop! Watches and even swim suits. She got sandals and dresses and clothes for her son. By the time we sat down to eat something we realized we had been shopping for 5 hours straight!!!!!
I swear though it is the most amazing bazaar…

At night my cousin's fiance's parents were visiting and we had a big family dinner where my cousin and uncle BBQ'd….