Friday, November 11, 2011

Shopping for Dad and Visual FBFF

 Today's outfit was inspired by a magazine photo but I forgot to take a picture of it. I wouldn't have though of pairing animal print scarf with stripes but it does work. The forecast keeps saying the weather is supposed to be in low 70s but honestly we do not feel that way so I continue to dress for fall and feel perfectly comfortable.
 This ruffle trim trench is soft and comfy...

Trench - Guess
Striped top - From Turkey
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Jeans & Boots - Forever 21

Today I am also participating in the 
Visual Friend Friday 
hosted by 
 We are supposed to post a photo of ourselves with no make-up and talk about our 'relationship' with make-up.
Here is my 'natural' face photo:
 As you probably noticed this is not really that different than my look on any normal day. Hence why I pose with sunglasses so frequently. I 'love' make-up but I rarely 'use' make-up. I am somewhat obsessive about my facial routine and cleansing and when I put make-up on I just can't wait to take it off and clean my face. So, my daily make-up routine consists of a moisterizing primer, concealer for under eyes, a mineral powder that is barely there (my mom is not sure why I bother with it) and a bronzer used as a blush.
If I feel adventurous I might add some eye shadow.
I only wear eye liner and mascara if I am going out at night on a special occasion.
To see others' natural faces click HERE!

Since today was Veteran's Day here in USA no pre-school, so we went to the indoor play area and met 2 other friends there. Of course it was a zoo but the kids had fun. After naps we drove up north for my son's T-Ball. But we didn't stay and hang around like we normally do afterwards and had dinner with friends. Instead we rushed home and had the dinner I had cooked earlier in the day. Then I picked up my Dad to do some b-day shopping for him. He obviously had not idea when he agreed cause he was overwhelmed with all the sifting of clothes, looking at everything trying on so many things. But we did have fun especially with the hats. Since chemo he wears a hat all the time which looks great but for going out or special occasions we were (well 'I') was trying to find a hat besides the 'charges' or the 'usta' baseball cap. These were the only ones I could convince him on.  And I used my new i-phone to take some photos and it takes quite amazing ones.
Here are some outfits we got for Dad. I can't get them to rotate for some reason even though they are rotating on my computer.

And here is a photo of my little monkey as I was testing the phone camera...

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today's outfit was inspired by the lovely Kristy from Monochroma Chic Blog:
She has such a cute and chic style and very creative work ensemble. I liked this combo cause it was red pants with a more boyish look. I wish I had looked at the inspiration photo a bit more closely so I could have added the necklace. It did feel like I was missing something but I was in such a rush that did not have time to play with it.
 I wore my silk blue and brown striped shirt under the grey v-neck. The colors don't show much though...

 I wanted to be comfy so wore my burgundy cords instead of the red jeans. I can't wait to go back to my old weight so all my pants feel comfortable.
V-Neck Sweater - JCrew
Blouse - JCrew
Cords - Forever 21
Oxfords - Bass
Eye Glasses - DKNY

Tried to get as much errands at home done as possible, then drove up to my friend's house for a long play date at her house. The kids loved playing together in and out and we tried to catch up between the chaos. Stopped by a children's thrift store on our way home and unfortunately hit major traffic but the kids napped so it was peaceful. Of course we got home super late and the kids were starving and I hadn't cooked yet. Thank goodness my friend that had come over brought food for herself and we gave that to the kids while I cooked.
We are now catching up on 'walking dead' episodes we had been saving for her return.
AND I got the new iphone 4S. Haven't spent a lot of time tweaking it yet but it looks and works amazing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Old Denim

 Today's outfit was a bit heavy for mid day but worked fine for the morning. This has been on my list since last year. I had an inspiration photo but somehow it had disappeared. The combo was intrquing cause it utilized my super old (and super thick) old denim shirt and the very old jersey skirt. Both that have not been worn in ages!

Added the white feather earrings and the cheetah ring for interest...

