Upon Completion of an 
'Outfit Plans' 
wardrobe consulting visit 
in January 2012:

Friday, Feb 3rd 2012
 "Dear Daphne,
Our wardrobe consultation was an amazing and rejuvenating experience for me. It was unbelievable how fast and easy you were able to put together so many fabulous and effortless outfits using all my own clothes. I was never really happy with my selection, thinking that all my clothes are outdated, un-wearable and boring pieces… You blew me away with exciting, trendy yet practical combos you’ve put together using those very same “boring pieces”. I absolutely love it!
I used to feel that I have nothing to wear… Whenever I had an event coming up, I was franticly running through the mall with two kids in tow looking for a new outfit to buy. I’ve never though of “shopping” in my own closet. You have showed me so many combinations that I could transform from day to night, from casual to dressy, from stay-home-mom to I-still-got-it-baby! What used to be a dreadful chore of picking an outfit is now fun and exciting experience. I follow your suggestions and sometimes come up with new interesting combinations that, before, I would have never thought of combining.
Thank you for this eye-opening experience! Thank you for making it so easy for me to put together outfits using pictures you’ve taken and suggestions you’ve given. Thank you for helping me feel young, trendy and sexy again!
You are the BEST at what you do! Best of luck to you in all your beginnings!
Love you, my dear friend