Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still Chic under the downpour

It is totally rainy and cold today! No time to come up with a new outfit so wore an ensemble from previous weeks. The jacket/top is so comfy and just right for this weather. I didn't even need a trenchcoat over it.

Outfit: Blue skinny jeans (this time wore a belt underneath so the jeans won't keep riding down and exposing me), brown jacket/top, tall brown leather flat boots, betsey heart necklace and michael kors brown/gold watch.

Activities: taking son to dance lesson, kid ventures, shopping at costco and dinner/playdate at a friend's house.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nautical Twist & Jeweled tone night out

Decided to go a little summery today since the weather is really nice again at least part of the day. This top is your classic nautical piece. It also goes great with white jeans and a red long bead necklace too. Since the weather permits I wanted to use my yellow scarf again. I wear this scarf so much and it is not even mine! It belongs to my mom. The key to keeping them up to date is storing them all twisted and tied in a knot. That way they keep their crinkle.

Day Outfit: Boyfriend jeans with cuffs rolled up (Newport News), navy and whit striped tunic short sleeve top, yellow scarf, white rocket dog sneakers. white michael kors watch and rose gold hoop earings.

Activity: Kid concert, ice cream outing and park.

Really taking bold steps with my night outfits this week. I have seen this slouchy socks in open toed sandals look in all the spring catalogs and runway shows. I ventured out to find the perfect hot pink socks. Amazingly I scored a pair exactly like I was looking for at TJ max for $6 and they were Kate Spade! Coincidentally I had also bought these black platform sandals at TJ max last year. Love the hot pink stich detail. The dress is from a 'Thread Show' last spring. It has a lot of couture details for under $100. I wore it to my cousins wedding last summer. The look of summer ruffle mini dresses with boyfriend blazers is also something I saw in magazines and plan to use it quite often at least until it is warm enough to wear the dresses without any jackets.

Night Outfit: Bold color block patterned ruffle strapless mini dress, black boyfriend blazer, Kate spade hot pink socks, black platform sandals, chunky chain necklace, black patent leather clutch, rose ring.

Activity: Step Father's gallery reception in San Clemente and dinner with friends and family afterwards.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hats and Bold Colors

Two outfit day and both had one bold risk taking piece. I can't say whether it worked out perfect or not but it was trying something bold.

Outfit 1: Black skinny jeans, white tee with graphic zebra design, yellow boyfriend cardigan, ugg boots. Black bead necklace and the BOLD PIECE: a black and white hat!

Activity: Outdoor toddler class, doctor visit and kid ventures (indoor playground).

I am glad I wore a fun tee underneath because the minute we got to the park the weather changed and it was very warm. I kept the hat on for style purposes even though it was pretty hot. The way the hat sit it sometimes blocked my view partially and hence I hit my head on of the jungle gym bars but otherthan that it worked out fine. 

Outfit 2: Grey pencil skirt, blue/gray top with red rose design and schiffon collar detail, lack thick elastic belt tied at waist, BOLD PIECE: red tights!, grey boots, grey purse, black leather jacket. Small black rhinestone hoop earings.

Activity: Dinner out with mommy girlfriends.

The red tights was definitely very bold and eye catching. I can't way it looked awesome but definitely different. I always wanted to wear the since I saw a similar ensemble at a fashion show last spring for the upcoming winter line. I never had the courage to pull it off. I am glad I tried it out at least once! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pink and Brown...

It was 'wear brown' day at our indoor toddler class so....
Outfit: Brown sweater, bootleg jeans, brown suede ballerina flats. At this point the outfit is just boring. So wanted to give it some pizzas with an old bebe pink scarf. Added pink betsey necklace and a cuff heart bracelet watch.

Activities: Indoor toddler class, takings kids to swim lesson, grocery and drug store shopping.

Ditched all the accessories for the swim lesson since I have to undress and dress while dressing and showering two kids. Takes forever. Also switched to ugg boots as the weather got cold in the afternoon.

I have some very interesting and bold outfit ideas for the few night events in the upcoming days. None of them have been tried on so lets see if they work. They all involve wearing summer dresses with jackets and socks and boots etc... to make them appropriate for this weather. But each has a very bold piece that can either work or look weird. I am willing to give it a try.
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keeping up the scarf'ing...

I love that you can upscale an ordinary jean and shirt outfit by simply adding a bold scarf around your neck. It immediately makes the whole look more fashionable and gives the impression of a lot of thought. You do have to ditch tennis shoes or plastic flip flops though to give this appearance.
I am actualy excited about summer because there are so many flat and cute sandals in fashion this upcoming season. If you are a busy mom like me, you won't want to hassle with buckles and ties. But I do love the multiple strand styles so I only looked for the type that has a zipper behind the heel. It still has buckles but you never have to undo or tie them. I got a pair from Steve Madden last week. It is jean color with silver and black chains. Looks very cool but super comfy. I will post a picture soon.

Today's outfit: rock republic slim fitting jeans, black gap v-neck t-shirt, animal print suede ballerina flats, yellow scarf and black leather jacket.

Activities: Playdate at a park in the am, Aero and Auto museums at balboa park in the afternoon (free museum tuesdays).

I had to ditch the leather jacket for a comfier crop black cardigan. It was too tough to move around in the leather jacket. The rest of the outfit did work out great. When I am home I take off the scarf as well.

Monday, February 22, 2010

In tune with the dark clouds

It was overcast and rainy this morning so wanted to wear my greys and blacks outfit again. But this time instead of staying true to only greyish tones I added a red scarf for pop of color.

Outfit: Dark grey skinny jeans, grey top with faded studded design on it, red crinkled scarf, black cropped motorcycle jacket, calf lenght black leather biker boots. Too tired and rushed to add any jewelry.

Activities: Shopping at TJ Max, then Henry's then lunch at Baja Fresh all just me and the kids. In the afternoon went to a park for playdate.

It actually got sunny (but not much warmer) in the afternoon. I just ditched the jacket but kept everything the same.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Plaid Mania Continues...

Still cloudy and chilly so wanted to wear my new blazer jacket that I got just a month ago.

Outfit: Dark grey skinny jeans, red/black plaid ruffle front shirt (gap sale), black scarf, black boyfriend blazer, tigh high suede flat boots (steve madden).

Activities:Brunch at a friend's house in the AM. Visited Parkway Plaza in El Cajon (one of the very few indoor malls near San Diego) for the first time since it was cloudy and about the rain.

Since the jacket paired with the scarf was warm enough I didn't need to wear an another jacket. These boots are very comfy which is why I got them. I would have preferred a leather pair (not suede) with heels but I knew I would get so little use out of them so went with flats. Over jeans the lenght holds up and they stay over my knee. But if you wear them over bare legs they slouch down, don't like that.