Friday, January 4, 2013

Monkey Bars

 This chunky and super cozy number was for meeting the girls for dinner for restaurant week tonight!

The inspiration was from Allure's Nov 2012 issue:

I was initially worried how thick this whole outfit was. The sweater is super warm and the full a-line midi leather skirt definitely adds a lot of warmth all paired with knee high boots I twas definitely dressed for cold. But as luck with have it the restaurant we went had only a table on their patio so my outfit was just perfect to a t. I didn't even need to use the blankets they provided.
 A lot of people wouldn't wear such outfit as it definitely does not do any justice to any shape or curves but I like taking chances more for the sake of fashion than always looking perfectly shaped. Plus I did enjoy how comfortable everything felt...

Sweater - Forever 21
Necklace - J Crew
Skirt - Thread Show
Boots - Escada (very old from New York City's Century 21)

To help out the family that is renting a room from my parents I offered to babysit their son who is off school while they continue their language school which has started. We had plans to go to the zoo with a couple mommy friends so took their son with us. Unfortunately discovered I never put back the stroller in my car after the vacation and San Diego Zoo is no place to be stranded without a stroller and 3 kids. Luckily my daughter held her ground and walked the whole day without much wining. Borrowed a seat from friend's strollers a few times but that was it. 4 hours of walking and playing, both the kids and the mommies were exhausted.

Came home to change and get ready and took them all to my mom's to visit for a while then met my girlfriends for dinner.
We had an amazing dinner. The $20 prefix menu was superb value both in quality and in quantity. Usually during restaurant week pre-fix menus they make you share the salad and/or the dessert and things are half size. Here everything as full sized and it was a full 3 course meal per person. Good value on the wine too. We were there for over 2 hours fighting the guilt we felt with a line of people waiting for a table. As always being out with the girls was the best relaxation method ever.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Out with the Old and in with the New

 My outfit yesterday and the first outfit of the year!

Another Ann Taylor Loft inspiration:

I was initially planning to wear my black sequin skirt but it would have been too much for preschool so went with waxed/coated jeans instead... Plus the necklace is on loan from my sister so thought better wear it again before I return it to her.

Cardigan - very old
Top, Necklace - Ann Taylor Loft
Pants, belt - Forever 21
Boots - from Turkey
Purse - Q

1st day of preschool for my daughter and since my son is still off school he came with.
We returned 'winnie' which we had over the holidays and my daughter got to present what she did with her.... It was nice to see my mommy friends that i hadn't seen for couple of weeks so we all went to lunch after class to catch-up.

And her friend gets Winnie but the twin sisters are not keen on sharing...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Going, going, gone

 My outfit on New Year's Eve!


 I have to admit I bought the entire outfit that was shown in Ann Taylor Loft's website:
but then last minute I decided to not use the belt but use the necklace instead...

 I ordered this necklace but they were out of stock. My sister who tends to buy very similar items happened to purchase it too so I borrowed it from her!

And I could have worn the classic pointy toe patent leather shoes but I thought these just added so much more glam and interest. The ironic part is they are my stepdad's gift to my mom and we forgot they were at my house so she didn't get them or see them yet. I asked her of course and knowing my mom she said of course I could wear them!

 Layers of fringed tulle....

Top, Necklace, Skirt - Ann Taylor Loft
Heels - Victoria's Secret

New Year's Eve -
We had such a fun night again with the same group we were just at Big Bear with. But this time our friends that live very close to us hosted just like last year. Each family had a bedroom for themselves and since the kids had already spent the 2 previous nights together they were totally fine going down. We also put them down super late so that might have helped too. So late that when we told them it was time to go to bed not one resisted or wined. They were probably wondering when we were going to remember and put them to bed!
The adults were having too much fun chatting and having a dance off and playing games before and after they went to bed. We even had fireworks on the roof top deck and entered the new year there!
The next morning our hosts cooked an amazing breakfast. What luxury!

 My son wanted us to line up in height order... :)

In her glittery party dress:

My handsome boy:

Glow stick fun

 The ladies...

 Dance off to Wii

 Drinks and fireworks...

Adults before NYE:

 The Ladies and the Men...