Saturday, July 28, 2012

Neon Sights

This bright neon combo was inspired by Bee's (atlantic pacific) following photo:

I knew I had this neon skirt and I just thought I had a neon scarf too but apparently I don't. And without the touch of yellow it just wouldn't have been right. So I decided to roll up my neon yellow tee and use it like a scarf. I saw this last week at the Kika conference when my friend folded up a print tank  like a scarf. What a great idea!
 I could have done a blazer but I thought this crop jacket was funkier with the outfit...

My sister said these looked like golf balls! and she is right. The necklace is a loan from my mom!

My new starfish ring from Park Lane Jewelry...

The $5 espadrilles are coming in very handy!

Jacket, Tee (worn as scarf) - Forever 21
Skirt - From Turkey (Alacati)
Necklace - Mom's
Watch - Michael Kors
Ring - Park Lane 
Shoes - J Crew

We had a family dinner at my mom and stepdad's house to send off my little sis and her fiance for their trip to Turkey where they will be Wed in a week! They are going to have a big wedding here last year so we are waiting for that one.
It was a fun gathering!

 My mom in a beautiful aqua/yellow combo...

My little girl:

My son who crashed at 5:30 PM after nights of lack of sleep!

Don't you just love to watch them sleep?

The Happy Couple!
Don't you love her dress?

Thursday, July 26, 2012


 My outfit last day of Kika Paprika Runway conference!
As dressy as it looks this is quite a comfy outfit. The skirt is a conversion from a strapless dress and it just hugs my hips and tummy and feels like a yoga pant.

Top - 'Isabel' by Kika Paprika last season
Skirt - 'Ava' by Kika Paprika last season
Necklace - Marni for H&M
Heels - Century 21 New York

And Finally the anticipated photos from our 
Fall/Winter 2012 Runway Show:
[Keep in mind these are photos I took with my own camera in the midst of watching the runway so not the best angels]....

 Harper capelet in Eggplant $96
Pencil Simone Skirt in Steel $60

 Joey Jacket in Steel - $175
Black leggings - $58

 Sooo Adorable!
Carrie Jacket ($90) and Drew Tank ($40) in Steel
Pencil Simone Skirt in Bordeaux ($60

 Military 'Sami' Jacket in Olive $150

 Same jacket above in Azure Blue

 Penny Jacket in mineral wash $152
Wide Legged pants in black $82

 Natalie Twill Jacket in Bordeaux $135

 My new favorite Khloe Jacket in Poppy $175
Striped Rita Tank in white/navy $54

 Addison Dress in Turq $99

 My 2nd new favorite the sweater 'Amy' Jacket in cognac $70

 The Mya dress (I already bought one in Olive) in Azure Blue $99

 Julia top in black $65

 Kacie hoodie jacket in Bordeaux $110

 The Addison Dress in Olive $99
I bought this in bright poppy. 
I also bought that necklace which my friends referred as the 'martini' necklace as they look like olives and I ordered a few 'dirty martini's' that night!

 This Cognac Angie Vest ($89) is already on my wish list!

Ending with Harper Capelet again in Eggplant $96.
Looks great over cream as well.
The scarves are also new addition to the line and retail at $28.

During the try-out session I tried on every piece to gauge their size and fit.
Here were a few photos managed to snap as we created a few outfits...
 I loved this combination of mixing bordeaux skirt and t-neck. The color is the same but since the fabric is different blend it takes the dye differently. The cream coat was so cozy. And this is one of the new scarves. As much as I was not crazy about the pattern somehow this scarf looked great with almost everything in the line and that bright chartuse in the print really pops!

Love, love, love this bright red coat jacket. Totally getting it in my size. The striped top is super cute and guess what it comes in every color stripe! Just think of the possibilities!
And don't you love the knew knee length pencil skirt. I could almost own it in every color! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You wouldn't believe me if I told you

 My outfit Monday morning for the 1st true day of our 'Runway' Conference!

My candy apple stuart weitzman's still shine years later.

Top - 'Victoria' by Kika Paprika
Skirt - 'Simone' by Kika Paprika
Scarf - from Turkey
Belt - TJ Maxx
Heels - Stuart Weitzman
Purse - Chloe
Bracelets - Forever 21

We went to the beautiful '7 Degrees' venue in Laguna Beach California with great excitement to watch the most anticipated fashion show for the new Fall Winter line of Kika Paprika!
The Fashion show was soooo much fun. We had front row seats to take perfect photos and see all the new pieces. I am going to have to keep you guys in suspense another day as I am still editing those photos...
We spent the rest of the day learning about each piece in the line, working our business plans then the most fun part spent couple hours trying on every single piece on our selves. The whole time I had to keep reminding myself how this was 'work' and how much fun it was.
Then we chose some new pieces to take photos in then switched to our 2nd outfits for the coctail party and dinner on the terrace.
After getting back to the hotel and changing we kept on partying at different parts of the hotel till late at night. Bonding with all our Kika sisters it was such a great day/night...

Since I am still working on the runway photos here are some photos from during the day and night:

With my colleague from my old life/job. She is my new recruit and will be a fashion consultant this coming season:

With a Kika Sister I came so close the past season via emails and another new consultant:

We call this the 3 generations of Kika, My upline and my new downline:

At night we had this 'Katherine' dress vs. 'Belle' dress idea...
Here are the ladies (including myself) in our Katherine dresses: 
[I guess most of us loved the 'azure blue' which is great cause it is a color we carry this season too]

And here are the ladies in their 'Belle' dresses... They had many more colors.
And guess what this season they designed a dress that combines the features of both of these dresses called 'Addison'!!!

And then during/after dinner we had an awards ceremony and I was so pleasently surprised that I did have the most sales as a new consultant and therefore made #1 new Consultant!

And was awarded this gorgeously delicate pearl necklace:

And posing with the true best sellers of the season who are my utmost inspiration and mentors:
The Owner/President Kim Shaw who I love to death is standing next to me. Her daughter/partner/production manager is the one in our new 'cognac' colored capelet standing on the other end second from last!