Saturday, March 3, 2012

Red, White and BLACK

 I was thrilled with how this outfit came together and looked. Wore this to the kikaPaprika party at my mom's Friday night.

The inspiration was from this photo:
I love the idea of 'redwhite and black' instead 'blue' And the kika pieces I had were perfect to re-create. I actually like the ease and fit of my vest better. 

I must have tried 3-4 different scarves and settled on this that had touches of blue and red and black...

So you guys know I am a huge fan of F21 and shop from there all the time. I have bought a vest in this style and when I put it on it looks weird in the back and makes me look bigger than I need to. The fact that this vest has this gathered waist band in the back and that it is shorter cuts that extra material and gives a slimming look...

How do you like my new mac cover?

I had already owned white boot cuts pants but they are linen and require dry clean or laundry and ironing. Plus look awfully wrinkled within hour of wearing them. These white boot cuts are soft spandex French Terry and keep their shape and feel like heaven and are machine washable.

Another back angle shot of the cool vest...

Top - Kika Paprika 'victoria' in poppy 
Vest - Kika Paprika 'roxy' in black
Pants - Kika Paprika 'boot cuts without pockets' in white
Rest - Shoes, Clutch Michael Kors, Sunglasses - house of harlow, cuff, scarf - Forever 21

Had a nice morning meeting friends at the playground/park so kids can play and ride scooters and we even wore gym shoes and did a mini work out. Kids looked at us like we had gone mad when we started doing lunges and squats.
Came home to meet the cable guy as we have been without cable for 2.5 days and missed all our shows.
The guy took forever and of course it was the wrong order written and it was a mess. We have cable now but the boxes will have to be changed so we have to re-schedule all the shows again! AND we have no house phone! normally that is not an issue with cell phone but we do not get reception in our house so it is going to be a pain.
Once the kids got up I had the car loaded with my Kika stuff and their stuff and we went to my mom's.
My step dad took the kids to their pre school PJ movie family night where my husband met them.
And I hosted a kika party at my mom's.
People flaked of course and from the 9 people that were supposed to come only 3 showed up! and 2 of them refused to even try on anything. We wasted a good hour waiting too so they were tired as well.
Oh well. It was still fun and the 3rd lady loved the clothes and wants to host a party during summer break.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Double UP

 This was my outfit yesterday (Wednesday)... I didn't even have time to take photos today so I will just naturally catch up tomorrow. :)

The inspiration for this outfit came from Diya from 'In Her Stilettos' a while back:

I of course couldn't adopt this exactly as it is for my 'day life' with the kids and preschool etc... so added grey leggings and boots instead of tights and heels. Plus my top is not a dress but a tunic.

 Striped Tunic, Leggings print scarf - Forever 21
Leather Jacket - Old Wet Seal
Boots - Steve Madden
Red Scarf - Hand Knit by my aunt

We had pre school yesterday and my parents took the kids afterwards for lunch while I ran couple errands. After naps my step dad came back to take them to indoor play area while I got my nails done which was such a treat.
Today, I woke up to a laptop that no longer could connect to a power cord! Devastated called the sony store to bring it in after the kids' Dr appointment. They gave a stupid high quote and a 1-3 week timeline. My husband told me to just get the new mac book air. So off we went to the apple store in the same mall. The kids were of course unbelievably destructive during these computer store trips but we managed and probably conducted the fastest laptop purchase ever. Then went back to Sony and begged them put one of their batteries in so I could download my photos and files which took over 30 minutes during which we had to go in an out of the store to keep the kids occupied. Don't get me started on the broken elevator 3 trip escalator ride... Eventually though I walked out with a brand new Mac Book Air and my files on a hard drive. I went with the 11 inch for now cause I love how small it is like an iPad. I can exchange it if it feels to small... Do any of you have a screen this small? Do you like it??

Here are some cute photos of the kids from yesterday:

In the afternoon she insisted on dressing as a princess and asked I put her 'special' crown on which is this little metal comb one I got for her from Laguna Beach. I finally figured out how to do a high bun look. I started a very high pony tail then instead of pulling it all the way out during the final twist of the band I left it half pulled then spread it out and pinned it.

With her 'Grandpa Neal'

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have you ever seen the rain?

 Yesterday's outfit! 
Even with this many layers it was still not warm enough for the chilly and drizzly weather.

Inspiration came from Bee from Atlantic Pacific:
I of course forgot to look at the photo before I got dressed. Belting the dress over the cardigan would have been great now that I notice that!

Trench Coat - Guess
Dress - Anthropologie
Cardigan, Tights, Socks - Forever 21
Boots - Henri Bendel
Necklace - Asos
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

We had a field trip to a puppet theater yesterday...It is hard on Tuesdays cause I have a work call at 9 AM which is when we have to drive to the outdoor class location. The kids do great in the car but once we get there it is very hard for me to hear what is going on and get them out etc... My friends help thank goodness but just not easy.
Once the show started I took over the kids since my friend had to stay out with her older one who refused to come in until halfway into the show...
It was also tiring because we are so used to being on the go all the time that the minute we pause and slow down it hits us how amazingly tired we are. And that happened during the puppet show to me. I couldn't stow yawning and was about the fall a sleep.
The kids seemed to like it though. The little ones didn't quite get the ancient dragon tales but my son was engaged.

In the afternoon during his 'quiet time' my son created as usual super cool structures with his legos. 
He calls this one the re-enactment of 'Lion King' his favorite movie:
 You can see the monkey ('Rafiki') holding the lion ('Simba') on top of 'pride rock'. And all the animals in groups watching down below! And there is 'zazu' on the tree.

And this was his 'dinosaur parade' stage:

My little creator: