Saturday, October 16, 2010

Like a ray of sunshine

Although I like this combo I am not that excited about it cause I wore this last year, just either never blogged about it or never took a photo.  I like the all black with the huge pop of color from the yellow scarf and touch of interest with the animal print ballet flats. I added more glam with the big vintage looking earings and the sparkly cuff bracelet.

Black tee - Target
Skinny cut jeans - Rock Republic
Black Cardigan - Guess
Yellow Scarf - Mom's
Animal print ballet flats - Paola
Cuff bracelet and earings - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Yeay, it is the weekend and my husband is here. We went to a pretty early b-day party at a park at 10 AM. Had fun since a lot of friends were there and kids enjoyed the huge park and playing in the sand with their friends. Came home for naps and now 3 days in a row my son did not nap. God, I think he is dropping the nap and it is scary I just hope I can continue the quiet time possibly for at least until my daughter no longer naps. In the afternoon we had my parents and mom's cousins stop by to see the house. Then I took the kids to Sea World by myself for trick or treating and gave my husband a break. My son insisted he wears his thick dino costume. He looked so cute. My sister joined us later and we watched the elmo show and the seal halloween show. Had dinner there and came home just in time for bed time.

Here I am with the kids at the B-day party, fighting to get all the frosting off of the plastic animals they got from the cake...

Friday, October 15, 2010


I am loving my outfit today. Can't you see how happy I am when the weather is cooporating and staying somewhat cool enough at least for me to wear my 'fall' outfits. I put this together when I bought the cardigan from Forever 21 ($13.50!!!). I immediately thought it would look perfect with this blue striped button down. My sister wasn't a beleiver till she saw it all together. I just got these oxford's online. See, before I became a blogger I would have paired the cardi with a black shirt and woudl have worn red or black shoes to match. Now just all you other bloggers out there I look and crave contrasts and unusual combinations. So, these white/grey oxfords were perfect picking the light part of the button down. They have a slight gold glitter on them which allowed me to play that up with this vintage looking broche. Everyone kept asking if it was a hand me down from family. I don't remember where I got it but it was inexpensive. I had bought this way back when pins were in style. Collected about 4 of them and glad they can be worn again. I love adding the pin instead of any other jewelry. It gives the outfit just the right amount of feminine quality.  Oh, never talked about the hat. Found this the other day when I was reaching for some old evening shoes to try out. I love this hat. It is soft and comfy and you can fold it flat and it just gets its shape back. I wore this casual or dressy for years than kind of forgot about it. Today had that light annoying rain so it was perfect to cover up at least part of my hair.

Black striped dark red cardigan - Forever 21 (new)
Blue and white striped button down shirt - From Turkey
Skinny dark grey jeans - Closet (old)
Broche - don't remember where I got it (old)
Hat - Donney & Burke (old)
Oxfords - Forever 21 online (new)
Tortoise and gold watch - Michael Kors

Today's Activities: Since we missed Wednesday's preschool class we went to make up one today. My daughter was driving me crazy getting into everything more than usual. She was covered with markers from head to toe. Came home to another daughter napping, son not so much kind of day. At least he did stay in his room and read books. We then ran errands of costco shopping, coming back to put everything in fridge/freezer followed by dry cleaners and finally ending up at my mom and step dad's house for dinner. My mom's cousins are in town so it was fun having a big family dinner.

Here are some shots where kids are getting involved... ;)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unusual color combination

So, I was very happy with today's outfit. Except I feel it looked so much better in real life than in these photos so hopefully my instintcts were right. I was inspired to bring these colors together by the photo below:

The main thing that attracted me to this look was the velvelt purple jacket and the fact that I had one hanging in my closet from years ago. I fell in love with this jacket right away and so muc that I bought it even though it was too big and they didn't have it in a smaller size. Yet, I always had a tough time wearing it. I love the idea of pairing these unusual colors of teal, army green, purple and pink! You would never think these would work together but somehow they do. Amazing that this teal simple v-neck from Target has been worn so much as a great layering piece. Another great thing about this look is that except for the scarf everything is stuff I had in my closet for a while. The scarf is a new purchase from TJ Maxx. It is double layered and made out of soft t-shirt material. I love the colors of rusty red, teal, turqoise and touches of lavendar and pink and anchored with black and ivory. What is cooler is it has gold studs scattered all over the scarf. It is long enough to do a double wrap which I did at first but I needed to keep it long to off set the crop jacket.
My main pink item for the October challange though is my pink flat pointy toe shoes. They have colorful stiching all over. Oh, lastly the vintage looking earings go perfect with the vintage cut jacket I thought.


Purple velvelt crop jacket - Forever 21 Vintage (very old)
Teal Tee- Target (old)
Green cargo pants - Bebe (old)
Pink pointy toe flats - they have a brand name but I can't read it... (old)
Cotton scarf - Ed Hardy (new from TJ Maxx)
Earings - Forever 21 (new)

Today's Activities: My husband worked from home today so we could hang out with him all morning. Kids are all over him as they missed him so much. We went to swim class then had lunch at a Mc Donalds with a big slide play area with a friend so they could get some fresh air in this overcast day. After naps (only daughter napped) all of us including my husband went to the music class together. I had already arranged with my other mommy friends to invite their husband and one did. After the class we went to a kid friendly pizza house all together. It was chaotic as usual but fun.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stripes in the Park

It is still warm but starts off chilly and foggy so I can somewhat get away with an outfit like this at least part of the day. Have to admit the scarf had to come off when it was boiling hot at the park. Got this top from forever 21. Love its puff sleeves. The grey stripes are perfect to wear on top of the new grey denim leggings. Although you will notice they sag so quickly. I am not sure I am digging the denim legging look if they are going to sag right away. Black would have been a go to color but I wanted to be different so went with brown boots. Added the red scarf for a pop of color. I have a few other combo's with this top and bottom pretty much just playing with the shoes and the neck pieces.

These two are taken at the park... We took the caramel apples we made yesterday with us, they were yummy...

These are in front of my garage. Again taken after I have strapped the kids in and before we head out.

striped tunic top - Forever 21 (new)
Grey denim leggings - Elle at Kohl's (new)
Brown lace up boots - Steve Madden (new)
Red Scarf - Forever 21 (early 2010)

Today's Activities: Of course my son slept the entire night without getting up cause he was in my bed. We gave up his room for his buddy who slept over. Woke up and fed the 4 kids breakfast with my friend. Lounged around and had the kids play and watch DVDs (taking turns picking) and then went to the park late morning. Came home for lunch and naps. Will be picking up my husband from the airport this afternoon. Super excited. Posting early...

Here are the kids eating the caramel apples at the park:

Lavendar Jeans

Another non inspiring outfit for me. I initially had these jeans with a mint and black top but needed more to pull it together and in the midsts of morning rush couldn't come up with anything else. So wore this tee which does have a touch of pink and lavendar in it. I feel it still needs something, like a scarf or a jewelry but I simply did not have the time. This is why I create my lists otherwise with two kids and deadline of leaving the house by 8:30 AM I would never pull off cool outfits. Sorry to be complainning again but can not wait until this weather cools off....

'Lost Tee' - Target (old)
Lavendar Jeans - Forever 21 (old)
Black Cardigan - Guess (early 2010)
Converses - (early 2010)
Black leather belt - Ralp Lauren

Tuesday's Activities: Posting a day old. We went to the outdoor preschool class with the kids. Once again even though it is just at a regular park because there are so many kids they have a great time and play for hours. I decided to use the halloween art project the kids are making in all these classes and events as house decorations. They look so authantic and great. Will take a photo soon and show.
After naps my friend came over with her two kids for another slumber party this time at our house. We baked an apple pie and made caramel apples with the fresh apples picked at Julian the other day. Thought it would be a super fun project for kids but they were slightly interested in using the apple peeler and the caramel dipping was a total disaster as my son touched the hot caramel and burned his finger. But the treats came out good at least.
see some photos:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting into Halloween Spirit

It is super warm again here. I am not insptired cause I can't wear anything form my fall/winter list. But I was happy to put today's combo together. We had pumpkin patch plans in the afternoon so decided to wear a halloween themed outfit. I bought this top from Disneyland last month. It is actually a kids top but in XL it fits just fine. I love that it could be worn during halloween time frame or any other time as it is very subtle. Decided to make it interesting by topping thme on these slight animal print leggings. The grey and black goes great under purple and compliments the grey/black design colors on the top. The top however was too crop over the leggings so wore this pink tank underneath to give more booty coverage. To make it even more interesting paired the whole outfit with the cream ruffle boots. The boots take the ouffit from a total casual top over leggings look to something chic (at least I think so anyway)... Last but not least accessorized with the charm necklace and the big pink ring. So finally incorporating some pinks today for the challange!

All photos taken on the front porch of my house after I finally put up the Halloween decorations yesterday...

Purple hoodie top - Disney from Disneyland (new)
Pink lace trim tank - Closet (old)
Animal print grey/black leggings - Target (new)
Cream leather ruffle boots - Newport News Catalog (old)
Charm necklace - Betsey Johnson (old)
Pink ring - gift from mom

Today's Activities: Finally got to put up the halloween decorations up yesterday. Kids loved the activity. This morning we went to our preschool class. Swapped places with my mom midway so I can go to my dr's appt and she took over the kids. Even squezzed in a grocery shopping before getting home. Kids did not really nap. Mom and I took them to a pumpkin patch and met a friend there. Kids enjoyed most of the rides mostly the huge jumpy slides. Bought a few big pumpkins for decorations as well. Had a nice dinner home and hung out just me and the kids. My husband returns day after tomorrow! YEAY!