Friday, March 4, 2011

Let the good times begin!

This was such a simple outfit inspiration from the following tiny tiny photo in a magazine...

I love having simple outfit like these in my list because even though I would love to dress super cool everyday I have to be realistic given my full time mommy status.

The shot above is my favorite pose today. Finally an action shot that looks good.

I wish I had the time to take photos of this outfit in layers. Because it starts so basic and boring with just black leggings and the oatmeal colored cotton babydoll top. Then you add the cream colored infinity scarf for a bit of interest. Then the Jacket which adds some shine. And finally the animal print shoes totally take the outfit from boring to cool. I wore my animal print flats first part of the day with kids.

Loving these shoes more and more everytime I wear them. For $27 totally affordable for following trends.

The babydoll top by the way is just such a soft cotton top that feels great against the skin. Again good old Forever 21 can always be relied upon to find basic layering pieces at pretty much stupid prices.

Crinkled patent leather jacket - vintage from Thread Show (great find for $40!)
Oatmeal babydoll top, infinity scarf and animal wedges - Forever 21
Black leggings - H&M

Today's Activities: I am just filled with excitement right now. Hopefully within an hour or so my best friend is picking me up and we are going to start our girl's trip. I am finally excited and not stressed because I finished everything I needed to do today. All the laundry is done, bills are paid, dinner is cooked (for hubby and the kids) and I am all packed (tried out all the outfits and all). I even colored my hair this morning! For the first time I used a semi-permenant color with no harsh chemicals so it won't ruin my brazilian blowout. It won't last as long but healthier for my hair. Theoratically I still have 1 more month of my blowout. I can see it is fading out a bit but I offset that by using a bit more treatment products. When I first got it I had to scale back on the products cause my hair didn't need it.  So far so good.  Took the kids to the indoor play area for some play time and fed them lunch there. After naps had them hang out in the house so I can get everything done. I am taking my laptop and camera with me but not sure if we'll have internet connection at the house we are renting so might not be able to post until Sunday night or Monday. Hope you all have a great weekend!

My son having an intimate moment after realizing I am leaving for the weekend!


I am so excited to be participating in the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF) group's Friday Question/answer posts. Katy Rose at ModlyChic runs the group if you are interested.

This week's topic is BEAUTY PRODUCTS:
So, I thought this meant facial type products only but then realized others have included make-up. I had already prepared this so am not going to change it. Oh well...

1. What's your favorite drug store makeup product and your favorite higher-end product?
I am loving this Olay Regenerist Thermal Mini-Peel. I use this in the shower to wash/clean my face. It creates heat when mixed with water and gives you this great exfoliated clean feeling.
My favorite high end product is Estee Lauder's Idealist serum which is used under moisterizer. It helps me keep my skin young looking. I am in the market to try a serum that is cheaper drug store brand to replace this though...
2. Is there one type of product that is your go-to, can't live without?
I have to have basic facial products which consist of face wash, moisterizer, eye cream and lip balm. I will hit the store immediately if I am out of any of these items.
My Cleanser is Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser:

My Moisturizers (Day and Night):
Day: Olay Regenerist Re-sculpting Cream
Night: Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

My eye creams are:
Day: Lumene time freeze instant lift eye cream
Night: Mary Kay timewise firming eye cream

Finally my lip balm:
I used to love bliss's refreshing lip balm but they discontinued. :(
Now I use Kiehl's Lib Balm #1 but I am not as happy...

3. What's the best hair product you've ever used?
I am still looking for it! As those of you know I struggle with the frizz in my hair. I have used every kind of new and old, drug store and high end products that is on the market and although most helped none was a winner. So what I would say the best thing I have done was getting a Brazilian Blow-out!
This is actually the name of the brand. The treatment is a keratin treatment and unfortunately it can only be done at a salon and costs a fortune and only lasts 3 months. I just recently bought something I can do at home that says it lasts 90 shampoos! So, lets see if that is just as good. Doubt it.

