Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rusty Crochet

 I was so tired last night and went to bed early but then remembered I had not decided on what I was going to wear the next day. Sooo, since my list was somewhere in the un opened suitcase downstairs I just went off of my photos and picked this one out.
When I saw this photo I remembered this crochet dress I bought soooo many years ago from Victoria's secret catalog. And just like this photo it was portrayed on a model which must have been over 6ft tall cause I was surprised how long the dress looked on me. But kept it anyway.
 I have such a hard time finding cool ankle socks. There are always cute print ones but those do not go with what I am wearing and finding solid colored ones are a hassle. We Love Colors have a great selection but everything I pick only comes in size M/L and I bought some in this size and it is way too big. So I was so happy to find these cute socks in this rust color and mustard yellow at F21.
 Added a rust colored tank under to pick up the tone of the socks.

Dress - Victoria's Secret
Socks, necklace - Forever 21
Tank - do not remember
Hats - Asos
Mary Janes - Blowfish (Zappos)

Happy morning with the kids with lots of cuddles and kisses. Took them to their gym classes which they both love now. My daughter's class started early so my son and I watched her for the first 10 minutes and he told me how much he missed when I was gone. It just about broke my heart. Then my daughter's class ended early and we sat and colored together while waiting for his class to finish. And we got her a new gymnastics leaotard. Purple velvet bottom and silver shiny top. She loved it of course and didn't want to take if off.
Afterwards we hung out at the indoor play area next door until lunch. During which time my husband went grocery shopping to prepare for his single working dad week.
After nap/quiet time during which I napped too we picked up my dad and visited Ikea. The kids had fun sitting on the couches and going in the kid beds of the tiny furnished rooms. We then had dinner there and stopped for ice cream before coming home for baths and bed.

Rolling Stones

This was my outfit on Friday, last day at work and travel back to home!

The inspiration came from the following Chictopia Post:
I am determined to get my money's worth from this white blazer! I save any and all inspirations related to it and each one is so different it seems. Heads up it is going to be worn again next Friday!
 I just adored this Rolling Stones tank top when I saw it at F21. Usually they are super cheap but not this one but still it is one of those great fraphic tanks that will always add some pizazz to my casual chic outfits I think.
 Layered two different key charm necklaces on top for a simple accessory that does not take away from the tanks screaming graphic.

 These jeans should have looked more skinnier but they are not. I can feel my body gaining weight given that my activity level went down from 90% as a full time mom to about 5% as a working on the road consultant.
And this is not good cause we have our big family trip to Jamica coming up in 2 weeks! I am planning to attack two fad diets to fight the situation. As you know I am a food and veggies fanatic so I can't do diets than ban fruit. So I will pick ones that still push good fresh food but less calories. Stay tuned.

 You can tell can't you how tired I am starting to look, especially towards the end of the week. I have not been able to fall a sleep early so I get about 6 hours of sleep a night! which is clearly not enough. Thank goodness work is so busy and fast paced that I hardly notice.

White Blazer, Tank, Key charm Necklaces - Forever 21
Jeans - H&M
Sandals - Boutique 9

It was a short day if you call 7.5 hours short. Plus I put in another 1.5 hours at the airport so not really short but normal.
I put about 3 reminders to myself to check in early yesterday so I am not stuck with a middle seat. As most of you know southwest does not have assigned seats but gives you a number to determine the order of who gets on the plane. The earlier you can get on the more chances you have of finding a window or an isle seat.
So, my first leg I almost missed my flight cause I was too into the work I was doing right next to the gate that I never saw them board. Thank goodness they announced my name and that is when I realized and ran in and of course was stuck with a middle seat. During layover I worked again but this time made sure I got on the plan in time and got a nice isle seat towards the back. Then though I saw this very tall middle aged man fully dressed in a military uniform coming towards us with nothing but middle seats left. I didn't have the heart for someone who was risking his life for our country to squeeze in a middle seat so I gave it up for him.

Seeing my kids was like heaven. I wanted to eat them up and inhale their scent and just never let go. My son I can only hug for a second. He has never been the cuddly type. How you show him your love is through engaging in conversation and talk about and do things he is interested in. Then he would throw his arms around my  neck and say 'i love you mommy' for no reason at all. My daughter on the other hand is a total cuddler. She will sit on your lap burry her face in your neck and give you kisses as long as you want.
I enjoyed getting them ready for bed and tucking them in. Didn't want to part but they had to sleep. My husband as promised made sure each kid came and gave me a morning kiss as soon as they woke up!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Khaki Suit

 Well, making up for tomorrow's boring outfit today with this number! 
The inspiration to pair my khaki skirt and khaki jacket like a suit came from the Spiegel Ad online:

I decided to secure my scarf under the belt so it wouldn't get in the way. This belt was thick enough to hold everything in place all day long.
 Given the early hour and the eerie darkness I figured I was safe snapping photos in the outside area of my room...

