Friday, April 10, 2015

Fly Away

Another cute inspiration from blog 'Not Dressed As Lamb': 

I switched up the colors a little so went with camel colored cape coat instead of grey and used tan boots instead of cognac and used a beret instead of fedora but kept the animal print design….

 When I took off the coat I had a orange and pink necklace scarf and took off the animal print beret as it clashed with the scarf...

Coat, Sweater, Pants, Beret - Forever 21
Boots - Shoedazzle
Scarf - Anthropologie

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Art class

Tuesday's outfit was inspired by this look from March 2015 issue of In Style:

This was a funky combination of colors and also cuts. The sneakers appealed to me as it makes it an easy outfit to fit my crazy lifestyle...

Not sure about this curly look… I tried something different...

Jacket, Blouse - Forever 21
Pants - Boden U.S.A.
Tote - Marc Jacobs
Sneakers - Superga

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hop little Bunnies

My Easter Sunday outfit was inspired by the Kate Spade ad in April 2015 issue of People Style Watch:

 I so love this pleated skirt. Inside the pleats are navy blue with a touch of light blue. 

The silver sandals were not going to work in my mother's grass lawn and I wasn't going to carry  a purse around in the house so I swapped the shoes for the hot pink kitten heels for that pop of color...

 I bought these hot pink kitten heels when I used to live in NYC lets see back in 1995-1996. 
That is how old they are!!!! 
Of course they look perfect and I have worn them all through the years as they always seem to be in style. They were not cheap even at Century 21 but worth every penny….

Sweater, Skirt - J Crew
Purse - Kate Spade
Silver Sandals - Shoedazzle
Kitten Heels - Ballin 

Had a gorgeous Easter Dinner at my parent's house with a few friends and family.
They had an egg hunt in the yard and kids played their hearts out.
My step dad cooked Colossal King crab legs that were just incredible plus the traditional ham.

Playing bean bag toss:

With my lil sis:

The ladies moved inside for tea and coffee late afternoon….

Monday, April 6, 2015

These things are fun and fun is good

Easter Weekend outfit #1, worn on Saturday for our local rec center egg hunt and lunch with friends followed by a concert/birthday party in the afternoon…
Now you know why I am so behind in posts….

Inspired by an ad in Bloomingdale's current catalog:

Now the dress has made its debut I am on a roll creating slightly different looks with it.
This time I belted it and added gladiator sandals and a panama hat and the red suede fringed purse for pop of color….

Dress - from Turkey (Moda)
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Bracelet set - Shop Ruche
Sandals - Victoria's Secret (4 years ago!)
Hat - from a Drug Store !!!!
Purse - Thread Show

What a crazy busy day but full of fun…
First it was rec center egg hunt followed by lunch with friends.
Then went to a very unique 6th year old birthday party at a camp site with a rock concert tribute to David Bowie. Couldn't stay for the late concert though as my daughter's tummy started hurting, probably from all the activities and the candy…

Afternoon Birthday Party