4. Fess up, what's the worst beauty look you've tried to rock and look back at now with a little shame or apprehension that you actually did that?
I haven't done anything that was overly drastic per se. The only thing I can think of is during my senior year in high school a week before graduation/prom and after breaking up from my long time boyfriend I cut my waist long hair super short! It was so drastic and I so regretted it afterwards and missed my long hair everyday until it grew. I will never cut my hair short. The shortest I go is its current lenght which is a little pass shoulders.

5. When it comes to beauty products, we all use the same basic products. What do you use that helps show off your personal flare and personality?
Hmm... I don't know if I have any product that does this. Not in beauty product anyway. Eye guess if we include make-up as a beauty product I would say what shows my personal flare is the fact that I use very little. I just love having a clean/fresh face and look. As soon as I put make-up on I can't wait to take it off. So on a daily basis the only 'make-up' I wear is concealer, foundation powder (a very light one), bronzer or blush and may be lip gloss.
Plus I love the 'wow' looks I get from friends/family when I actually do put eye make-up on.
And the good thing is how I look without make-up is not much different than how I look everyday. Which is nice.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


This inspiration photo has been in my stack for so long, I wore it just to get it out of there...

I picked it cause it had the jean vest I own. I thought I had a SS t-neck but I don't so my version is a bit warmer.

I buttoned up the vest cause it is one size big on me and open looks even baggier somehow.

I don't have brown booties (although they have almost identical ones like in the inspiration photo at F21 and I am always tempted but never pulled to trigger). I added my animal print booties (relatively new from Forever 21). I usually do not buy cheap shoes but when buying somewhat trendy shoes I am OK going cheaper for affordibility. 

My attempts at creating action photos. Notice how my classes fell to my chin on the left one when I turned!

So, when going to the Dr's with the kids I didn't think I could pull off the heels so wore these boots instead. Not that they are flat but comparitively they are a lot lower!

Overall, it was an OK outfit. The vest is classic denim material which means it is somewhat hard and does not feel that comfy. I felt a little bulky even though it was just two layers on top. Also these winter shorts are high waist and I always feel 'fat' in high waist bottoms. They are just not my thing.

Denim Vest, Heels, Shorts - Forever 21
T-Neck - from Turkey
Shoulder purse (in the casual version) - Juicy Couture
Boots (in the casual version) - Via Spiga

Today's Activities: I say this every Thursday, but I truly love Thursday mornings. After 3 days of rushing out the door in the mornings it feels like a vacation to not have to leave the house until 11 AM! I get to actually sit and finish a cup of coffee while it is still warm! Never hot, hot beverage is not something I have drank since having kids. Usually though I drink literally room temperature cold just to get the caffaine in.
Plus I get to finish up some chores around the house like mid week laundry, emptying DW etc... Kids get to play all around the house (usually whatever section I am in) and it is all very nice. Plus they love swimming so much that they are more than listen to me to get ready and out the door.

After swim, lunch at home and naps we rushed to the Dr's office for my son to get an anema! I don't want to get into details but the kid that lives on fruits and veggies is having poop issues. Thank goodness my mom came to help out with my daughter cause it was a nightmare. I had to go back out to buy the correct liquid then right when we thought we were leaving I had to rush him back to the bathroom. If I had the tote both kids or my daughter for everything I would have been in tears for sure.

After this long afternoon it was so nice for my sister and her boyfriend to come over with dinner in hand. We are really so blessed to have so many supportive family members living so close by.
After a fun dinner I even got to finish putting laundry away and paying the bills while they helped get kids ready for bed. Last night before the big girl's trip. SO EXCITED!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blasting Muscles

Once again I feel the photos are not quite capturing the colors of this outfit correctly which was really the point of this combinatin. The inspiration to pair green with lavendar came from the following photo:

This was an article on 'rugged boots' and the page contained bunch of stars in their rugged boot outfits. I liked the colors of this one and searched for a lavendar scarf. Found it at the most unexpected place: Big Lots! I have never bought clothing items from that store (usually go for the toys, xmas wrapping stuff etc..) but this one looked totally fine and couldn't argue the $5 price tag.

I felt I needed to add some sparkle to the outfit and these earings gave me exactly what I was looking for:

I have this love vs. dislike thing going on with these pants. I do love their color and the side trim and all the cargo style pockets. I no longer like the rouching on the sides. The ties are stuck so I can't undo it and when I want to wear them boots they feel a bit awkward. Here I tucked them in the boots...

