Saturday, September 17, 2011

Are you talking to me?

 Today's outfit was inspired by the following photo:

If I remember correctly I used a few more outfits from her segment as inspirations. 

I didn't have a really small scarf so double folded this silk one I have to achieve the effect...

 I did like the combination of blue striped top with red and black.

My black and white oxfords always make a statement. Especially here in San Diego!

Jacket, Pants - Forever 21
Blouse - from Turkey
Scarf - very old and I do not remember
Oxfords - Bass (zappos)

My last day home before I leave for work so I tried the spend as much time as possible with family. I have also been crazy busy creating documents and printing directions for my husband and in-laws who will take care of the kids all week. And getting myself and the house ready for my departure so it has been crazy and I know I have not visited many of you and I so miss your posts. I should have plenty of time next week so hoping to get all caught up then.
We had an early breakfast out and I really wore this whole outfit at 8 AM! We then separated and my husband took my daughter to Soccer while I took my son to Hip Hop. These were all trial classes still and we are not sure if the kids are really into it. Might switch again next week.
I bought my son a happy meal and took him to the nail salon with me and got a quick pedicure and a polish change while he ate his lunch there. This way I still spent time with him and got that errand out of the way. He was so good. I just couldn't even imagine my daughter in that place but my son is so different.
He is also all into puzzles now (and so am I) so we have been working on this disney puzzles he got for his b-day. After naps we all left to watch the Lion King (my son's obsession movie for the last 3 years) in 3D.
Amazingly my daughter sat through the whole movie and kept the 3D glasses on the whole time. It is amazing though how expansive movies are. And for 3D you have to pay $4 extra per person. It was a nice family outing though.
I am not looking forward to leaving tomorrow. I keep getting tears in my eyes everytime I hug the kids. I know I am getting overly emotional but I can't help it.

Soldier on Safari

My outfit today. Good thing it was in layers cause I had to shed most of them when I got hot from running around...

Jacket, scarf, necklaces, boots - Forever 21
Tank top - Target
Camouflage capri cargos - Victoria's Secret
Hat - Asos
Purse - Juicy Couture
Ring - from Turkey
Watch - Michael Kors

Kids were teacher's helper today as it was our turn to bring snack for the whole class. They loved taking on the duties. My mom came to help out since it takes a lot of time setting up and cleanning up when you have snack duty for 30+ kids.
In the afternoon we hung out at home. I forgot to mention but I am taking on a couple week consulting job that will be in San Antonio, Texas! I am freaking a bit about leaving the kids so we shall see how it goes. My in laws will be here to take care of the kids with my husband.
The good news is I found out the dress code is very casual business casual so I am going to try to pick somewhat professional outfits from list but hope they are still blog worthy. Photo shoots might be a challenge as well.

Here are some photos of the kids:

My mom with my daughter:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Minty Soccer

 Today's outfit. I was in a rush so picked the first item that seemed to work for today from my list. 

The inspiration came from another JCrew catalog photo:
The outfit is not that similar it was more the idea of pairing a grey jacket with some red over dark skinny jeans.
 I love how the red looks over mint.

This jacket is super comfy. I think every mommy should invest in jackets that look like blazers and coats but made out of soft material so they feel like cardigans. They are so easy to wear.

So anytime you see me in heels, now that unless I am going out afterwards I swap them with similar style/color flats when I am with the kids. These would have looked cool though...but I had to go with brown suede ballet flats.

Flowers for Mommy! Too bad he wasn't more in front of the tripod when it went off...

 I discovered this babydoll eyelet tank top on the bottom of my hanging clothes. It had fallen off of a hanger who knows for how long. It was one of those Nordstrom Rack finds years ago.

Soft Blazer, necklace - Forever 21
Tank top - Juicy Couture
Skinny Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Michael Kors (TJ Maxx)
Sunglasses - Anthropologie

Finished putting away laundry and went grocery shopping. We have snack duty at the school tomorrow so shopped for that. My parents came there to see us and that helped speed up the shopping process. After naps my dad came and we took my daughter to her 1st trial soccer class. My son who had hated soccer when we took him a year and a half ago decided he wanted to join too and really liked it as well. They had a good time.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taupe head to toe

 Wore the outfit that I had forgot to pack on my trip today.

The inspiration was an Ann Taylor Loft ad in one of the magazines:
When I saw this I liked the idea of wearing taupe colors together. I just switched the stripes to the jacket instead of the top...

This is the jacket I got months ago at Marshall's. It is very lightweight and easy to wear:

With my little water spitter. She kept taking water in her mouth then spitting it all over the patio. Lovely right? She soaked her top before we even left the house! But I am finally getting better at french braiding her hair!

Tank top, shorts, key charm necklace - Forever 21
Jacket - Marshall's
Belt - Ann Taylor
Multi chain necklace - can't remember
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

We tried to unpack a little before we left for preschool this morning. School was good. The teacher changed the structure so the older kids (4.5 -5 yr olds) are getting much more structure and learning out of the school then before. My son was more than happy paricipating in the different activities. 
Dad came over the in afternoon. I met up with an old friend and collegue late afternoon for some drinks and catching up.