 Notice the missing button!? Oh well...

Wearing Essie 'size matters' from the new fall collection. Like the color that is between red and fuchsia pink.

 I can't seem to age these boots even though I owned them for years!

Denim Shirt - JCrew
Skirt - DKNY
Belt - thrifted
Boots - Via Spaga
Earrings - Thread Show
Ring - Forever 21

At preschool today the kids brought home 'winnie' which is a stuffed animal puppet dog that comes with a bag and extra clothes and a folder where each kid fills with photos of the week they took Winnie Home. Funny how something so silly can excite the kids. Of course there was a lot of fighting between two of them but settled it with deciding he would nap with my son and go to bed at night with my daughter. Now I have to keep track of this dog all week long and take photos. A lot of work actually.
After naps we did a little costco shopping than delivered dinner to a friend that just had her 3rd baby.
Then rushed home for a quick dinner and went to our local library for the first time for this 'Pjama story time and craft' event they hold twice a month. We usually go to another library but this one we had never been. It was a fun and different event for the kids. They liked going out in their PJs.

I have forgot to do posts on the "Bloggers for Health" initiative I was participating in.
First we were supposed to have a few simple goals. Here are mine:
1. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday
2. Stick to my new diet until I am back to my pre consulting weight of couple months ago
3. Start working out again (at least 1 day a week)
4. Try to get more sleep by going to bed no later than midnight, preferably at 11 PM.

This week we are supposed to talk about

How much progress (emotionally, physically.. tell us how you feel) have you made in your first few weeks of Bloggers for Health? 
Have you been sticking to week one's five things? How is your workout plan going?

I am doing good with my diet and water goals but am not really going to bed early. I am also always tempted to nap during the day but don't am just feeling very tired. 
I haven't been able to squeeze in any exercise plans yet cause I have a cold am just too exhausted. Lets see how much better I get in the later weeks.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rust, Peach and Camel

 Today's not so expected color combination outfit is inspired by

This combo made me thing of this very very old maxi cardigan I have been hiding in my son's closet hoping the trend might come back and it sure did. I have a few other combo's with it for this season...
 Got to wear my new floppy hat from TJ Maxx as well. A bit more relaxed than a fedora provides great sun protection...

 Peach, Rust and Camel!
 These ballet flats are getting so old. Wearing them to sand playgrounds is not helping either!

Tee - J Crew
Cardigan - Forever 21
Pants - Thrifted
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Hat - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Cole Haan

Today Participating in the  
'Get Connected Tuesday'
hosted by  
Reflexions blog


Participating in Monday Mingle (yes I know today is Tuesday but they allow you to link up all week long!), a fashion focused initiative that sprung from the minds of BonBon Rose Girls, and
Each week they’ll take turns hosting the linky and invite you to link up with any fashion related post that you would love to get some exposure!
Momtrends is the linky host this week, so head on over to check out fabulous fashion themed posts!

To See Others from Monday Mingle click HERE!

Had a fun outdoor class today at a park very close to myself and right on the beach! Lots of seagulls there. We had to watch the kids while they ate cause the birds are bold enough to come and steal food out of their hands and that could be traumatic experience. 
Oh, and day 2 of our diet and so far doing good. Less tired but coming down with a slight cold so that is not helping. I actually had to force myself to eat today cause I just did not have any appetite. Protein can be very filling I guess. Plus drinking all that water is keeping me full too.
Here is what I ate:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with imitiation crab (not the best combo won't repeat that)
Snack: cream cheese mixed with dried herbs and spread inside deli Turkey and deli chicken rolls
Snack: plain non fat yogurt
Lunch: A cup of can tuna and some sardines
Snack: A slice of fat free cheese
Dinner: Beef Stew (with just beef in broth) and the 'dukan galette' (pancake made with oat bran and yogurt.
Snack: Flavored non fat yogurt

My Daughter Playing house with the girls!

Very bloggy pose from my little man!