Biker Leather Jacket - Old Wet Seal
White tee- Target
Lavendar scarf - Big Lots (!!!)
Pants - Bebe
Boots - Steve Madden
Earings - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Preschool day today. Had to swap kid duty with my mom as I had to rush to my Dad's last minute Dr appt. My mom came from a work appt so there was this 10 minute gap where I just left the kids at school under the charge of my 2 friends until my mom got there. Somehow it worked out. I was back before they had lunch. I am sooo lucky to have so many family members in the same city and so willing to and happy to spend time with my kids.

After naps motivated myself to go to the gym for another 'muscle blast' class. I am so proud of myself for sticking with it 2 weeks in a row! Trust me I was so tempted just to go to the indoor play area and enjoy a cup of coffee. I resist temptation to flake by getting ready hours before. As soon as the kids went down I took off the above outfit and put gym clothes on. That in itself is commitment.
I am so happy my son is also very supportive by not giving me hard time for leaving them at the 'kids club' in the gym.
Well their play was cut short when my dad showed up so he took them to the mall next door to play outside. We came home for dinner all together.

I pushed my weights up a bit today. Amazing how an hour of exercise has the same effect of a cup of coffee (but obviously much healthier). My body, my muscles just seem to recall what they were supposed to do and I love pushing myself a bit and sweating. Felt great.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nothing major, nothing big

My inspiration for this basic ensemble came from the following photo:

I do like the play of stripes vs. solids and long vs. crop...

Crop Blazer & Jeans - Forever 21
Striped Tunic - from Turkey
Ballet Flats - Cole Haan
Earings - Thread Show

Today's Activities: Was sad to say good-bye to my husband's grandparents this morning as it was their last day. We left for the preschool field trip to Natural History Museum. I kept remembering how many times I have brought the kids to this place and how much they have grown from visit to visit. I get so nostalgic sometimes and they are only 3.5 & 2!
While they were napping my mom and stepdad came over so I can leave for my dentist appt. Which took so much longer than I had expected and was not happy about that. I was late grocery shopping and getting dinner ready afterwards. We all had dinner together. I had to run out to get gas and buy medication for my son (he is going to need an anema!). Finally sat down and we watched 'Inception' together. Mom and stepdad did not like it much but I thought it was cool. Complicated for sure. I have added all the Oscar nominated movies to our netflix que. You know in between all the kid movies we rent so lets see how long it is going to take. We still have movies in there form last year's nominations!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh to be young again

Taking advantage of the contuing cold weather to wear some of the warmer outfits from the list. This was a chictopia inspiration:

Her colors a bit different as her tights are dark orange and the hat green. I stuck with burgandy tights and a purple hue scarf but a black hat...

I probably could have tied the scarf a bit but these photos were taken very fast before we left the house so didn't even have a chance to really check out the outfit in the mirror...

This is my new hat from F21 by the way, I call it the floppy fedora as it has a wider brim but the base is fedora style. Love it. I have it paired in countless outfits both fall/winter and spring/summer...

Cardigan and hat - Forever 21
Mod Dress - Thread Show
Scarf - from Turkey
Tights - We love colors
Loafers - Via Spiga

Today's Activities: The grandparents did not wake up early and did not want to rush out or come with me to the kids' preschool. I didn't feel good about leaving them home alone so we didn't go. Helped them with laundry and breakfast for a while. The weather was great though full of sun so we took the kids to a big park. They ran around like crazy playing in the sand and my daughter climbing every structure she can and my son running around.

After naps I wanted to go to the play area but they were no up for that either so we stayed home. I went a bit stir crazy as I can't stand being in the house with the kids for this long. Had a nice dinner and gave the kids quick showers. Will be playing our last night of cards with them before they head off to Tucson for a month vacation.

Kids posing during my blogshoot: 

My daughter playing in the sand at the park:
She is a typical CA girl, loves to be barefoot and wear sunglasses...

Her crazy climbing adventures: 

The 91 and 89 year old grandparents feeling like kids again. They celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last month! Can you beleive that?!