 Got a lot of use from this scarf and jacket this week!

 Was not the smartest idea to sit on this dirty ground in the light colored skirt!

 The gradual build a tan moisturizer I packed and have been using everyday is totally paying off! I have a lot of tan for a person who never sees the sun or fresh air for 5 days straight! 
I usually use the drug store brand (jergens) but had a sampler size of Lancome 'Glow Sensuelle' and that is what I have been using for the last two weeks. It smells great! It is finished now though.
Khaki Jacket - Gap (thrifted)
Khaki Pencil Skirt - Bebe
Scarf - from Turkey
Belt - can't remember
Heels - Hype

So, today I wore the heels to work and it wasn't bad since now we are down to one meeting a day which still requires an equivalent of a 5 block walk each way but I could manage. Of course though when we left work there was downpour and thunderstorm warnings so heels were not the greatest for the parking lot but our time outside only lasts seconds so it doesn't matter.
My lonely life is about to end at least for 48 hours. I will get to see my family and hopefully tuck my kids in tomorrow night. Unfortunately though will be doing this for one more week as the client here begged I work more. Since we can't ask family for a 3rd week to help we made a deal with a preschool for kids to go for only one week without any annual registration fees. My mother in law took them there today so they can see the school and meet the teachers.
Today's skype was a bit emotional again. The kids were fighting (physically) over who gets to talk to me and my daughter being a 2 yr old threw herself down and started crying. I so wanted to reach over and hug her but I couldn't and that just about killed me. I wanted to talk to both of them so much. Thank God seeing I was now crying my hsuband and Dad (who was visiting) came to the rescue and distracted one kid while I talked to the other and they took turns. My daughter got a kick out of me showing her my umberella and singing a Turkish rain song (for my Turkish readers, you know the one: "Uskudara gider iken aldida bir yagmur....). She loved it so much that had me sing it 3 times! And let me tell you I am not known for my singing voice.
Oh, I can't wait to hug and kiss them millions of times tomorrrow.

Per her request while I was showing my daughter my room I decided to show you guys as well...
First though my nail color of the day: Bright Pink by China Glaze:

Posting away while doing nails!

In the absence of a DVR and a tv guide I am watching back to back episodes of NCIS and CSI...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sour Apple

I was very bored with this outfit. The combo is a very old work combo of mine from years ago. I also remember wearing it to my brother's West Point graduation ceremony. But since blogging it is just not interesting enough. The beautiful silk scarf I found at TJ Maxx does add some interest but not enough. But I was too tired and given my limitations with what I packed for the week went with it.

Off the work for another 12 hour day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Missoni Stripes

 Today's outfit was inpsired by the lovely and amazing Bee from Atlantic Pacific. I truly enjoy looking at her blog like looking through a fashion magazine and enjoy the fame she is developing all over the fashion industry...

Her dress is genuine Missoni and mine so much reminds me of it. It is not even mine actually, but my mother's. 
I remembered the fit and length of this dress less tight and longer and felt it was a bit too short for workplace. The neckline was also quite low but the good thing is the fringe scarf covers all that so I was able to pull it down as much as possible.

 I would have never thought to pair this white and black but Bee's combination was very inspiring...
 I probably could have worn these heels but I plan to wear them on Thursday for sure so switched to flats instead today to ensure I keep my feet blister free until then.
 Here you can get a glimpse of my hotel room...

 I haven't shown this much leg in a while.
 If I was home I would have layered much more accessories but this was all I packed without trying the outfit on prior to packing.

Dress, Blazer - Forever 21
Scarf - gift from my Cousin from Turkey
Heels - Hype
Ring - H&M
Bracelets - made by my aunt and a cruise ship purchase

Another long almost 12 hour workday again today. I have promised myself to go to bed early so I can catch up. After work we decided to take a break from Mexican food and went to a steak restaurant instead but ordered it take-out. My first time getting steak as take-out! Enjoyed a glass of wine at the bar while waiting for the food which should help me get to sleep early tonight.
After a relaxing shower I have applied moisture face and eye mask plus changed my nail polish. Feel pretty good. Funny how without kids and family how dull life can be and how I have nothing to write about! Since the kiddos went out dinner with the family they didn't have time to skype but we did speak on the phone. They are harder to understand on the phone but some sort of tractor legos were mentioned a lot. :)