Saturday, September 24, 2011

Going rugged with lace

 This funky outfit was inspired by a web photo I saw on Romwe's website:
I really wish I had those flatforms and I know some of you who do! So Jealous. Instead I had to wear my rugged boots.
 This is the vintage lace tunic I have worn couple times and always in such a different fashion.

To pick up the red in the hat and the socks also added a red ring...

Isn't this hat just adorable? Found it at TJ Maxx. I was so tempted to buy it also in navy and hunter green but my hat collection is somewhat getting out of control so I stopped at red.

Red socks with the rugged boots!

Photos snapped very quickly at the beatiful Balboa Park by my dad while we were waiting for my husband to take the kids to the bathroom.

Lace Tunic - Vintage
Black Summer tank dress - beach boutique
Red Hat - TJ Maxx
Red Socks - We Love Colors
Rugged boots - Steve Madden
Ring - ruche

Oh, it is so good to be back. We had a nice liesurely cuddle time with the kids in the morning. So leisurely that we were totally late getting ready and barely made it on time for the kids gym classes. After taking trial classes in hip hop, ballet and soccer I think we have finally found the class they both like and will stick with. And even though they are in different age group/classes the times are the same so it works out nicely.

We then went directly to my good friend's son's 2nd birthday party at the rail road museum! The kids loved running around the museum with their friends and taking in all the trains. Then it was lunch and cake in the upstairs b-day room!
With my good friend and the mom of the birthday boy!

My daughter truly enjoying the cupcake with her Dede (grandpa in Turkish) and Daddy!

After naps, we went over to my mom's for a nice family dinner with them and my sister and her boyfriend.

Blue Striped Professional

 This is what I wore my last day of work on Friday. 
It was inspired by the following photo in the April 2011 issue of Lucky of Magazine:
I initially thought I would wear my white linen pants so there was flare but wanted to keep those clean so wore my white skinny jeans instead.
 So not sure if you realize but this is the morning of my 13 hour work day. I had to go to work even earlier since I was going to leave early for my flight. The client picked me up at 6 AM. These photos are taken moments before and as you can see it is still pitch black outside!

 I brought both of these thinking I would decide which one to wear but liked them both so layered them.

Blazer - Marshall's
Sheer blouse, jeans - Forever 21
Ballet flats - Steve Madden
Cherry necklace - GlamourPops
Evil eye necklace - From Turkey of course.

Even though I left at 3 PM somehow still managed to get in almost an 8 hour day. I could feel the panic in client people's eye when I reminded them I had a 4:40 PM flight that day.
I calmed them that I was coming again next week but now both teams want me next week and they will have to figure that out.
It is nice to be needed and wanted but still I prefer my little angels wanting me more.
I actually felt this work week was less work than a week of full time mommy with kids. If however I had to work these hours and still come home at night and clean up then in the morning had to get kids ready that would be very hard. Which is making us think long and hard about realistically what kind of work hours I can maintain. Unfortunately any career job where you make good money is going to require above and beyond a normal 40 hour week.
After a 20 minute delay I landed right before kids' bedtime and was soooo happy to see them and my husband.
Went to bed early so I can catch up on my sleep a little.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

All Black and So Tired

Wore jeans today since the client's business casual attire allows jeans.
 You can tell I leave the hotel room when it is barely getting light outside! These were all taken in the morning moments before I left for work.
 This sheer top was super tight. I envisioned this outfit with a much looser flowy look but the top is not cut that way.

 This leaf necklace is made out of a lava rock a gift from my mom and step dad.

Double ring!

Sheer Blouse - Newport News
Black Tee - Closet
Dark Skinny Jeans - H&M
Necklace & Ring - gifts from Mom
Shoes - Hype

Worked insane hours today, 13 hours to be exact! Left hotel at 7:30 AM and did not get back until 9 PM!
I barely made it so I can do a short skype with the kids and family. Can't wait to see them tomorrow.
I have not slept more than 6 hours each night and am somehow surviving. Being busy is helping.
Will be starting even earlier tomorrow as I have to leave early to fly back in the afternoon.
My friends had a fun day, outlet shopping, visiting a cool and famous BBQ place (Salt Lick in Driftwood between San Antonio and Austin) and then went to inner tubing on a river! I would say their day was much better than mine for sure!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

River Walk

Day 3 work attire was inspired by this super cute Chictopia Post:

I loved her idea of combining a hot pink top with a yellow belt and animal print heels. And I had all these items in my closet.
 I wore a tan colored cami under the top but it would have been much better sheer but not really work appropriate...

 These satin striped capri pants were a great find at F21 couple years ago. They look very dressy.

I switched these for animal print flats cause I just did not want to risk the health of my feet with all the ridiculous walking I have been doing at work.

Top, Pants, Belt, Shoes - Forever 21
Necklace - Betsey Johnson
Watch - Michael Kors

TODAY: Work is going better. I have figured out a way to get more work done and I enjoy being productive. My friend and her sister have arrived! So for the first time in 3 days I have been here I left the vicinity.
We had a nice walk at San Antonio's River Walk area. I have been here before on a business trip (visiting the same client actually) so I had done this already but it was nice to see it again and hang out with friends. And got to take some photos for you guys....
Since I couldn't do skype tonight had to settle to talking to the kids on the phone which I barely understood what they were saying so I hope we can do Skype tomorrow night.