Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blue birds fly over the rainbow why oh why can't I?

Yesterday's combo was inspired by MonochromaChic blog

I loved this cheery combo that is also cozy and comfortable. The mix of blue and yellow anchored with the trench and tall boots….just appealed to me.

Trench - Guess
Blouse - Forever 21
Sweater - Victoria's Secret
Pants - Kika Paprika
Boots - Shoedazzle
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Purse - Thread Show
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

Started the morning attending my son's 'Family Literacy Day' at this class. For one hour the teacher sets up stations for them to do all sorts of literacy work from reading articles, to creating compound words to writing their opinion etc…. I didn't even ask if I could bring my daughter cause the teacher would have said 'no', but figured if I took her they wouldn't turn me away which they didn't.  My son was so happy that I came…

Then we went to my daughter's school an hour late but it was OK. My mom came there to take over so I could go to urgent care to get my eye looked at which you can see from the photo below has an infection and got prescription drops. I am also sick but it is just a cold so not much they could do about that. Then I went home to finish laundry and eat lunch and picked up my son from school and went to my Dad's. My son played with this uncle until my mom came to pick him up for his swim practice so I could stay with my brother and Dad until the evening…

Friday, January 31, 2014

Out of Reach

Today's inspiration was from another Chictopia Post:
I liked the combo of teal and burgundy and need to wear my fur vest at least once every winter season…

Fur Vest - Kenar
Top, Pants, Scarf - Forever 21
Booties - Betsey Johnson

Took my daughter to Ballet in the morning but I was dragging… So tired and drained all the time. After ballet we did grocery shopping at a local store which is not our local store then went to my friend's to drop off my daughter for her to spend the day with while I can be with my Dad.
My cousin took some time off to get some air with her friend while I was there. It is all quiet with the exception of the oxygen machine puffing every minute. We can hear my dad's very slowed down breathing rhythm. The weather is overcast and gloomy. Just waiting…
Once my cousin came back I went home to meet my son and daughter. My mom and step dad had taken him to shop for baseball gear. Finally the dishwasher guy came to work on the appliance while I cooked dinner and got the kids ready for bed…
My brother arrived last night to stay with Dad for a couple of days…

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Motor City

Yesterday's combo was inspired by this Chictopia Post:

I like these casually chic combos. Effortless and cozy but has a touch of chicness to it to make it still stylish… 
I am wearing light denim jeans and a cream top but in the photos they all kind of look white for some reason...

Leather Jacket - Forever 21
Top - Target
Jeans - Victoria's Secret
Scarf - handmade from a friend or a relative I just can't remember who
Oxfords - Shoedazzle
Hat - Asos
Bracelets - Cookie Lee

It was a routine day I hadn't had for a very long time since my Dad's health took its final down turn.
Got my son to school then went to my daughter's pre-school and registered for the spring semester. It was nice catching up with everyone and being in my usual element. Afterwards though I had already felt separation anxiety from my Dad so we stopped by even though we could only stay 45 minutes. Not sure if he knows or hears us but we like to believe he does. My daughter picks fresh flowers from his garden and puts it all around his pillow.

After picking up my son we came home to meet the tile guys to remove the tiles that is blocking our broken dishwasher.  What a stupid project in the middle of all of this… While doing homework with my son realized he is sneezing and blowing his nose constantly so decided against the swim practice and had them take a warm shower and put PJs instead and cooked dinner. My sister came to take over so I could come back to my Dad. I actually showered at his house and dried my hair cause there is no time if I keep going between two houses. Hung out with my aunt and cousin and tried to give moral support then came home and went to bed after doing some laundry.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dream a little dream of me

Friday's outfit was inspired by a look in Victoria's Secret website:

Sweater, Top, Jeans - Forever 21
Scarf - Kika Paprika
Booties - Steve Madden
Purse - Thread Show

It was a sad day of missing my dad so my husband couldn't stand my depressed face and offered to take my daughter to school so I could go see Dad at his house. He had already stopped somewhat responding. After my daughter came we played there a little but then I had to leave to pick up my son then take him to his swim practice and afterwards we went to his school for family movie night. But knowing things were progressing with Dad I left my husband with the kids and came straight to my Dad's and have been at his house since then. My mom has been bringing me clothes and stuff from my house. My Dad is in a come state now fading away physically right in front of our eyes. There is so much emotion to bear from one moment to the next. We stay and do nothing all day with my cousin and Aunt and don't even know how the hours pass. Tonight finally had to log in to order my little girl's birthday present and figured I should post this last outfit I wore….